Brian Perkins
Brian PerkinsDriver

Brian Perkins grew up in the Seattle area dreaming of driving an unlimited hydroplane like his boyhood heroes. It was a dream that was more realistic than for most because his family was active in the sport. He grew up around Seattle’s Stan Sayres pits every summer while his parents were involved as volunteers for Seattle’s Seafair race. That familiarity with the boats led to him becoming a helper on the crew of Bill Wurster’s U-8 LLumar Window Film when he was only 15 years old.

Known by some as “Perky,” his debut behind the wheel of an H1 Unlimited hydroplane came in 2007 when he drove the U-21 Meyers’ Auto Tech, a new boat that was campaigned by the Freedom Racing Team of San Diego. The hull was later purchased by Brian and Greg O’Farrell and is the same boat that Perkins has driven for the past seven seasons.

Driving for O’Farrel’s Go Fast, Turn Left Racing Team, Perkins has scored podium finishes at the Tri-Cities Columbia Cup (2008); Seattle’s Albert Lee Cup (2010); Detroit’s Gold Cup (2015); Madison Governor’s Cup and Seattle (2016); and in Seattle again last year. Now driving for his eleventh year, his six podium finishes do not include a championship win. That however is Perkins goal this season.

His first experience behind the wheel of a hydroplane came in 2002 when he drove in a friend’s 2.5-litre inboard hydroplane. It wasn’t long before he became well-known in local inboard hydroplane racing circles driving boats that carried the name of the family business: Perkins Glass, the oldest glass company in the Seattle area (founded in 1906).

Aside from the racecourse, one of his greatest accomplishments, he says, came in 2011 when he was driving the boat in San Diego. That’s when he met Erin, who was working as an animal trainer at Seaworld. The two are now married and live in North Bend, Washington, with their two dogs (Dixon and Embry). The 33-year-old Perkins works at the family glass company. In his free time, Perkins enjoys recreational boating, especially in the San Juan Islands in Washington.

Greg O'Farrell
Greg O'FarrellOwner
Brian O'Farrell
Brian O'FarrellOwner

Greg and Brian O’Farrell were born with boat racing in their genes. The father-son team represent the second and third generation within the family to have such a strong connection to hydroplane racing. As a kid, Greg attended every Seafair, except for the year he was in boot camp. “I got hooked early. My father was friends with Willard Rhodes who owned the Thriftway team. Bill Muncey gave me a ride in Thriftway Too and there was no turning back!”

As he built the very successful Lakeridge Paving Company, Greg couldn’t escape the lure of hydroplaning. In 2005, Lakeridge Paving sponsored a Fred Leland hull which was driven by Jeff Bernard. In front of a huge Seafair audience and on live television Miss Lakeridge Paving made news by passing Jeff’s uncle Terry Troxell who had just won the APBA Gold Cup.

Encouraged by the success of sponsoring a boat, Greg stepped up and bought two Leland hulls including “Lucky.” With Brian Perkins behind the wheel, the U-50 “Spirit of the Navy” made every final heat on the eastern circuit and the team garnered the respect of everyone in boat racing.

The next move for Greg and Brian was to step up to a more competitive ride for 2010, so they purchased the U-21 from Kevin Aylesworth and Jeff Johnson. After a winter of tuning, the U-21 became a contender on the H1 Unlimited circuit.

Brian’s son Gunnar and his daughter Makenna have jumped into racing and both of them are doing very well racing J Stock outboards.

Not content to sit back, Greg and Brian O’Farrell commissioned Dale Van Wierengen to build a “state-of-the-art” unlimited, debuting in 2012. While unlimited racing is a family activity for Greg and Brian O’Farrell, make no mistake, these two are intent on making it to the top of the sport.

Each year, Go Fast Turn Left Racing has improved, and finished 2nd place in the 2014 Detroit Gold Cup. But the next stop on the circuit proved to be a huge setback. While racing to make it into the Final Heat in Tri-Cities, driver Jamie Nielsen blew over the U-21, suffering major structural damage and retiring the boat for the remainder of the 2014 season. Go Fast Turn Left finished the season garnering points from the Schumacher Racing U-37 hull, renamed the U-21 for San Diego and Doha.

The 2018 U-21 hull remains under construction at the team’s base in Maple Valley,WA and is scheduled to be ready for the 2018 campaign.

U-21 Go Fast Turn Left
U-21 Go Fast Turn LeftCrew

Russ Rustin
Chris Brincefield
Dave Lemon
Kevin Perkins
Rick Stafford
Makenna O’Farrell
Gunnar O’Farrell
Pete Simpson
Mike Aglet
Dave Bell
Kurt Meyer
Don Jones

Darrell Strong presents Payne West Insurnace
Darrell Strong presents Payne West Insurnace

Payne West Insurance:

Go Fast Turn Left Racing is pleased to announce returning sponsor Darrell Strong has signed on as Season Title Sponsor of Go Fast Turn Left’s U-21 for the 2018 H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series. This represents a step toward a long time goal for Strong, who said “I’ve been interested in being a national sponsor of an unlimited team for some time, and when I started my association with the Go Fast Turn Left team in 2016 it was obvious we had the right combination to make that goal a reality. This year will be a step toward a true national sponsorship for me and my companies.” For 2018 Strong, his Payne West Insurance brokerage, and new venture will be both presenting and title sponsors of the U-21 in all races the team enters. Go Fast Turn Left Racing owner Greg O’Farrell said “We are grateful that Darrell has seen the value of partnering with us during the past two seasons enough to step up as much this year. Thanks in big part to Darrell’s sponsorship we are making significant improvements to the U-21 and we look forward to being even more competitive for the 2018 season!”

Swampy's BBQ Sauce & Catering
Swampy's BBQ Sauce & Catering

Swampy’s BBQ Sauce & Catering:

SWAMPY’S BBQ SAUCE and Catering is a family owned business, with a history that goes back over 35 years and a vision to sweep great flavor across the U.S.

Lakeridge Paving
Lakeridge Paving

Lakeridge Paving:

Lakeridge Paving is a well-established paving company with its headquarters located in Covington, Washington.  For more than 40 years Lakeridge Paving has been paving the way to a professional reputation that it maintains not only in quality workmanship but in all of our employees. We have over 70 employees that are the heart of the company. Everyone here at Lakeridge from our office staff to the crews that work out in the field function like a well-oiled machine.

The experience of our team allows us to provide superior service for our customers from the major contractor to small private driveways. We are a locally owned and operated facility and we consider our whole staff part of the family. The majority of our employees have been with Lakeridge for 20 or more years. We treat our people right and they extend this fair treatment to our customers no matter how big or small. An excellent end result, with reasonable fair pricing, is what all of us here at Lakeridge Paving strive for.

We warranty all of our work and can service all our customers paving needs in the greater Puget Sound area extending from Bellingham to Olympia and from Cle Elum to Hood Canal. Give us a call we look forward to servicing your family or business through ours.

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Gregory Wirta - Guild Mortgage

Gregory Wirta – Guild Mortgage:

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-Sponsor for Bellevue Thunderbirds Coast League
-Presidents Club donor for Seattle University
-Past Chairmans Club donor for UC Davis

  • Team Website:
  • Home Port: Maple Valley, WA
  • Primary Sponsor: Lakeridge Paving
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • 2017 Boat Points: 1015
  • 2017 Driver Points: 1015
  • 2017 Season Finish: 7th