Jimmy King
Jimmy KingDriver
Go3Racing’s driver is Jimmy King of Wales, Michigan – a veteran of many years of Grand Prix and Unlimited Hydroplane Racing. King joined Ed Cooper’s team in 2005, saying, “This is the best boat I’ve ever had a chance to drive.”

And King has driven quite a few, especially in the Grand Prix class, where he won three national championships, three world championships, and three Detroit Silver Cups. King stepped up to the big Unlimited-class boats in 1994 when he drove Miss Exide II, earning Rookie of the Year honors. He went on to drive hydros like Miss Wellness Plan, Miss E-Lam Plus, and LLumar.

In 2015, King returned to H1 Hydroplane circuit for the first time since 2010, racing in Tri-Cities, Seattle, Detroit and San Diego. In those four races. King won preliminary heat races in Seattle and Detroit, piloting the U-3 to two championship heat appearances. King and the team placed sixth in the 2015 National High Point Championship with 3,107 points.
In his unlimited hydroplane career, King has stood on the podium 14 times as a top-three finisher, but has never taken home a first-place regatta trophy. He thinks Cooper’s boat offers a chance to change that. “It’s a foregone conclusion this boat can win,” King said.

King’s most-gratifying accomplishment to date has been taking Miss E-Lam Plus from a boat that didn’t qualify to being a top-three finisher at every event the following year. “It was a team effort, not me alone,” he said. “That was pretty cool.”

YearDateCityFinishBoat #Boat NameOwnerQual.Race
201509-20-15San Diego5thU-3Home Street BankGo 3 Racing157.800137.200
 08-23-15Detroit8thU-3Home Street BankGo 3 Racing154.755
 08-02-15Seattle4thU-3Home Street BankGo 3 Racing146.056119.910
 07-26-15Tri-Cities9thU-3Griggs Ace HardwareGo 3 Racing152.344
201007-04-10MadisonU-3Go3RacingEd Cooper(143.241)(7)
200908-23-09Evansville7thU-3Master Tire (3)Ed Cooper151.841
 08-02-09Seattle2ndU-3Grandview On The Lake (1)Ed Cooper149.909132.072
 07-26-09Tri-Cities10thU-3Grandview On The Lake (1)Ed Cooper154.921
 07-12-09Detroit10thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)Ed Cooper130.000
 07-05-09Madison6thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)Ed Cooper144.557
200809-20-08San Diego7thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!Ed Cooper159.471
 08-01-08Seattle13thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!Ed Cooper147.299
 07-27-08Tri-Cities8thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!Ed Cooper162.074
 07-06-08MadisonDNFU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)Ed Cooper0.000
 06-29-08Evansville9thU-3Master Tire (3)Ed Cooper151.044
 07-13-08DetroitNO CONTESTU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)Ed Cooper156.516
200708-05-07Seattle9thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!Ed Cooper149.688
 W/DU-787BoeingErick Ellstrom137.694
 07-29-07Tri-Cities13thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!Ed Cooper157.944
 07-15-07Detroit5thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)Ed Cooper155.515
 07-08-07Madison6thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)Ed Cooper149.735
 07-01-07Evansville3rdU-3Master Tire (3)Ed Cooper149.532
200609-17-06San Diego2ndU-3Conover Insurance (2)Ed Cooper162.751145.465
 08-06-06Seattle7thU-3Acura Of SeattleEd Cooper152.775
 07-30-06Tri-Cities6thU-3Conover Insurance (2)Ed Cooper161.521
 07-16-06Detroit2ndU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)Ed Cooper159.330
 07-09-06Valleyfield5thU-3Master Tire (3)Ed Cooper109.400
 06-25-06Evansville2ndU-3Master Tire (3)Ed Cooper149.439144.493
 07-02-06MadisonDNFU-3Master Tire (3)Ed CooperNO SPEEDS133.043
200509-18-05San Diego8thU-3U-3Ed Cooper159.007
 09-11-05Nashville5thU-3U-3Ed Cooper162.476
 08-07-05Seattle7thU-3Toyota Of Kirkland (1)Ed Cooper146.908
 07-31-05Tri-Cities3rdU-3U-3Ed Cooper146.749
 07-17-05Detroit8thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)Ed Cooper152.638
 07-03-05Madison2ndU-3Master Tire (3)Ed Cooper150.915137.582
 06-26-05Evansville3rdU-3Master Tire (3)Ed Cooper147.025132.978
200406-27-04EvansvilleDNFU-19Empire ContractorsJones Jr. Ron
200210-22-02San Diego10thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster149.922
 08-04-02Seattle4thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster141.612121.145
 07-28-02Tri-Cities5thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster152.178126.081**
 07-14-02Detroit11thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster128.064
 07-07-02Madison10thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster142.893
 06-28-02Evansville11thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster133.180
200109-15-01San Diego5thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster145.422121.802
 08-05-01Seattle13thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster140.433
 07-29-01Tri-Cities6thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster146.308131.155
 07-15-01DetroitW/DU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster146.977
 07-08-01Madison3rdU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster141.670
 06-30-01Evansville5thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster141.729128.174
200009-17-00San Diego11thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster148.618
 08-06-00SeattleW/DU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster139.559
 07-30-00Tri-Cities9thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster150.068
 07-09-00Detroit8thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster145.668
 07-02-00Madison5thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster142.086123.273
 06-25-00Evansville4thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster130.000116.182
199910-10-99Pearl Harbor3rdU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster153.400
 09-19-99San Diego8thU-8Llumar Window Film (1)Bill Wurster158.214
 05-23-99Lake Havasu City4thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)Erick Ellstrom140.611
199809-27-98Las Vegas3rdU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)Erick Ellstrom121.344
 09-20-98San Diego3rdU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)Erick Ellstrom157.060131.063
 08-09-98Seattle6thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)Erick Ellstrom151.343107.076
 07-26-98Tri-Cities3rdU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)Erick Ellstrom156.786140.849
199709-14-97San Diego10thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)Erick Ellstrom151.929
 08-10-97Seattle12thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)Erick Ellstrom145.625
 07-27-97Tri-Cities8thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)Erick Ellstrom155.360
 06-01-97Detroit8thU-9Miss Exide (4)Mike Jones138.330
199610-27-96Pearl Harbor7thU-8Plueger HondaBill Wurster150.784
 08-04-96Seattle6thU-8Lynnwood HondaBill Wurster141.243116.186
 07-28-96Tri-Cities4thU-8Lynnwood HondaBill Wurster151.271136.709
 06-09-96Kansas City7thU-99.9Miss JenniferFred Leland141.069121.418
 06-01-96Detroit6thU-9Miss Exide (4)Mike Jones139.686
199507-02-95Madison3rdU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)Fred Leland144.757
 06-25-95Evansville7thU-99.9Miss Wellness Plan (2)Fred Leland
199406-26-94EvansvilleW/DU-9-2Miss Exide IIRobb Thompson134.+
 06-04-94Detroit8thU-9-2Miss Exide IIRobb Thompson142.625
Ed Cooper
Ed CooperOwner
The Go3 Racing Team is owned and operated by Ed Cooper Jr. of Evansville, Ind. Ed co-owned the team with his dad until the elder Cooper, Ed Sr., passed away in December 2005. The father-and-son team first embraced Unlimited racing in the 1950s, when Ed Sr. helmed a large patrol boat for the Madison Regatta committee. Years later, teenager Ed Jr. retrieved disabled hydros from the Ohio River race course with a runabout.

“That’s how I met Bill Cantrell,” Ed Jr. said, referring to the renowned Gale driver. “I towed him in once after he conked out, around 1965. That evolved into a job on the Miss Madison crew in ’66. The shop was just two blocks from my house, so I cleaned parts and disassembled motors for crew chief Dave Stewart.”

After college, Ed Jr. worked on Cantrell’s and Graham Heath’s race team for four years. The highlight was racing their former My Gypsy as Miss Budweiser for a while in 1979 while the new Griffon Bud was being built. Then came an early 1980s stint on Jim Sedam’s U-22 team.

The Coopers formed their own racing team in 1985 and bought Chuck Hickling’s Tempus hull. Since then, the Coopers have built and raced another three hulls, the last of which began racing in July 2002.

The Go3 is unique in that she is powered by an Allison V-12 piston power plant, a motor originally used in World War II fighter planes. In 2002, his boat was the first with a reciprocating engine to complete a lap at over 160 m.p.h. The next year, Cooper made history again when his crew became the first non-turbine winner since 1983 to claim the APBA Gold Cup.

In 2014, the team gave an exhibition performance at the 2014 Evansville ShrinersFest & Airshow with the U-11 Peters & May – the “Piston vs. Turbine Shootout” but returned to the H1 Unlimited series in 2015 for the first time since the 2010 Madison Regatta.

YearDateCityDriverFinishBoat #Boat NameQual.Race
20107/4/2010MadisonJimmy KingU-3Go3Racing(143.241)(7)
20097/5/2009MadisonJimmy King6thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)144.557
7/12/2009DetroitJimmy King10thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)130.000
7/26/2009Tri-CitiesJimmy King10thU-3Grandview On The Lake (1)154.921
8/2/2009SeattleJimmy King2ndU-3Grandview On The Lake (1)149.909132.072
8/23/2009EvansvilleJimmy King7thU-3Master Tire (3)151.841
20086/29/2008EvansvilleJimmy King9thU-3Master Tire (3)151.044
7/6/2008MadisonJimmy KingDNFU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)000.000
7/13/2008DetroitJimmy KingNo ContestU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)156.516
7/27/2008Tri-CitiesJimmy King8thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!162.074
8/1/2008SeattleJimmy King13thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!147.299
9/20/2008San DiegoJimmy King7thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!159.471
20077/1/2007EvansvilleJimmy King3rdU-3Master Tire (3)149.532
7/8/2007MadisonJimmy King6thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)149.735
7/15/2007DetroitJimmy King5thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)155.515
7/29/2007Tri-CitiesJimmy King13thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!157.944
8/5/2007SeattleJimmy King9thU-3Hoss Mortgage Investors Too!149.688
20066/25/2006EvansvilleJimmy King2ndU-3Master Tire (3)149.439144.493
7/2/2006MadisonJimmy KingDNFU-3Master Tire (3)No Speeds133.043
7/9/2006ValleyfieldJimmy King5thU-3Master Tire (3)109.400
7/16/2006DetroitJimmy King2ndU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)159.330
7/30/2006Tri-CitiesJimmy King6thU-3Conover Insurance (2)161.521
8/6/2006SeattleJimmy King7thU-3Acura Of Seattle152.775
9/17/2006San DiegoJimmy King2ndU-3Conover Insurance (2)162.751145.465
20056/26/2005EvansvilleJimmy King3rdU-3Master Tire (3)147.025132.978
7/3/2005MadisonJimmy King2ndU-3Master Tire (3)150.915137.582
7/17/2005DetroitJimmy King8thU-3Miss Chrysler-Jeep (5)152.638
7/31/2005Tri-CitiesJimmy King3rdU-3U-3146.749
8/7/2005SeattleJimmy King7thU-3Toyota Of Kirkland (1)146.908
9/11/2005NashvilleJimmy King5thU-3U-3162.476
9/18/2005San DiegoJimmy King8thU-3U-3159.007
20046/27/2004EvansvilleMitch Evans2ndU-3Master Tire (3)150.659
7/25/2004Tri-CitiesMitch Evans5thU-3Vacationville.Com (2)161.146
9/19/2004San DiegoMitch Evans2ndU-3Vacationville.Com (2)162.602
20036/29/2003EvansvilleMitch Evans1stU-3Master Tire (3)152.422133.195
7/6/2003MadisonMitch Evans8thU-3Master Tire (3)147.887
7/27/2003Tri-CitiesMitch Evans3rdU-3Vacationville.Com (2)160.915141.999
8/4/2003SeattleMitch Evans11thU-3Toyota Of Kirkland (1)153.166
8/24/2003DetroitMitch Evans1stU-3Miss Foxhills Chrysler-Jeep158.392
9/21/2003San DiegoMitch EvansU-3Llumar Window Film (4)
1stU-3Llumar Window Film (4)159.232
20026/28/2002EvansvilleMitch Evans9thU-3Master Tire (2)130.576
7/7/2002MadisonMitch Evans8thU-3Master Tire (2)136.171
7/14/2002DetroitMitch Evans9thU-3Master Tire (2)137.836
7/28/2002Tri-CitiesMitch EvansWU-3Vacationville.Com (2)(141.037)
8/4/2002SeattleMitch Evans10thU-3Vacationville.Com (2)145.612
10/22/2002San DiegoMitch Evans3rdU-3Vacationville.Com (2)160.570133.521**
20016/30/2001EvansvilleMitch Evans7thU-3Master Tire (2)130.102
7/8/2001MadisonMitch Evans8thU-3Master Tire (2)136.201
7/15/2001DetroitMitch Evans9thU-3Master Tire (2)136.736
7/29/2001Tri-CitiesMitch Evans11thU-3Vacationville.Com (1)137.176
8/5/2001SeattleMitch Evans8thU-3Vacationville.Com (1)132.132
9/15/2001San DiegoMitch Evans11thU-3Vacationville.Com (1)140.290
20005/21/2000Lake Havasu CityMike Weber9thU-3Master Tire (2)C.O.
6/25/2000EvansvilleMitch Evans5thU-3Master Tire (2)122.441
7/2/2000MadisonMitch Evans8thU-3Master Tire (2)128.498
7/9/2000DetroitMitch Evans7thU-3Vacationville.Com (1)132.413
7/30/2000Tri-CitiesMitch Evans5thU-3Vacationville.Com (1)138.122112.446
8/6/2000SeattleMitch Evans10thU-3Vacationville.Com (1)133.976
9/17/2000San DiegoMitch Evans5thU-3Bardahl Special139.615
19995/23/1999Lake Havasu CityMike Weber8thU-3Master Tire (2)C.O.
6/18/1999BarrieMike Weber5thU-3Master Tire (2)129.887
6/27/1999EvansvilleMike Weber6thU-3Master Tire (2)123.616
7/4/1999MadisonMike Weber9thU-3Master Tire (2)125.264
7/11/1999DetroitMike Weber9thU-3Master Tire (2)136.728
7/18/1999NorforkMike Weber9thU-3Master Tire (2)122.175
8/1/1999Tri-CitiesMike Weber11thU-3Graham Trucking (2)132.326
8/8/1999SeattleMike Weber12thU-3Graham Trucking (2)127.945
8/15/1999KelownaMike Weber8thU-3Msd IgnitionC.O.
9/19/1999San DiegoMike WeberDNFU-3Msd IgnitionC.O.
19986/28/1998EvansvilleMark WeberDNFU-3Master Tire (2)
7/12/1998DetroitMark Weber9thU-3Master Tire (2)128.051
7/19/1998NorforkMark Weber2ndU-3Master Tire (2)125.287
7/26/1998Tri-CitiesMark Weber11thU-3Master Tire (2)132.902
8/2/1998KelownaMark WeberDNFU-3Master Tire (2)123.903
9/6/1998MadisonMark Weber6thU-3Master Tire (2)132.509
19976/29/1997EvansvilleMitch Evans (1)10thU-3Master Tire (2)C.O.
7/6/1997MadisonRich Christensen9thU-3Master Tire (2)126.091
7/12/1997NorforkRich Christensen8thU-3Master Tire (2)100.694
7/27/1997Tri-CitiesRich Christensen11thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (2)134.577
8/3/1997KelownaRich Christensen9thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (2)120.868
8/10/1997SeattleRich Christensen11thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (2)127.830
19965/5/1996PhoenixMitch Evans7thU-3Chelan’s Mill Bay Casino115.691
6/1/1996DetroitMitch Evans8thU-3The Roostertail140.810
6/9/1996Kansas CityMitch Evans8thU-3Chelan’s Mill Bay Casino132.458
6/30/1996EvansvilleMitch Evans9thU-3Master Tire (1)136.387
7/7/1996MadisonMitch EvansDNSU-3Chelan’s Mill Bay CasinoC.O.
7/28/1996Tri-CitiesMitch Evans13thU-3Chelan’s Mill Bay Casino146.242
8/4/1996SeattleMitch Evans12thU-3Chelan’s Mill Bay Casino134.582
8/11/1996KelownaMitch Evans7thU-3Chelan’s Mill Bay Casino130.149
9/15/1996San DiegoTodd Yarling10thU-3Chelan’s Mill Bay CasinoC.O.
19954/23/1995PhoenixMitch Evans5thU-3Kendall Motor Oil111.931
6/4/1995DetroitMitch Evans5thU-3Miss D.O.C. (2)136.092
6/18/1995Kansas CityMitch Evans9thU-3Kendall Motor Oil132.278
6/25/1995EvansvilleMitch Evans8thU-3Master Tire (1)/Holset Turbo136.101
7/2/1995MadisonMitch Evans7thU-3Holset Turbo137.392
7/16/1995LewisvilleMitch Evans8thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (1)130.055
7/30/1995Tri-CitiesMitch Evans9thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (1)148.410
8/6/1995SeattleMitch Evans11thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (1)137.559
9/17/1995San DiegoMitch Evans10thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (1)145.021
19946/4/1994DetroitMitch Evans7thU-3A2 CommunicationsOpt
6/12/1994LewisvilleMitch Evans6thU-3A2 Communications126.296
6/26/1994EvansvilleMitch Evans4thU-3A2 Communications131.644113.4
7/3/1994MadisonMitch Evans9thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (1)131.718
7/31/1994Tri-CitiesMitch EvansDNSU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (1)134.114
8/7/1994SeattleMitch Evans9thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (1)138.005
9/18/1994San DiegoMitch Evans6thU-3Spirit Of Lake Chelan (1)144.485
19935/30/1993LewisvilleMitch EvansDNSU-3Poly-Dyn Engine TreatmentOpt
6/6/1993DetroitMitch Evans7thU-3Miss D.O.C. Ray-BanOpt
6/13/1993MaimiMitch Evans7thU-3Miss D.O.C. Ray-Ban117.666
6/27/1993EvansvilleMitch Evans8thU-3Alvey’s American Eagle121.622
7/4/1993MadisonMitch Evans8thU-3Alvey’s American Eagle126.641
7/11/1993Kansas CityMitch Evans5thU-3Cooper’s Express126.353113.526
7/25/1993Tri-CitiesMitch EvansDNSU-3Cooper’s Express132.834
8/1/1993SeattleMitch Evans5thU-3Cooper’s Express133.038115.477
9/19/1993San DiegoMitch Evans3rdU-3Cooper’s Express147.742118.398
19926/7/1992MaimiMitch Evans3rdU-3Miss D.O.C. (2)105.887
6/13/1992DetroitMitch Evans5thU-3Miss D.O.C. (2)128.775
6/28/1992EvansvilleMitch Evans5thU-3Cooper’s Express126.316
7/5/1992MadisonMitch Evans7thU-3Cooper’s Express126.493
7/26/1992Tri-CitiesMitch EvansDNFU-3Oh Boy! Oberto (07)117.396
8/2/1992SeattleTodd Yarling9thU-3Oh Boy! Oberto (07)118.658
8/23/1992Kansas CityMitch EvansDNFU-3Oh Boy! Oberto (07)126.740
19916/9/1991DetroitMitch Evans9thU-3Miss D.O.C. (2)124.821
6/30/1991EvansvilleMitch Evans6thU-3Miss D.O.C. (2)110.480111.847
7/7/1991MadisonMitch Evans3rdU-3Miss D.O.C. (2)117.226
7/28/1991Tri-CitiesMitch Evans6thU-3Oh Boy! Oberto/Beef Jerky109.506
8/4/1991SeattleMitch Evans7thU-3Oh Boy! Oberto/Beef Jerky103.344
9/15/1991San DiegoMitch Evans5thU-3Oh Boy! Oberto/Pork Jerky (2)147.953
10/27/1991Pearl HarborMitch Evans7thU-3Oh Boy! Oberto/Pork Jerky (2)101.196
19906/3/1990MaimiMitch Evans5thU-3Miss Meta-Lax117.398
6/10/1990DetroitMitch Evans8thU-3Miss D.O.C. (2)132.461
7/1/1990EvansvilleMitch Evans5thU-3Miss Chirochoice128.601111.801
7/8/1990MadisonMitch Evans8thU-3Cooper’s Express121.708
7/15/1990SyracuseMitch Evans4thU-3Cooper’s Express136.072109.481
7/29/1990Tri-CitiesMitch Evans3rdU-3Cooper’s Express129.521105.365
8/5/1990SeattleMitch Evans6thU-3Oh Boy! Oberto/Wild Waves120.451106.477
8/26/1990MilwaukeeMitch Evans5thU-3Cooper’s Express110.877
9/9/1990Kansas CityMitch Evans7thU-3Cooper’s Express125.373
9/16/1990San DiegoMitch EvansW/DU-3Cooper’s Express143.511
9/23/1990Las VegasMitch Evans6thU-3Cooper’s Express109.809100.669
19895/21/1989HoustonMitch Evans5thU-3Cooper’s Express120.88799.146
6/4/1989MaimiMitch EvansDNFU-3Cooper’s Express113.734
6/11/1989DetroitMitch Evans4thU-3Miss D.O.C. (2)123.338
7/2/1989MadisonMitch Evans7thU-3Miss Chirochoice113.529
7/9/1989EvansvilleMitch Evans8thU-3Miss Chirochoice131.387
7/16/1989SyracuseMitch Evans2ndU-3Cooper’s Express113.030
7/30/1989Tri-CitiesMitch Evans1stU-3Cooper’s Express126.183104.976
8/6/1989SeattleMitch Evans8thU-3Seaco Aviation Fuels (2)127.750
9/17/1989San DiegoMitch Evans8thU-3Cooper’s Express136.913
9/23/1989Las VegasMitch Evans7thU-3Cooper’s Express116.826
19886/26/1988EvansvilleMitch EvansDNQU-3Risley’s (1)DNQ
7/3/1988MadisonMitch Evans10thU-3Risley’s (1)115.875
7/16/1988SyracuseMitch EvansDNFU-3Risley’s (1)111.231
7/31/1988Tri-CitiesMitch Evans6thU-3Seaco Aviation Fuels (2)130.776109.205
8/7/1988SeattleMitch Evans5thU-3Seaco Aviation Fuels (2)113.20898.694
9/18/1988San DiegoMitch Evans6thU-3Risley’s (1)133.630
9/25/1988Las VegasMitch Evans5thU-6Risley’s Holset Miss Madison (3)118.71490.088
19876/14/1987MaimiJack Schafer Jr.3rdU-15U-1595.84085.939
6/28/1987EvansvilleMitch Evans8thU-15Pepsi America’s Choice102.535
7/5/1987MadisonMitch Evans6thU-15Pepsi America’s Choice102.471
7/12/1987DetroitMitch Evans7thU-15Pepsi America’s Choice106.698
7/26/1987Tri-CitiesMitch Evans10thU-15Pepsi America’s Choice113.593
8/2/1987SeattleMitch Evans10thU-15Rapid Transit102.79890.053
8/23/1987SyracuseMitch EvansCancelledU-15Pepsi America’s Choice105.048
9/20/1987San DiegoMitch Evans4thU-15Pepsi America’s Choice107.86393.377
9/27/1987Las VegasMitch Evans8thU-15Pepsi America’s Choice100.062
19867/6/1986MadisonJack Schafer Jr.DNQU-15Miss Liberty (2)DNQ
7/13/1986EvansvilleJack Schafer Jr.6thU-15Miss Freedom Festival105.510
8/17/1986SyracuseJack Schafer Jr.4thU-15U-15107.94693.652
  • Eddie Cooper III – Evansville, IN – Motors
  • Rick Bowles – Seattle, WA – Hull
  • Mitch Evans – Chelan, WA
  • Joe Kettner – Grand Rapids, MI – Propellers
  • Kirk Duncan – Owensboro, KY – General Duties and Co-Webmaster
  • Bobby King
  • Jimmy Gebblin
  • Diane Kramer
  • Charlie Griggs
  • Robyn Griggs
  • Founded: 1986
  • Home Port: Evansville, Indiana
  • Boat Colors: Red
  • Engine Builder: Ed Cooper
  • Length: 28′ 3″
  • Width: 14′ 6″
  • Weight: 6750 lbs
  • Engine: Turbocharged Allison V-12
  • 2015 Boat Points: 3107
  • 2015 Driver Points: 3107
  • 2015 Season Finish: 6th