Brian Perkins
Brian PerkinsDriver
Brian Perkins grew up in the Seattle area dreaming of driving an Unlimited hydroplane like his boyhood heroes. As a fifteen year old, he was a crew member on Bill Wurster’s U-8 Llumar Window Film team.

A short time later, he found a ride in a friend’s 2.5 liter and his driving career was underway. Brian and his race boats, with sponsorship from the family business – Perkins Glass – became well known in inboard racing circles.

His Inboard resume includes victories in the Unlimited Light class at Issaquah, Washington in 2006 and at Silverdale, Washington in 2009.

In 2007, Perkins qualified as an Unlimited driver and drove the U-21 for San Diego’s Freedom Racing Team. That boat was later purchased by Greg and Brian O’Farrell and is the same boat Brian drives now for Go Fast Turn Left Racing.

Driving for GFTL, Brian scored podium finishes at the Lamb Weston Columbia Cup in the Tri-Cities in 2008, the Albert Lee Cup at Sefair in Seattle in 2010, and the 2014 Detroit Gold Cup.

The first race of 2013 ended in a near disaster at the Oryx Cup UIM World Championship in Doha, Qatar when Tom Thompson in the 11 Peters and May collided with Perkins in the 21 Snoqualmie Casino in a crowed first turn. Thompson’s boat flew over Perkins’, bouncing off the canopy of the 21. Brian was not injured, but his boat was damaged and forced to withdraw.

Brian’s 2014 season was looking to be the best of his Unlimited career, when he drove the U-21 to second place in the APBA Gold Cup. Unfortunately that season was cut short when the boat was seriously damaged in a blow-over accident during the HAPO Columbia Cup in Tri Cities.

The team worked feverishly in 2015 to get a new boat back to Tri-Cities for the HAPO APBA Gold Cup and Perkins responded with a fourth place finish.  The team also picked up a preliminary heat win in Detroit along with a third place podium finish. The team and Perkins placed seventh in the H1 National Championship High Point competition.

Brian works with his family in the glass business and met his wife Erin at the San Diego Race, where she worked as an animal trainer at Sea World. They live in North Bend, Washington.

YearDateCityFinishBoat #Boat NameOwnerQual.Race
201509-20-15San Diego8thU-21All Access RentalsGo Fast Turn Left Racing155.084
 08-23-15Detroit3rdU-21Al Deeby DodgeGo Fast Turn Left Racing155.754139.639
 08-02-15Seattle8thU-21Albert Lee ApplianceGo Fast Turn Left Racing142.011
 07-26-15Tri-Cities4thU-21Fasteners Inc.Go Fast Turn Left Racing149.575
201407-13-14Detroit2ndU-21Miss Al Deeby Dodge (4)Go Fast Turn Left Racing148.302143.816
201308-04-13Seattle10thU-21Albert Lee ApplianceGo Fast Turn Left Racing141.437
 07-28-13Tri-Cities6thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing143.633124.831
 02-12-13Doha8thU-21Snoqualmie Casino (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing137.101
201212-31-12Doha4thU-88Snoqualmie Casino (1)USA Racing Partners130.000115.739
 08-05-12Seattle4thU-21Albert Lee ApplianceGo Fast Turn Left Racing141.090122.057
 07-29-12Tri-Cities9thU-21Miss HAPOGo Fast Turn Left Racing148.797
201111-19-11Doha8thU-21TapoutGo Fast Turn Left Racing141.916
 09-18-11San Diego8thU-21TapoutGo Fast Turn Left Racing153.844
 08-07-11Seattle7thU-21Albert Lee ApplianceGo Fast Turn Left Racing148.453
 07-31-11Tri-Cities7thU-21Albert Lee ApplianceGo Fast Turn Left Racing148.118
 07-10-11Detroit9thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing148.208
 07-03-11Madison6thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing132.338
201011-20-10Doha5thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing128.617108.698
 09-19-10San Diego8thU-21All Access Rentals (2)Go Fast Turn Left Racing148.890
 08-08-10Seattle3rdU-21Albert Lee ApplianceGo Fast Turn Left Racing146.368120.435
 07-25-10Tri-Cities7thU-21Albert Lee ApplianceGo Fast Turn Left Racing155.566
 07-11-10Detroit8thU-21Miss Gill ChiropracticeGo Fast Turn Left Racing150.784
 07-04-10Madison4thU-21Albert Lee ApplianceGo Fast Turn Left Racing146.227132.716
200911-21-09Doha7thU-48Miss Albert Lee (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing124.776
 08-23-09Evansville9thU-48Miss Albert Lee (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing140.175
 08-02-09Seattle8thU-48Miss Albert Lee (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing135.399
 07-26-09Tri-Cities6thU-48Miss Albert Lee (2)Go Fast Turn Left Racing144.624
 07-12-09Detroit6thU-48Miss Albert Lee (2)Go Fast Turn Left Racing143.851
 07-05-09Madison7thU-48Miss Albert Lee (2)Go Fast Turn Left Racing138.625
200809-20-08San Diego6thU-50Spirit Of The NavyGo Fast Turn Left Racing146.582122.645
 08-01-08Seattle9thU-50Miss Albert Lee (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing141.975
 07-27-08Tri-Cities2ndU-50Miss Albert Lee (1)Go Fast Turn Left Racing147.545123.768
 07-06-08Madison5thU-50Spirit Of The NavyGo Fast Turn Left Racing146.035126.796
 06-29-08Evansville5thU-50Spirit Of The NavyGo Fast Turn Left Racing134.839123.824
 07-13-08DetroitNO CONTESTU-50Spirit Of The NavyGo Fast Turn Left Racing138.125
200709-16-07San DiegoW/DU-21All Access Rentals (2)Johnson/Aylesworth152.191
 08-05-07Seattle12thU-21The Plumbing Joint (2)Johnson/Aylesworth139.876
 07-29-07Tri-Cities9thU-21Meyer’s Auto Tech (1)Johnson/Aylesworth143.357
Greg O'Farrell
Greg O'FarrellOwner
Brian O'Farrell
Brian O'FarrellOwner
Greg and Brian O’Farrell were born with boat racing in their genes. The father-son team represent the second and third generation within the family to have such a strong connection to hydroplane racing. As a kid, Greg attended every Seafair, except for the year he was in boot camp. “I got hooked early. My father was friends with Willard Rhodes who owned the Thriftway team. Bill Muncey gave me a ride in Thriftway Too and there was no turning back!”

As he built the very successful Lakeridge Paving Company, Greg couldn’t escape the lure of hydroplaning. In 2005, Lakeridge Paving sponsored a Fred Leland hull which was driven by Jeff Bernard. In front of a huge Seafair audience and on live television Miss Lakeridge Paving made news by passing Jeff’s uncle Terry Troxell who had just won the APBA Gold Cup.

Encouraged by the success of sponsoring a boat, Greg stepped up and bought two Leland hulls including “Lucky.” With Brian Perkins behind the wheel, the U-50 “Spirit of the Navy” made every final heat on the eastern circuit and the team garnered the respect of everyone in boat racing.

The next move for Greg and Brian was to step up to a more competitive ride for 2010, so they purchased the U-21 from Kevin Aylesworth and Jeff Johnson. After a winter of tuning, the U-21 became a contender on the H1 Unlimited circuit.

Brian’s son Gunnar and his daughter Makenna have jumped into racing and both of them are doing very well racing J Stock outboards.

Not content to sit back, Greg and Brian O’Farrell commissioned Dale Van Wierengen to build a “state-of-the-art” unlimited, debuting in 2012. While unlimited racing is a family activity for Greg and Brian O’Farrell, make no mistake, these two are intent on making it to the top of the sport.

Each year, Go Fast Turn Left Racing has improved, and finished 2nd place in the 2014 Detroit Gold Cup. But the next stop on the circuit proved to be a huge setback. While racing to make it into the Final Heat in Tri-Cities, driver Jamie Nielsen blew over the U-21, suffering major structural damage and retiring the boat for the remainder of the 2014 season. Go Fast Turn Left finished the season garnering points from the Schumacher Racing U-37 hull, renamed the U-21 for San Diego and Doha.

The 2014 U-21 hull remains under construction at the team’s base in Maple Valley,WA and is scheduled to be ready for the 2015 campaign.

YearDateCityDriverFinishBoat #Boat NameQual.Race
20147/6/2014MadisonJamie Nilsen5thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (1)139.941
7/13/2014DetroitBrian Perkins2ndU-21Miss Al Deeby Dodge (4)148.302143.816
7/27/2014Tri-CitiesJamie Nilsen6thU-21Lakeridge Paving148.652
8/3/2014SeattleJeff Bernard4thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (2)143.109117.655
9/14/2014San DiegoScott LiddycoatDSQU-21Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)153.557
11/20/2014DohaDave Villwock10thU-21Miss Seattle (4)127.779
20132/12/2013DohaBrian Perkins8thU-21Snoqualmie Casino (1)137.101
7/28/2013Tri-CitiesBrian Perkins6thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (1)143.633124.831
8/4/2013SeattleBrian Perkins10thU-21Albert Lee Appliance141.437
Jamie Nilsen7thU-48Snoqualmie Casino (2)137.184114.119
20127/29/2012Tri-CitiesBrian Perkins9thU-21Miss Hapo148.797
8/5/2012SeattleBrian Perkins4thU-21Albert Lee Appliance141.090122.057
20117/3/2011MadisonBrian Perkins6thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (1)132.338
7/10/2011DetroitBrian Perkins9thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (1)148.208
7/31/2011Tri-CitiesBrian Perkins7thU-21Albert Lee Appliance148.118
J.W. MyersU-21Albert Lee ApplianceTesting
8/7/2011SeattleBrian Perkins7thU-21Albert Lee Appliance148.453
9/18/2011San DiegoBrian Perkins8thU-21Tapout153.844
11/19/2011DohaBrian Perkins8thU-21Tapout141.916
20107/4/2010MadisonBrian Perkins4thU-21Albert Lee Appliance146.227132.716
7/11/2010DetroitBrian Perkins8thU-21Miss Gill Chiropractice150.784
7/25/2010Tri-CitiesBrian Perkins7thU-21Albert Lee Appliance155.566
8/8/2010SeattleBrian Perkins3rdU-21Albert Lee Appliance146.368120.435
9/19/2010San DiegoBrian Perkins8thU-21All Access Rentals (2)148.890
11/20/2010DohaBrian Perkins5thU-21Go Fast Turn Left Racing (1)128.617108.698
20097/5/2009MadisonBrian Perkins7thU-48Miss Albert Lee (2)138.625
7/12/2009DetroitBrian Perkins6thU-48Miss Albert Lee (2)143.851
Detroit MiSteve David2ndU-1Oh Boy! Oberto157.379139.060
7/26/2009Tri-CitiesBrian Perkins6thU-48Miss Albert Lee (2)144.624
8/2/2009SeattleBrian Perkins8thU-48Miss Albert Lee (1)135.399
8/23/2009EvansvilleBrian Perkins9thU-48Miss Albert Lee (1)140.175
11/21/2009DohaBrian Perkins7thU-48Miss Albert Lee (1)124.776
20086/29/2008EvansvilleBrian Perkins5thU-50Spirit Of The Navy134.839123.824
7/6/2008MadisonBrian Perkins5thU-50Spirit Of The Navy146.035126.796
7/13/2008DetroitBrian PerkinsNo ContestU-50Spirit Of The Navy138.125
7/27/2008Tri-CitiesBrian Perkins2ndU-50Miss Albert Lee (1)147.545123.768
Dave Williams12thU-48Miss Lakeridge Paving (1)143.586
8/1/2008SeattleBrian Perkins9thU-50Miss Albert Lee (1)141.975
Dave Williams11thU-48Miss Lakeridge Paving (1)140.312
9/20/2008San DiegoBrian Perkins6thU-50Spirit Of The Navy146.582122.645
20077/29/2007Tri-CitiesDave Williams11thU-48Miss Lakeridge Paving (1)142.517
8/5/2007SeattleDave Williams13thU-48Miss Lakeridge Paving (1)132.577
9/16/2007San DiegoDave Williams9thU-48Miss Lakeridge Paving (1)147.183
U-21 Go Fast Turn Left
U-21 Go Fast Turn LeftCrew
  • Russ Rustin
  • Mike Collins
  • Bill Wallace
  • Kevin Perkins
  • Randy Lemon
  • Rick Stafford
  • Makenna O’Farrell
  • Gunnar O’Farrell
All Access Equipment
All Access EquipmentPrimary Sponsor
All Access Equipment:

All Access Equipment Rental owner Kevin Aylesworth announced today the company will return as title sponsor of Go Fast Turn Left Racing’s
U-21 for the 2016 Homestreet Bank San Diego Bayfair unlimited hydroplane race.

All Access Equipment joined with Go Fast Turn Left for the 2015 Bayfair event and will provide even greater support this time around. “One of our priorities was to help the team improve their performance with added equipment, and we’ve been able to do that this year” said Aylesworth, adding “the 21 will have some new components in their arsenal for this race and we know they’ll be faster! We’re glad to be able to help in that way and looking forward to the results!”

At All Access Services, Inc. we carry the widest range of equipment rentals, tools, and machines in Southern California. This means when you contact us you can be sure that we will have the right Boom lift, Excavator, Skid Steer, Reach Forklift, or Scissor Lift. Our equipment rentals varying sizes and options such as diesel, propane, or electric.

Our team is highly educated on construction equipment and have years of experience in the field. Which means they can help and suggest what size and type of rental equipment you may need and are well versed in surrounding city rules such as noise rules and weight limits. They will be able to give you specs on all Boom lifts, Excavators, Skid Steers, Reach Forklifts, or Scissor Lifts.

We inspect every piece of rental equipment from top to bottom before it arrives to your location. Every piece of equipment we own has to pass a rigorous inspection before we rent it to anyone. We understand construction is dangerous which is why we ensure the safety and quality of our equipment rentals. Our customers matter to us, we strive to ensure your rental equipment functions like it was brand new in fact… most of our rental equipment is NEW.

Construction can happen during any time of the day and we know that having your job site humming is what you want. This is why we have on call mechanics operating out of the Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties and are available to you 24/7. Give us a call and a highly specialized and trained mechanic will be on their way within minutes of your call.

Urbane Cafe
Urbane CafeAssociate Sponsor
Urbane Cafe:
All In Good Taste

Anyone can make you a sandwich, but to create a delicious, nutritious, affordable meal, it takes culinary expertise, farm-fresh ingredients, award-winning recipes and an unwavering commitment to quality.

We promise you a superb sandwich, a delicious salad, and an excellent value. Join us for lunch or dinner and taste for yourself!

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Lakeridge Paving
Lakeridge PavingAssociate Sponsor
Lakeridge Paving:

Lakeridge Paving is a well-established paving company with its headquarters located in Covington, Washington.  For more than 40 years Lakeridge Paving has been paving the way to a professional reputation that it maintains not only in quality workmanship but in all of our employees. We have over 70 employees that are the heart of the company. Everyone here at Lakeridge from our office staff to the crews that work out in the field function like a well-oiled machine.

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We warranty all of our work and can service all our customers paving needs in the greater Puget Sound area extending from Bellingham to Olympia and from Cle Elum to Hood Canal. Give us a call we look forward to servicing your family or business through ours.

  • Team Website:
  • Home Port: Maple Valley, WA
  • Primary Sponsor: Lakeridge Paving
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • 2016 Boat Points: 5500
  • 2016 Driver Points: 5500
  • 2016 Season Finish: 4th