Tom Thompson
Tom ThompsonDriver
Tom started racing with his father four decades ago in the APBA Jersey Speed Skiff class. After one year on the circuit they bought a 2.5 stock and started in the hydroplane class. 2016 will be Tom’s 32nd year of boat racing and for Tom it is a family affair. He started following in his Dad’s footstep’s and now his wife (Chrissy) and daughter (Savana) join him every time he takes the boat out on the water. Tom Thompson is the only driver to have driven in every inboard class and won championships in both Runabouts and Hydroplanes.

Tom’s achievements:

  • 4 APBA Hall of Champion awards (2014,2011,2010,2009)
  • 14 National High Point Championships
  • 12 Closed course world speed records
  • 4 World Championships
  • 5 Eastern Divisional Championships
  • 4 Western Divisional Championships
  • 7 Summer National Championships
  • 5 North American Championship
  • 4 Canadian Championships

Birthdate: 3/4/1962
Hometown: Cambridge, MD
College: NC State University & Salisbury State

YearDateCityFinishBoat #Boat NameOwnerQual.Race
201509-20-15San Diego9thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group141.054
 08-23-15Detroit9thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group147.971
 08-02-15Seattle9thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group137.116
 07-26-15Tri-Cities6thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group144.711
 07-05-15MadisonDNFU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group
201411-20-14Doha5thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group130.229
 09-14-14San Diego5thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group147.890123.012
 08-03-14Seattle7thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group139.857116.185
 07-27-14Tri-Cities5thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group148.652112.479
 07-13-14DetroitDNSU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing GroupDNQ
 07-06-14Madison6thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group143.067
201309-15-13San Diego2ndU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group146.713130.110
 09-01-13Coeur D’Alene6thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group137.756121.704
 08-04-13Seattle9thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group140.487
 07-28-13Tri-Cities5thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group150.155
 07-14-13Detroit3rdU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group148.070131.254
 06-02-13Folsom6thU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group132.489116.460
 02-12-13Doha9thU-11Peters & May (3)Unlimited Racing Group135.211
 07-07-13MadisonCANCELLEDU-11Peters & May (1)Unlimited Racing Group
201212-31-12Doha5thU-11Peters & May (3)Unlimited Racing Group132.833
 09-16-12San Diego5thU-11Peters & May (3)Unlimited Racing Group137.469126.302
Scott Raney
Scott RaneyOwner
Shannon Raney
Shannon RaneyOwner
Scott & Shannon Raney:

Scott Raney, a veteran of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing, formed his own H1 Unlimited Race team in 2011 along with wife Shannon.

After breaking into hydroplane racing sweeping floors and doing odd jobs for Bill Wurster’s U-8 team, then moving up to crew member and finally Crew Chief, Scott Raney has notched multiple victories in the Unlimited ranks.

YearDateCityDriverFinishBoat #Boat NameQual.Race
20147/6/2014MadisonTom Thompson6thU-11Peters & May (1)143.067
7/13/2014DetroitTom ThompsonSU-11Peters & May (1)DNQ
7/27/2014Tri-CitiesTom Thompson5thU-11Peters & May (1)148.652112.479
8/3/2014SeattleTom Thompson7thU-11Peters & May (1)139.857116.185
9/14/2014San DiegoTom Thompson5thU-11Peters & May (1)147.890123.012
11/20/2014DohaTom Thompson5thU-11Peters & May (1)130.229
20132/12/2013DohaTom Thompson9thU-11Peters & May (3)135.211
6/2/2013FolsomTom Thompson6thU-11Peters & May (1)132.489116.460
7/7/2013MadisonTom ThompsonCancelledU-11Peters & May (1)
7/14/2013DetroitTom Thompson3rdU-11Peters & May (1)148.070131.254
7/28/2013Tri-CitiesTom Thompson5thU-11Peters & May (1)150.155
8/4/2013SeattleTom Thompson9thU-11Peters & May (1)140.487
9/1/2013Coeur D’AleneTom Thompson6thU-11Peters & May (1)137.756121.704
9/15/2013San DiegoTom Thompson2ndU-11Peters & May (1)146.713130.110
20127/8/2012MadisonJ.W. Myers5thU-11Peters & May (3)142.616108.662
7/15/2012DetroitJ.W. Myers8thU-11Peters & May (3)155.370138.419
7/29/2012Tri-CitiesJ.W. Myers11thU-11Peters & May (3)000.000
8/5/2012SeattleJ.W. Myers10thU-11Peters & May (3)145.636
9/16/2012San DiegoTom Thompson5thU-11Peters & May (3)137.469126.302
1/12/2013DohaTom Thompson5thU-11Peters & May (3)132.833
20117/3/2011MadisonJ.W. Myers7thU-11Peters & May (3)132.617
7/10/2011DetroitJ.W. Myers7thU-11Peters & May (3)No Attempt
7/31/2011Tri-CitiesDave BenderU-11Peters & May (3)Testing
J.W. Myers9thU-11Peters & May (3)153.149
8/7/2011SeattleJ.W. MyersDNFU-11Peters & May (3)146.564
9/18/2011San DiegoJ.W. Myers7thU-11Peters & May (3)000.000
11/19/2011DohaJ.W. Myers11thU-11Peters & May (3)146.657

Scott Raney
Scott RaneyCrew Chief
Scott Raney (“Pyro”):

Scott has worked on Mr. Pringles, Ultra Bold & Dash, Tide, International News, Budweiser, E-Lam Plus, and two different stints with LLumar Window Film, as well as with Schumacher Racing on the U-37 Beacon Plumbing. An accomplished 1.5 Liter hydro driver in his own right, Scott’s first job as crew chief was with the U-8 in 1997. He was instrumental in constructing the new boat for Ellstrom Manufacturing in 2001. In 2002, Scott was contracted by then-owner Bill Wurster to modify the former Budweiser T-4 ‘experimental’ hull into the ‘new’ U-8 LLumar Window Film. Utilizing the data and experience from previous boats, Pyro skillfully crafted a ‘new’ boat that was successful right out of the box. He also formed his own company, Performance Composites, to build and fabricate parts for the boat racing community.

With a total of seven victories under his belt as Crew Chief, including the 2006 Gold Cup, and U.I.M. World Championship, he is now setting his sights on the ultimate goal in the sport: a National Championship. And with the U-11 team, he feels that he has the tools to make those goals a reality. Scott cites former Mr. Pringles head man Dan Heye as a major influence on how he conducts business as a crew chief. “Danny was the most thorough person I have ever worked with and taught me that preparation is the key to success.” Scott was voted by his peers as crew chief of the year in 2005 and 2006.

U-11 Racing Team
U-11 Racing TeamCrew
  • Sam Houghtaling
  • Randy Roe
  • PK Kiser
  • Todd Tamayao
  • Ken Knudsen
  • Mike Parker
  • Marc Sandoval
  • Lee Langley
  • Kenny Knudsen JR
  • Ashley Raney
  • Savana Thompson
  • Emily Raney
  • Kellen Raney
  • Erik Olthoff
  • Keiton Swem
  • Eric Peterson
  • Jack Peterson
  • Finn Peterson
  • David Cormier
J&D's Hydraulic
J&D's HydraulicPrimary Sponsor
J&D’s Hydraulic:

At J&D’s Hydraulic, we provide a range of services that include custom vehicle upfitting, CNC plasma burning, metal fabrication and welding. We work relentlessly to provide the highest level of service, workmanship and products to our customer.

Reliable Diamond Tool
Reliable Diamond ToolPresenting Sponsor
Reliable Diamond Tool:

Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. (RDTI) produces precision diamond tooling for the Concrete, Terrazzo, Stone, Tile and Masonry Industries. We have been a pioneer in this industry bringing new designs and innovations to the forefront. We were the first to create the Two-Part Slotted Plug Body and the Beveled Edge Disc in varying grit sizes and bond specifications. We also first introduced preliminary grind of Epoxy Terrazzo utilizing 80 grit diamond discs, and introduced PCD Diamond Discs for removal of coatings from concrete. No other company before us offered Miniature PCD Diamond Discs for opening hard-troweled floors. RDTI is also responsible for the invention of the patented and revolutionary Speed Shift System.

Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. stocks a wide variety of sizes and specifications of virtually any materials known to the construction and stone industries. We offer sales, consulting, training and field instruction of proper use and maintenance of sawing and drilling equipment, as well as proper use and care of diamond tools.

  • Founded: 2011
  • Home Port: Edmonds, WA
  • Boat Colors: Chartreuse/Red
  • Primary Sponsor: J&D’s Hydraulic
  • Builder: Hydroplanes, Inc.-Dale Van Wierengen-Unlimited Racing Group
  • Designer: Hydroplanes, Inc.-Dale Van Wierengen
  • Engine Builder: Unlimited Racing Group
  • Team Manager: Shannon Raney
  • Public Relations: Shannon Raney
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • 2016 Boat Points: 3915
  • 2016 Driver Points: 3915
  • 2016 Season Finish: 6th