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Welcome to the new! We have revamped our website to prepare for the exciting future of the sport. Now we have room to add unlimited features into the new platform that will give our fans, teams and sponsors MUCH more information than ever before about the most exciting motorsport on the planet – H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes!

The new website design is a much easier to use format and it’s mobile-friendly, meaning you can view the entire site just as easily on your phone or tablet as you can on a desktop computer.

The new, simpler site navigation process makes accessing your information as easy as clicking a tab. Almost all pages are laid out this way, so it pays to explore!

All the information from the old website is here. Design updates will take place while while adding much more content and many more features as we ramp up to our 2015 season opener in Madison on July 3rd.

We’d like to thank those who made the new website possible:

  • Walt Ottenad – Site design, construction & coding
  • Lisa Courneya – Images, graphics & sliders, quality control
  • Bruce Madej – Design, quality control
  • Owen Blauman – Design, quality control
  • Kristine Perry – Quality control
  • Jim Sharkey – Stats & results
  • Chris Denslow – Images
  • James Crisp – Images
  • Bill Osborne – Images
  • Seph Parshall – Server support
  • David Cormier – Video

Again, welcome, and click the links to the right to explore some of the high points of our new website.

The new design is fully “mobile-friendly”, allowing you to browse the entire site from any mobile device with almost the same experience as viewing it from a desktop computer.

To make it easy to keep H1 Unlimited just one click away, follow these tips to add the website to your home screen:

Apple: Visit the website in the Safari browser, then click the icon (with the “up” arrow) in the center of the bottom menu bar, then choose “Add to Home Screen”. The website will now show up as an icon on your home screen.

Android: Visit the website in the Chrome browser, then touch the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and choose “Add to Homescreen” from the menu. Name the entry and click “Add”. The website will now show up as an icon on your home screen.


For 2015, a new contract with GoLive Sports Cast will guarantee a web-based TV program for every national race. There is an online built in audience (9k-80,000) on GoLive Sports It will allow H1 to be placed on ROKU for an additional eight million subscribers in the United States and six million in Canada and the United Kingdom.

GoLive Sports Cast will also allow H1 to distribute content to ESPN3 for future programming. Seattle and Tri-Cities will have local television broadcasts and web delivery of those two national races on KIRO-TV and KNDU-TV, respectively. This new service will allow full integration with devices and browsers with no additional software to install.

A new web presence, aggressive social media strategy, new statistics are all being developed and accumulated to help fans follow the sport and allow media outlets an easier method to enhance their stories.

Want to find out what’s going on in H1 Unlimited racing? “Around the Sport” brings the Facebook and Twitter feeds for all of our drivers, teams and race sites to you in one place so you can see what’s happening with one visit!
Want to know more about your favorite team? Hit the “Teams” tab and click on the picture of your favorite boat /driver. Each team is presented in a much more comprehensive way than ever before.

You can also see stats for each driver and owner, and there will be much more to come…

Merchandise will be a large part of the plan in the future – stay tuned and we will have H1 Unlimited merchandise available soon!
All of our results from the 2005 season to current have been converted to easy-to-read PDF files in a consistent format, making it easier to review any race.

In 2015, we will upload all of our results to online storage, giving you immediate access to every heat result as soon as it’s available.

Stay tuned for the release of a new tool we’re developing for stats and results…

Most of our onboard video and favorite clips will make their way into the “Video” section, where we have embedded YouTube playlists that provide an uncluttered interface for watching some really cool video.

Be sure to use the drop-down control in the upper left corner of each video window to access the playlists.