Guntersville Lake Hydrofest (JUNE 26-27)

Unlimited Hydroplane racing returns to Lake Guntersville, with drivers qualifying and racing on Saturday and Sunday. These state-of-the-art hydroplanes race on a 2-1/2 mile oval course, and maintain speeds of 130 mph to upwards of 200 mph on the straightaways.

The hydroplanes are powered by turbine engines and have a history that spans 100 years. The Unlimited Series races in Detroit, Seattle, San Diego and other large cities annually. Their return to Guntersville for a third year has generated an unparalleled excitement within the powerboat racing world.

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If you are planning to attend the Guntersville HydroFest, why not make it a doubleheader and plan on attending the Madison Regatta the following weekend?

Here’s some suggestions on how to fill your week between races: Race Itinerary

Post Office Box 711 / 200 Gunter Avenue
Guntersville, Alabama 35976
Phone: (256) 582-7015 / (800) 582-6282
Fax: (256) 582-3682

Madison Regatta (JULY 2-4)

The Madison Regatta has been held annually for 70+ years. We host one of the largest hydroplane races in the United States. The 70th Madison Regatta will be held along with the Roostertail Music Festival July 2nd-4th 2021.

We are proud to be bringing back the fastest racing boats on water, featuring H-1 Unlimited Hydroplanes, Grand Prix World Hydroplanes, Vintage Hydros and a number of other fantastic and fast racing classes. Reserve your spot for the Indiana’s greatest racing tradition…on water. Get your wristbands, VIP passes or tarp reservation TODAY! #YaGottaRegatta

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Madison Regatta

Phone: 812.274.0400
Twitter: @madisonregatta

PO Box 341
201 East Vaughn Drive
Madison, IN 47250

HAPO Columbia Cup (July 23-25)

The HAPO Columbia Cup is always a favorite stop on the Unlimited circuit. Begun in 1966, the event is a community favorite, always bringing tens of thousands of fans to the shores of the Columbia River for three days of sun-baked racing on one of the fastest courses we race on. In terms of all-out speed and excitement, it doesn’t get much better than Tri-Cities!

With most of the teams headquartered in Washington State, the race is guaranteed to have one of the largest and fastest fields of the year!

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Tickets are available at the Water Follies website

Tri-City Water Follies

Phone: (509) 783-4675
Fax: (509) 388-0191
Twitter: @Water_Follies

621 N Gum
Suite A
Kennewick, WA 99336

HomeStreet Bank Cup (POSTPONED UNTIL 2022)

One of the most popular events of Seafair is the HomeStreet Bank Cup, which is held on beautiful Lake Washington in Seattle. The race attracts tens of thousands of spectators, both those standing on the public shores of the lake, and those in boats anchored just outside the course on the Log Boom. The same weekend, in a tradition restarted in 1972, the Blue Angels also perform their aerial stunts over the lake between races.

Make your way down to Genesee Park in Seattle to witness the World’s Most Spectacular Race Boats go head to head on the largest stage H1 Unlimited Hydroplane drivers will race on all season. Immense crowds, live streaming coverage online and live radio broadcast of the races make this an event not to miss!

With most of the teams headquartered in Washington State, the race is always guaranteed to have one of the largest and fastest fields of the year!

To be announced


Phone: (206) 728-0123
Fax: (206) 728-9506
Twitter: @SeafairFestival

2200 Sixth Avenue
Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98121

HomeStreet Bank San Diego Bayfair (SEPTEMBER 17-19)

In existence since 1964, the San Diego Bayfair will offer a variety of activities on and off the water. For three days, H1 Unlimited hydroplanes race on the wind protected waters of Mission Bay on a 2-1/2 mile race course which is one of the sport’s two super speedways.

The beautiful white sandy beaches offer fans a one of a kind environment to watch an H1 Unlimited hydroplane race. In addition to admission to activities and pit row on Fiesta Island. Bayfair offers overnight R/V spaces in Mission Bay Park and the only time of year for beach camping on East Vacation Island, all overlooking the azure blue race course.

HomeStreet San Diego Bayfair Race Schedule
*all times PDT

8:35a – 9:00 1 Liter testing
9:00a – 9:45 Grand Prix testing
9:45a – 10:30 Unlimited testing
11:30a – 11:45 1 Liter Heat 1
1:00p – 1:30 Unlimited testing
1:30p – 2:00 Grand Prix testing
2:40p – 2:55 1 Liter Heat 2
3:00p – 5:00 Unlimited Qualifying

9:35a – 10:05 1 Liter testing
10:05a – 10:35 Grand Prix testing
11:15a – 11:30 1 Liter Heat 1
12:15p – 12:30 H1 Unlimited Heat 1A
12:35p – 12:50 Grand Prix America Heat 1A
1:25p – 1:45 H1 Unlimited Heat 1B
1:50p – 2:05 Grand Prix America Heat 1B
2:45p – 3:00 1 Liter Heat 2
3:30p – 3:40 H1 Unlimited Heat 2A
3:45p – 4:00 Grand Prix America Heat 2A
4:25p – 4:40 H1 Unlimited Heat 2B
4:45p – 5:00 Grand Prix America Heat 2B

8:35a – 9:05 1 Liter testing
9:05a – 9:55 Unlimited testing
9:55a – 10:35 Grand Prix testing
11:05a – 11:20 H1 Unlimited Heat 3A
11:25a – 11:40 1 Liter Heat 1
12:40p – 12:55 Grand Prix America Heat 3A
1:35p – 1:50 H1 Unlimited Heat 3B
1:55p – 2:10 Grand Prix America Heat 3B
3:00p – 3:15 1 Liter Heat 2
3:55p – 4:15 Grand Prix America FINAL HEAT
4:20p – 4:40 H1 Unlimited FINAL HEAT


Phone: 858-578-7454

P.O. Box 600426
San Diego, CA 92160