Aaron Salmon
Aaron SalmonDriver
Aaron Salmon grew up in Shoreline, Washington and faithfully attended Tri-Cities and Seafair races as soon as he could walk.

Aaron began his career in boat racing when he was 15 years old through the HARM J Hydro Project at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in Kent, WA. The program is designed to help young racers build a hydroplane and learn to race. Through this program Aaron and his dad were able to build his first J Hydroplane with the support and experience of many volunteers. Aaron caught on quickly and by the end of his first season was racing five outboard classes. Interest only intensified when Aaron later built a  C Stock Outboard Hydroplane for his Senior Project in High School.

To date, Aaron’s outboard career boasts 5 National records and the experience of racing almost every outboard class in Stock, Mod and Pro. In 2014, Aaron won the National Championship in OSY 400 Hydroplane and earned National High Points as well. In 2016 Aaron earned National High Points racing Jeff Kelly’s 45ss tunnel in the OPC category. Aaron continues to share his passion for the sport by mentoring younger drivers his outboards while instilling in them his love for the sport.

Aaron volunteered on the U-11 race team for Scott and Shannon Raney at age 19. Later, he was hired full time to rebuild the hydroplane after it was wrecked in Doha. Aaron learned his boat building skills working alongside the well-regarded Scott Raney. Aaron soon developed international experience and exposure traveling to Doha with the team. In 2011 Aaron had the privilege to travel to Coniston England with the U-11 team and his 350cc Hydroplane to compete in Speed Week.  Through his five years on the team he learned an immeasurable amount about Unlimited Hydroplane Racing.

In 2014 Aaron began his career in inboards while racing National Mod for Brian Richards and 5 Liter for Jim Mauldin. Aaron also races a 1 Liter Modified Hydroplane for Bill Wallace and in 2017 won first place at San Diego Bay Fair and earned third place in National Highpoints for the team.

Aaron is excited for this opportunity to drive the U-99.9 for Stacy Briseno and Leland Unlimited. With his skills, knowledge, and ambition, Aaron is looking forward to his rookie year in 2018.

U-100 team founder Fred Leland, who passed away on May 21, 2012 made arrangements for his racing team to continue on and not die with him. Throughout his long career, Leland made his presence felt as an owner, a driver, a designer, and a builder. As an owner, he won 17 Unlimited races.

As a designer, Leland experimented with a number of interesting concepts. These included a hull powered by a massive 2,500-cubic-inch Packard PT Boat engine. In 1992, Fred upgraded his program with a new hull, powered by a Lycoming turbine engine. With Nate Brown as driver, the craft was instantly competitive. Some of the Unlimited sport’s most respected chauffeurs have taken a turn behind the wheel of a Fred Leland race boat at one time or another. In addition to Brown, these include Chip Hanauer, Dave Villwock, Mark Evans, Mike Hanson, Scott Pierce, Terry Troxell, and Greg Hopp.

Leland recorded his first Unlimited victory at the 1994 Texaco Cup on Seattle’s Lake Washington with Villwock as driver. Fred’s most successful season as an owner is 1996 when his PICO AMERICAN DREAM swept the competition, claimed six victories, and won the National High Point Championship, also with Villwock. The 1997 season was another triumph. With Mark Evans at the wheel, PICO AMERICAN DREAM won four races in a row at the Tri-Cities, Kelowna (British Columbia), Seattle, and San Diego. In 1999, Fred caught the racing world by surprise when he lured Lee “Chip” Hanauer – the winningest living Unlimited driver at the time – out of self-imposed exile to work his particular magic for the Leland Unlimited team. Chip hadn’t driven a U-boat in three years. Hanauer, nevertheless, got back into the spirit of things rather quickly. He piloted MISS PICO into the winner’s circle at his debut race in Lake Havasu City (Arizona), and went on to win at Madison (Indiana), and Detroit (Michigan).

Fred built no fewer than eight turbine-powered Unlimited hulls between 1992 and 2000.

YearDateCityDriverFinishBoat #Boat NameQual.Race
20148/3/2014SeattleDavid Warren9thU-100Miss Sahara PizzaDNQ
9/14/2014San DiegoDavid Warren8thU-100Tony Roma’s137.852
11/20/2014DohaDavid Warren8thU-100Tony Roma’s121.169
20132/12/2013DohaRyan Mallow7thU-100Leland Unlimited (1)129.510
6/2/2013FolsomRyan Mallow10thU-100Central Coast Airbrush (1)C.O.
7/7/2013MadisonRyan MallowCancelledU-100Leland Unlimited (2)
7/14/2013DetroitRyan MallowDSQU-100Jarvis Properties Restoration (2)C.O.
7/28/2013Tri-CitiesRyan Mallow (Q/1)DNFU-100Central Coast Airbrush (1)130.000
9/1/2013Coeur D’AleneDavid Warren8thU-100Miss Sahara Pizza139.933
9/15/2013San DiegoDavid WarrenDNQU-100Leland Unlimited (1)130.000
20127/8/2012MadisonGreg Hopp6thU-100Extreme Performance Products136.410
7/15/2012DetroitGreg Hopp7thU-100Jarvis Properties Restoration (1)130.000(1)
7/29/2012Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp7thU-100Leland Unlimited (1)146.194
Ryan Mallow10thU-99Leland Unlimited II132.337
8/5/2012SeattleGreg Hopp8thU-100Miss Fox Plumbing (1)139.890
Ryan Mallow12thU-99Miss Fox Plumbing Too130.835
9/16/2012San DiegoGreg Hopp6thU-100Miss Fox Plumbing (1)144.145130.481
1/12/2013DohaRyan Mallow8thU-100Leland Unlimited (1)133.682
20117/3/2011MadisonGreg Hopp9thU-100Mirageboats (3)131.251
7/10/2011DetroitGreg Hopp6thU-100Miss Al Deeby137.743
7/31/2011Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp13thU-100Miss Beacon Plumbing (5)143.857
Ryan MallowDNSU-99Miss Hapo Credit Union000.000
8/7/2011SeattleGreg Hopp11thU-100Miss Beacon Plumbing (5)136.614
9/18/2011San DiegoGreg Hopp9thU-100Mirageboats (2)152.907
11/19/2011DohaGreg Hopp3rdU-100Mirageboats (2)130.000115.633
20107/4/2010MadisonGreg Hopp11thU-100Leland Racing (1)145.916
7/11/2010DetroitGreg Hopp4thU-100Jarvis Construction (2)157.733135.665
7/25/2010Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp9thU-100Fleury Auto & Truck Parts152.322
8/8/2010SeattleGreg Hopp7thU-100Lay’s Kettle Cooked148.701
9/19/2010San DiegoGreg Hopp9thU-100Mirageboats (2)151.911
11/20/2010DohaGreg Hopp10thU-100Leland Racing (1)134.539
20097/5/2009MadisonGreg Hopp5thU-100Leland Racing (1)DNQ124.711
7/12/2009DetroitGreg Hopp5thU-100Miss Jarvis Painting148.424102.714
7/26/2009Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp9thU-100Jerry’s Tavern155.402
8/2/2009SeattleGreg Hopp10thU-100Mirageboats (2)145.983
8/23/2009EvansvilleGreg Hopp4thU-100Mirageboats (2)143.420123.846
11/21/2009DohaGreg Hopp8thU-100Leland Racing (1)DNQ
20086/29/2008EvansvilleGreg Hopp8thU-100Mirageboats (1)
7/6/2008MadisonGreg Hopp6thU-100Mirageboats (1)138.711
7/13/2008DetroitGreg HoppNo ContestU-100Mirageboats (1)138.125
7/27/2008Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp9thU-100Mirageboats (1)139.853
8/1/2008SeattleGreg Hopp6thU-100Mirageboats (1)139.524113.056
9/20/2008San DiegoGreg Hopp9thU-100Mirageboats (2)DNQ
20077/1/2007EvansvilleGreg Hopp4thU-100Mirageboats (1)142.143129.032
7/8/2007MadisonGreg Hopp5thU-100Mirageboats (1)
7/15/2007DetroitGreg Hopp8thU-100Mirageboats (1)143.357
7/29/2007Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp8thU-100Mirageboats (1)143.357
8/5/2007SeattleGreg Hopp8thU-100Mirageboats (1)132.163
20066/25/2006EvansvilleGreg Hopp6thU-100Re/Max (2)144.953
7/2/2006MadisonGreg HoppW/DU-100Mariann Travel Inn (3)No Speeds
7/16/2006DetroitGreg Hopp10thU-100Little Will149.710
7/30/2006Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp11thU-100Todd Hoss American Dream147.039
3rdU-100Todd Hoss American Dream147.039
Jeff Bernard8thU-99Miss Lakeridge Paving (1)146.582
8/6/2006SeattleGreg Hopp8thU-100Todd Hoss American Dream140.504
Terry Troxell11thU-99Miss Lakeridge Paving (1)142.312
9/17/2006San DiegoGreg HoppDNFU-100Lakeridge Paving American Dream126.989
20056/26/2005EvansvilleGreg Hopp5thU-100Re/Max (1)144.863
7/3/2005MadisonGreg Hopp8thU-100Miss Demaree Automotive Group (1)132.493
7/17/2005DetroitGreg Hopp7thU-100Miss Rebecca143.684
7/31/2005Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp6thU-100Miss Beacon Plumbing (2)151.783117.895
Jerry Hale10thU-99Miss Lakeridge Paving (1)130.000( 1 )
8/7/2005SeattleGreg Hopp10thU-100Miss Beacon Plumbing (3)
Jeff Bernard5thU-99Miss Lakeridge Paving (2)130.000
Steve HookSU-60Miss Thriftway (4)
9/11/2005NashvilleGreg Hopp6thU-100Miss Beacon Plumbing (3)153.198
9/18/2005San DiegoGreg Hopp9thU-100Lady Lexus140.567
20046/27/2004EvansvilleGreg Hopp4thU-100Johnson Supply
7/4/2004MadisonGreg Hopp2ndU-100Mariann Travel Inn (3)144.762123.289
7/18/2004DetroitGreg Hopp7thU-100Miss Al Deeby Dodge (2)149.310
7/25/2004Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp7thU-100Spirit Of Tri-Cities145.973
Steve Hook (1/2/3)4thU-99Conover Insurance (1)141.443
Vince Xaudaro10thU-00Windemere Real Estate
8/8/2004SeattleDoug Brow9thU-00Skyway Park Bowl & Casino (2)139.362
Greg Hopp8thU-100Toyota Of Kirkland (2)139.713
Steve Hook6thU-99Miss Beacon Plumbing (1)145.539
9/19/2004San DiegoGreg Hopp7thU-100Charles Stanley’s Handyman152.413
20036/29/2003EvansvilleGreg Hopp8thU-100Miss Raben Tire (2)148.855
7/6/2003MadisonGreg HoppW/DU-100Mariann Travel Inn (2)145.586
7/27/2003Tri-CitiesJerry Hopp (1&2)10thU-100Miss Tony Roma’s141.507
8/4/2003SeattleDoug Brow7thU-99Interstate Batteries143.334132.346
J.W. Myers10thU-100Miss Nicole Marie Yacht Charters144.808136.599
8/24/2003DetroitJ.W. Myers10thU-100Miss Epic Event148.939
9/21/2003San DiegoJ.W. MyersU-100Miss Vons (6)
6thU-100Miss Vons (6)159.458
20026/28/2002EvansvilleGreg Hopp10thU-100Miss U.S. (7)148.837
Terry Troxell2ndU-99Miss Big Talker Wgab146.797130.045
7/7/2002MadisonGreg Hopp11thU-100Miss U. S. (7)139.028
Terry Troxell2ndU-99Miss Troxzilla142.680136.785
7/14/2002DetroitGreg Hopp8thU-100Miss Chrysler-Jeep (2)150.354
Terry Troxell2ndU-99Fox Hills Chrysler-Jeep152.269128.266
7/28/2002Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp8thU-100American Pride154.051
Terry Troxell9thU-99Miss Fairweather Masonry (1)147.766
8/4/2002SeattleGreg Hopp7thU-100American Pride146.284
Terry Troxell8thU-99Miss Fairweather Masonry (1)142.970
10/22/2002San DiegoGreg Hopp11thU-100Miss Vons (5)(157.469 D2)
Terry Troxell9thU-9925Centcolor.Com152.382
20016/30/2001EvansvilleGreg Hopp3rdU-100Znetix (2)148.997
Terry Troxell8thU-99Znetix II (2)148.5
7/8/2001MadisonGreg Hopp2ndU-100Znetix (2)144.435
Terry Troxell4thU-99Znetix II (2)136.807112.788
7/15/2001DetroitGreg Hopp2ndU-100Znetix (2)148.606
Terry Troxell6thU-99Znetix II (2)148.523
7/29/2001Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp3rdU-100Znetix (2)153.176141.819
Terry Troxell1stU-99Znetix II (2)151.485133.469
8/5/2001SeattleGreg Hopp6thU-100Znetix (2)145.959120.748
Terry Troxell4thU-99Znetix II (2)143.888120.536
9/15/2001San DiegoGreg Hopp12thU-100Znetix (3)147.415
Terry Troxell8thU-99Znetix II (2)149.666
20005/21/2000Lake Havasu CityGreg Hopp4thU-100Miss Project X132.720116.074
6/25/2000EvansvilleGreg Hopp7thU-100Znetix (1)133.869132.098
7/30/2000Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp7thU-100Znetix (1)155.427131.430
Terry Troxell4thU-99Znetix II (1)147.645
8/6/2000SeattleGreg Hopp5thU-100Znetix (1)146.663
Terry Troxell6thU-99Llumar Window Film (2)130.000
9/17/2000San DiegoGreg Hopp4thU-100Znetix (1)147.587129.603
Terry Troxell12thU-99Znetix II (1)154.663
19995/23/1999Lake Havasu CityChip Hanauer1stU-100Miss Pico (1)139.481
W/DU-100Miss Pico (2)136.630
6/18/1999BarrieChip Hanauer2ndU-100Miss Pico (1)149.201114.960
W/DU-100Miss Pico (2)148.426
6/27/1999EvansvilleChip Hanauer5thU-100Miss Pico (1)149.124
W/DU-100Miss Pico (2)152.594
7/4/1999MadisonChip Hanauer1stU-100Miss Pico (1)152.723137.686
DNTU-100Miss Pico (2)Dnt
7/11/1999DetroitChip Hanauer1stU-100Miss Pico (1)153.573
7/18/1999NorforkChip Hanauer6thU-100Miss Pico (1)144.989
DNTU-100Miss Pico (2)
8/1/1999Tri-CitiesChip HanauerDNTU-100Miss Pico (2)
Weber Hanauer2ndU-100Miss Pico (1)166.750
8/8/1999SeattleChip HanauerW/DU-100Miss Pico (3)149.782
Hanauer/Hopp2ndU-100Miss Pico (2)155.783
8/15/1999KelownaGreg Hopp2ndU-100Miss Pico (2)152.873
9/19/1999San DiegoChip Hanauer2ndU-100Miss Pico (1)163.881146.492
10/10/1999Pearl HarborChip Hanauer7thU-100Miss Pico (1)162.793
19982/28/1998EvansvilleMark EvansFU-100Pico American Dream (5)Dnt
6/28/1998EvansvilleMark Evans4thU-100Pico American Dream (2)
Rich Christensen7thU-99U-99
7/12/1998DetroitMark Evans6thU-100Pico American Dream (2)146.385
Mark Tate8thU-101Pico American Dream II148.934
Rich Christensen7thU-99Miss Bell Forklift (1)147.848
7/19/1998NorforkMark Evans3rdU-100Pico American Dream (5)143.095
W/DU-100Pico American Dream (2)143.221
7/26/1998Tri-CitiesMark EvansU-100Pico American Dream (2)Dnt
9thU-100Pico American Dream (5)153.137
8/2/1998KelownaMark Evans1stU-100Pico American Dream (5)139.198132.156
W/DU-100Pico American Dream (2)141.501
8/9/1998SeattleMark EvansU-100Pico American Dream (2)DNQ
2ndU-100Pico American Dream (5)145.413119.468
9/6/1998MadisonMark Evans4thU-100Pico American Dream (5)147.951127.663
9/20/1998San DiegoMark EvansDSQU-100Pico American Dream (5)158.181
W/DU-100Pico American Dream (4)150.986
19975/25/1997NorforkMark EvansU-1Pico American Dream (2)142.405
Pico American Dream (3)DNQ
Scott PierceU-99Stihl (1)144.037
6/1/1997DetroitMark EvansU-1Pico American Dream (3)DNQ
5thU-1Pico American Dream (2)150.537
Scott PierceW/DU-99Miss Wellness Plan (3)152.286
6/29/1997EvansvilleMark Evans2ndU-1Pico American Dream (2)152.265
Mark Evans (Q)8thU-99Miss Crazy Tomato141.757
7/6/1997MadisonMark EvansU-1Pico American Dream (1)DNQ
6thU-1Pico American Dream (2)150.210
Mark Weber3rdU-99Miss R.S. Eastin (2)143.251123.671
7/12/1997NorforkMark Evans6thU-1Pico American Dream (2)141.981
Mark Weber7thU-99Stihl (2)144.037
7/27/1997Tri-CitiesMark Evans1stU-1Pico American Dream (2)158.943142.094
W/DU-1Pico American Dream (3)148.241
Mark Weber3rdU-99Stihl (3)157.181142.823
8/3/1997KelownaMark Evans1stU-1Pico American Dream (2)145.746135.500
8/10/1997SeattleJerry Hale(Q/1/2)4thU-99Stihl (3)145.867129.708
Jerry Hopp6thU-98Graham Trucking (1)142.416104.029
Mark Evans1stU-1Pico American Dream (4)146.906
W/DU-1Pico American Dream (2)146.455
9/14/1997San DiegoJerry Hale6thU-99Miss Vons (3)154.884
Mark Evans1stU-1Pico American Dream (2)161.276150.059
Rich ChristensenW/DU-1Pico American Dream (4)149.556
9/21/1997Las VegasMark Evans6thU-1Pico American Dream (2)145.746
W/DU-1Pico American Dream (4)144.286
Rick Christensen10thU-99Hire Power139.790
10/22/1997Pearl HarborMark Evans2ndU-1Pico American Dream (4) – Kgmb Channel 9165.987148.584
W/DU-1Pico American Dream (2)165.987
Rich ChristensenW/DU-99Kgmb Channel 9158.064
19965/5/1996PhoenixDave Villwock1stU-100Pico American Dream (1)141.621135.698
Mark Evans4thU-99.9Waffle House129.546
6/1/1996DetroitDave VillwockU-100Pico American Dream (2)DNQ
1stU-100Pico American Dream (1)161.321144.206
M Evans(1&2)4thU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)151.615132.796
6/9/1996Kansas CityDave Villwock2ndU-100Pico American Dream (2)149.050135.329
W/DU-100Pico American Dream (1)148.976
Jimmy King7thU-99.9Miss Jennifer141.069121.418
6/30/1996EvansvilleDave Villwock1stU-100Pico American Dream (2)159.067145.896
DNQU-100Pico American Dream (1)Dnt
Mike Eacrett8thU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)142.242
7/7/1996MadisonDave Villwock3rdU-100Pico American Dream (1)161.296139.480
DNQU-100Pico American Dream (2)Dnt
Eacrett (1-C)/Evans (F)5thU-99.9Miss R.S. Eastin (1)143.467
Mitch Evans5thU-99.9Miss R.S. Eastin (1)
7/28/1996Tri-CitiesDave Villwock1stU-100Pico American Dream (2)168.055148.610
DNTU-100Pico American Dream (1)Dnt
Larry Lauterbach10thU-99.9Miss Performance Morgage147.856
Scott Pierce7thU-98Chaplin’s Bellevue Mazda/Subaru146.056
8/1/1996SeattleDave VillwockW/DU-100Pico American Dream (2)157.995
8/4/1996SeattleDave Villwock1stU-100Pico American Dream (1)Backup132.023
Scott Pierce7thU-99Chaplin’s Bellevue Mazda/Subaru140.661
8/11/1996KelownaDave Villwock1stU-100Pico American Dream (1)152.886
Scott Pierce4thU-99Chaplin’s Bellevue Mazda/Subaru141.113
9/15/1996San DiegoDave VillwockU-100Pico American Dream (1)Dnt
8thU-100Pico American Dream (2)167.986
Scott Pierce4thU-99Miss Vons (2)155.615137.858
10/27/1996Pearl HarborDave Villwock2ndU-100Pico American Dream (1)154.903
Scott Pierce8thU-99Miss Vons (2)148.755
19954/23/1995PhoenixDave Villwock3rdU-100Pico American Dream (1)140.563
Tom Hindley6thU-99.9Appian Renegade (1)Opt
6/4/1995DetroitDave Villwock2ndU-100Pico American Dream (1)162.706
Mark Evans3rdU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)151.489
6/18/1995Kansas CityDave Villwock4thU-100Pico American Dream (1)156.539
Mark Evans7thU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)142.783
6/25/1995EvansvilleDave Villwock2ndU-100Pico American Dream (1)157.722
Mark Evans (Q)7thU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)149.735
7/2/1995MadisonDave Villwock2ndU-100Pico American Dream (1)159.640
Jimmy King3rdU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)144.757
7/16/1995LewisvilleDave Villwock3rdU-100Pico American Dream (1)154.839
Mark Evans7thU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)148.399
7/30/1995Tri-CitiesDave Villwock4thU-100Pico American Dream (1)168.580
Ken MuscatelTestU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (5)Test
Mark Evans3rdU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (5)154.924
8/6/1995SeattleDave Villwock7thU-100Pico American Dream (1)157.981
Mark Evans3rdU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (5)148.733
9/17/1995San DiegoDave Villwock6thU-100Pico American Dream (1)168.530
Mark Evans2ndU-99.9Miss Vons (1)157.013
10/15/1995Pearl HarborDave Villwock3rdU-100Pico American Dream (1)166.454
Mark Evans5thU-99.9Miss Columbia Communication157.920
19946/4/1994DetroitDave Villwock6thU-100Pico American Dream (1)158.013
Jack BarrieDNSU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)141.431
6/12/1994LewisvilleDave Villwock7thU-100Pico American Dream (1)147.387
6/26/1994EvansvilleDave VillwockDNFU-100Pico American Dream (1)154.739
Jack Barrie3rdU-99.9Buehler’s Buy-Low137.329
7/3/1994MadisonDave Villwock7thU-100Pico American Dream (1)154.748
Jack Barrie8thU-99.9Kroger’s Special143.493
7/31/1994Tri-CitiesBarrie/Hindley8thU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (5)141.920
Dave Villwock7thU-100Pico American Dream (1)166.728
8/7/1994SeattleDave Villwock1stU-100Pico American Dream (1)154.520
Jack Barrie10thU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (5)142.281
9/18/1994San DiegoDave Villwock1stU-100Pico American Dream (1)166.027
10/16/1994Pearl HarborDave Villwock4thU-100Pico American Dream (1)165.865
19935/30/1993LewisvilleMark Evans8thU-100Dallas Motor Coach134.161
6/6/1993DetroitMark Evans4thU-100American Spirit (2)Opt
6/27/1993EvansvilleMark Evans2ndU-100Arc Construction (6)147.710136.548
7/4/1993MadisonKen Dryden(Q)DNSU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (6)Opt
Mark Evans5thU-100American Spirit (2)142.905120.516
7/11/1993Kansas CityKen DrydenW/DU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (6)140.332
Mark Evans7thU-8Tide (2)/American Spirit (2)138.723
7/25/1993Tri-CitiesJack BarrieDNQU-100American Spirit (2)DNQ
Ken Dryden9thU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (6)149.592
Mark Evans4thU-100American Spirit (2)148.582123.832
8/1/1993SeattleKen DrydenW/DU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (6)145.719
Mark Evans3rdU-100American Spirit (2)147.056
9/19/1993San DiegoKen DrydenDNFU-99.9Coors Light134.640
Mark Evans5thU-100American Spirit (2)154.165
10/24/1993Pearl HarborKen Dryden9thU-99.9Spirit Of Hawaii154.136
Mark Evans5thU-100American Spirit (2)141.201133.347
19926/13/1992DetroitNate BrownDNFU-99.9The Brake Shop (2)127.605
6/28/1992EvansvilleNate Brown9thU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (5)130.648
7/5/1992MadisonNate Brown8thU-99.9Lytle State Represenative130.738
7/26/1992Tri-CitiesNate Brown6thU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (5)140.928
8/2/1992SeattleNate Brown3rdU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (5)143.072
8/23/1992Kansas CityNate Brown7thU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (5)143.897
9/20/1992San DiegoNate Brown3rdU-99.9Miss Hanalei Hotel152.524
19917/28/1991Tri-CitiesJack BarrieDNQU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (4)DNQ
8/4/1991SeattleJack BarrieDNFU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (4)106.527
19907/29/1990Tri-CitiesJack BarrieDNQU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (3)DNQ
KISW/Miss Rock (4)DNQ
8/5/1990SeattleJack BarrieDNQU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (3)DNQ
9/16/1990San DiegoJack Barrie8thU-99.9U-99.9100.337
9/23/1990Las VegasJack BarrieDNQU-99.9U-99.9DNQ
19897/30/1989Tri-CitiesJack BarrieDSQU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (4)110.260
8/6/1989SeattleJack Barrie9thU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (4)102.970
9/17/1989San DiegoJack BarrieDNQU-99.9KISW/Miss Rock (4)DNQ
19887/31/1988Tri-CitiesGeorge JohnsonDNQU-77Miss Crab Legs (2)DNQ
Jack Barrie10thU-100KISW/Miss Rock (3)126.422
8/7/1988SeattleGeorge JohnsonDNFU-77Miss Crab Legs (2)109.299
Jack BarrieDNFU-100KISW/Miss Rock (3)116.505
9/18/1988San DiegoJack Barrie7thU-77Miss Mid-Mark Distributors (1)111.125
9/25/1988Las VegasJack BarrieDNSU-77Miss Mid-Mark Distributors (1)106.116
19877/26/1987Tri-CitiesJack Barrie8thU-100KISW/Miss Rock (3)117.894
8/2/1987SeattleJack Barrie4thU-100KISW/Miss Rock (3)109.723
19867/27/1986Tri-CitiesMike HansonDNFU-100Boat117.540
8/3/1986SeattleMike Hanson7thU-100Miss Kamt/Aa Auto Parts118.227
19857/28/1985Tri-CitiesMitch Evans7thU-100KISW/Miss Rock (3)117.310
8/4/1985SeattleMitch Evans9thU-100KISW/Miss Rock (3)114.590
8/25/1985Oklahoma CityMitch Evans5thU-100Coors Light Silver Bullet106.458
9/15/1985San DiegoMitch Evans7thU-100Coors Light Silver Bullet111.690
19846/10/1984MaimiScott PierceDNFU-40Team Velocity102.041
6/17/1984SyracuseScott Pierce6thU-40U-40121.902
7/1/1984EvansvilleScott Pierce6thU-40Risley’s Express (2)114.796
7/8/1984MadisonScott PierceDNSU-40U-40108.017
7/29/1984Tri-CitiesFred LelandDNQU-77KISW/Miss Rock (4)DNQ
Scott PierceDNFU-40Oh Boy! Oberto (04)113.394
8/5/1984SeattleFred LelandDNQU-77KISW/Miss Rock (4)DNQ
Scott Pierce5thU-40Oh Boy! Oberto (04)115.96492.567
9/16/1984San DiegoJohn Prevost5thU-40Oh Boy! Oberto (04)111.94682.87
19835/22/1983Lake OzarkJack Schafer Jr.DNSU-40American Speedy Printing (1)106.888
6/5/1983MaimiFred Leland6thU-40American Speedy Printing (1)96.774
6/12/1983RomulusFred Leland5thU-40American Speedy Printing (1)99.778+
6/26/1983DetroitFred Leland8thU-40American Speedy Printing (1)102.857
7/3/1983MadisonFred LelandDNFU-40American Speedy Printing (1)110.024
7/10/1983EvansvilleFred Leland10thU-40American Speedy Printing (1)104.781
7/31/1983Tri-CitiesFred Leland9thU-100KISW/Miss Rock (3)108.108
8/7/1983SeattleFred Leland7thU-100KISW/Miss Rock (3)108.604
9/18/1983San DiegoJohn PrevostDNSU-40Miss Houston122.951
10/1/1983HoustonJohn PrevostDNFU-40Miss Houston112.500
19828/1/1982Tri-CitiesScott Pierce8thU-55Oh Boy! Oberto (04)100.000
8/8/1982SeattleScott PierceDNFU-55Oh Boy! Oberto (04)105.165
9/19/1982San DiegoJerry HoppDNQU-52Design 36075.000
10/3/1982HoustonJerry HoppDNQU-52Tom Wright SpecialDNQ
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  • Founded:1982
  • Home Port:Kirkland, WA
  • Boat Colors:Blue and Orange
  • Builder:Fred Leland
  • Designer:Fred Leland
  • Engine Builder:Leland Unlimited, Inc.
  • Engine:Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • 2017 Boat Points:1310
  • 2017 Driver Points:1310
  • 2017 Season Finish:8th