The Board of Directors of American Boat Racing Association, which operates as H1 Unlimited (H1), is pleased to announce the hiring of Jan (Janet) Shaw as their Operations Director for the upcoming season.  Jan is a current race chairman, for the Kenmore Slough Race for Seattle Outboard Association, H1 scorer and timer, past region chairman, and currently serves on the board of directors of the American Power Boat Association (APBA).  She brings to our organization her extensive knowledge of the sanctions, contracts, and monetizing boat racing.

Jan has started her H1 work and has already created a marketing plan, reviewed sanctions, and provided the H1 Board job descriptions of the various staff involved with the inner workings of H1.   Jan is working with APBA to revise the membership agreement.

There are many reasons for getting Jan involved with H1, but primarily Jan was engaged because the board believes she will help H1 achieve its mission statement which reads as follows, “To maintain, improve and expand the sport of unlimited hydroplane racing, while being ever mindful of enhancing the fan experience.”