Jimmy Shane
Jimmy ShaneDriver
Jimmy Shane grew up in a boat racing family – parents Stuart and Robin, as well as sister Kelly have all been national champions in various APBA inboard divisions. With strong influences from his family and boat builder Bill Roberts, Jimmy started driving boats at 10 years old and steadily moved up through outboard and inboard classes, finally getting his first Unlimited test in 2006 at the age of 21.

After that first Unlimited test in 2006, Shane spent five years as a backup driver for Ted Porter’s Precision Performance Race Team. In 2012, he was given the full-time seat in the 5 Graham Trucking and became an instant front-runner. Just three races into the season, he scored an impressive win in the 2012 Lamb-Weston Columbia Cup in the Tri-Cities.

After strong finishes at the Albert Lee Cup at Seafair in Seattle and Bayfair on San Diego’s Misssion Bay, Shane won a closely contested Final Heat to become the champion of the 2012 Oryx Cup UIM World Championship in Doha, Qatar. That win secured an impressive second place in the 2012 driver and team Series High Point Championships for Shane and his team.

Just one month later, Shane found himself holding the Oryx Cup and UIM World Championship trophies again, after returning to Doha and winning the 2013 season opener. Shane went on to finish the season strong with wins in Seattle, Coeur d’Alene and San Diego, edging David for the driver and team titles.

2014 saw his move from the Porter Racing camp to the Miss Madison Team, becoming the latest in a long line of drivers for the only community-owned boat in the sport, and it didn’t take him long to get his feet on the ground. Shane won the Gold Cup in Detroit, capturing it for only the second time in the history of the team. He also went on to clinch the H1 Unlimited High Points title at the season-ending UIM World Championship, bringing the prestigious “U-1” back to the team for the 2015 season.

Shane has now grabbed back-to-back Gold Cups and back-to-back Championships, having won a thrilling five lap deck to deck contest with J. Michael Kelly on the Columbia River to take the 2015 HAPO Gold Cup as well as the 2015 H1 Unlimited Championship.

  • Five-time APBA Hall of Champions inductee
  • Five-time APBA National High Point Champion
  • Two-time Hampton Cup winner
  • Two-time Gold Cup winner
  • Ohio Governor’s Cup winner – 2002
  • 11 UIM World Records

Birthdate: 11/13/85
Birthplace: Havre de Grace, MD
Shane and wife Bianca have a son Colton and live in Renton, Washington.

YearDateCityFinishBoat #Boat NameOwnerQual.Race
201509-20-15San Diego1stU-1ObertoMiss Madison Inc.159.503150.019
 08-23-15Detroit1stU-1ObertoMiss Madison Inc.159.030149.878
 08-02-15Seattle6thU-1ObertoMiss Madison Inc.148.880127.778
 07-26-15Tri-Cities1stU-1ObertoMiss Madison Inc.157.387
 07-05-15MadisonN/AU-1ObertoMiss Madison Inc.136.344
201411-20-14Doha2ndU-6ObertoMiss Madison Inc.143.024117.428
 09-14-14San Diego4thU-6ObertoMiss Madison Inc.162.557138.545
 08-03-14Seattle3rdU-6ObertoMiss Madison Inc.156.243125.268
 07-27-14Tri-Cities1stU-6ObertoMiss Madison Inc.163.247
 07-13-14Detroit1stU-6ObertoMiss Madison Inc.162.613146.674(1)
 07-06-14Madison4thU-6ObertoMiss Madison Inc.148.692119.810
201309-15-13San Diego1stU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter160.895146.837
 09-01-13Coeur D’Alene1stU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter147.124130.103
 08-04-13Seattle1stU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter148.837
 07-28-13Tri-Cities2ndU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter151.339147.102
 07-14-13Detroit5thU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter161.126133.359
 06-02-13Folsom2ndU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter148.071132.295
 02-12-13Doha1stU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter141.262120.032
 07-07-13MadisonCANCELLEDU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter
201212-31-12Doha1stU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter142.059117.262
 09-16-12San Diego2ndU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter154.133146.909
 08-05-12Seattle2ndU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter148.981132.793
 07-29-12Tri-Cities1stU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter153.152145.981
 07-15-12Detroit6thU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter157.182
 07-08-12Madison7thU-5Graham Trucking (6)Ted Porter146.377
201111-19-11Doha4thU-57Formulaboats.Com (3)Ted Porter132.758
201009-19-10San Diego6thU-57Formulaboats.Com (3)Ted Porter
 07-04-10MadisonDNQU-57Formulaboats.Com (3)Ted PorterDNQ
200808-01-08Seattle8thU-7Formulaboats.Com II (3)Ted Porter132.430
 07-27-08Tri-Cities4thU-7Formulaboats.Com II (3)Ted Porter
200708-05-07Seattle11thU-1Formulaboats.Com II (2)Ted Porter132.500
 07-29-07Tri-Cities12thU-1Formulaboats.Com II (2)Ted Porter141.482
Charlie Grooms
Charlie GroomsRepresentative Owner
Charlie Grooms:

Charlie has been with the team for more than three decades, starting by washing parts when his uncle, Jon Peddie was named the team’s driver in 1977. Over the years he graduated through the ranks to become crew chief. When Mike Hanson retired from driving, Grooms became Team Manager allowing Hanson to move into the Crew Chief position. Grooms oversees all aspects of the team including sponsorships, logistics, budgeting, personnel and other administrative duties. When not racing, Grooms runs Ladder 51, a company that produces flame grilled chicken wings. Grooms, a resident of Madison, Ind. is married to wife Nancy and they have three children, Codi, Cati, and Cortni.

Miss Madison Team:

The community-owned Miss Madison Racing Team has claimed first-place honors in the National High Point Championship in 7 of the last 9 years, adding their 7th title in 2016.
Community-owned by the City of Madison, Indiana, 2017 is the Miss Madison team’s 57th consecutive year of competition. No other team can match the Miss Madison’s record for consecutive seasons of participation.

Eight different hulls have raced as the Miss Madison in the past 56 years, although two of those were temporary substitutes.

Miss Madison has 28 race victories. The team’s first major triumph was the 1965 Dixie Cup at Guntersville, Alabama, with George “Buddy” Byers as driver. The team looks forward to testing on Lake Guntersville in 2017 and racing there again in 2018. The Miss Madison race victories also include APBA Gold Cup Championships in 1971, 2014 and 2015.

HomeStreet Bank returns in 2017 as sponsor of the U-1 racing team.

YearDateCityDriverFinishBoat #Boat NameQual.Race
20147/6/2014MadisonJimmy Shane4thU-6Oberto148.692119.810
7/13/2014DetroitJimmy Shane1stU-6Oberto162.613146.674(1)
7/27/2014Tri-CitiesJimmy Shane1stU-6Oberto163.247
8/3/2014SeattleJimmy Shane3rdU-6Oberto156.243125.268
9/14/2014San DiegoJimmy Shane4thU-6Oberto162.557138.545
11/20/2014DohaJimmy Shane2ndU-6Oberto143.024
20132/12/2013DohaSteve David3rdU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)143.864120.963
6/2/2013FolsomSteve David1stU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)150.441122.894
7/7/2013MadisonSteve DavidCancelledU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)
7/14/2013DetroitSteve David4thU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)161.730128.343
7/28/2013Tri-CitiesSteve David1stU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)158.766146.639
8/4/2013SeattleSteve David2ndU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)152.229138.863
9/1/2013Coeur D’AleneSteve David2ndU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)146.797
9/15/2013San DiegoSteve David4thU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)161.571137.645
20127/8/2012MadisonSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)148.548134.325
7/15/2012DetroitSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)161.788
7/29/2012Tri-CitiesSteve David6thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)158.155134.827
8/5/2012SeattleSteve David1stU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)149.756125.154
9/16/2012San DiegoSteve David1stU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)157.980146.623
1/12/2013DohaSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)142.267130.566
20117/3/2011MadisonSteve David1stU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)141.813
7/10/2011DetroitJon Zimmerman8thU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (11)149.107
7/31/2011Tri-CitiesSteve David2ndU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)159.204123.911
8/7/2011SeattleSteve David1stU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)150.835136.712
9/18/2011San DiegoSteve David3rdU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)163.312150.282
11/19/2011DohaSteve David5thU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)148.023123.071
20107/4/2010MadisonSteve David1stU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)154.575140.179
7/11/2010DetroitSteve David2ndU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)158.350145.123
7/25/2010Tri-CitiesSteve David1stU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)162.928147.091
8/8/2010SeattleSteve David1stU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)151.330139.992
9/19/2010San DiegoSteve David2ndU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)161.696149.918
11/20/2010DohaSteve David3rdU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)142.059127.866
20097/5/2009MadisonSteve David3rdU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)154.790128.505
7/12/2009DetroitSteve David2ndU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)157.379139.060
Detroit MiSteve David2ndU-1Oh Boy! Oberto157.379139.060
7/26/2009Tri-CitiesSteve David1stU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)161.957
8/2/2009SeattleSteve David6thU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)152.548135.751
8/23/2009EvansvilleSteve David3rdU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)155.215
11/21/2009DohaSteve David2ndU-1Oh Boy! Oberto (10)145.096
20086/29/2008EvansvilleSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)153.429119.685
7/6/2008MadisonSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)154.950140.523
7/13/2008DetroitSteve DavidNo ContestU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)159.888
7/27/2008Tri-CitiesSteve David1stU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)161.492142.384
8/1/2008SeattleSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)152.940136.672
9/20/2008San DiegoSteve David4thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)161.406144.670
20077/1/2007EvansvilleSteve David7thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)151.617
7/8/2007MadisonSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)150.436141.111
7/15/2007DetroitSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)156.911141.990
7/29/2007Tri-CitiesSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)160.599135.327
8/5/2007SeattleSteve David1stU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)151.681137.935
9/16/2007San DiegoSteve David1stU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (10)159.798147.279
20066/25/2006EvansvilleSteve David5thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)150.696
7/2/2006MadisonSteve David6thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)No Speeds139.614
7/9/2006ValleyfieldSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)113.780
7/16/2006DetroitSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)153.809134.529
7/30/2006Tri-CitiesSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)153.940138.795
8/6/2006SeattleSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)150.065134.616
9/17/2006San DiegoSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)158.111140.780
20056/26/2005EvansvilleSteve David1stU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)141.779139.572
7/3/2005MadisonSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)147.403127.355
7/17/2005DetroitSteve David5thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)150.537
7/31/2005Tri-CitiesSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)155.593138.709
8/7/2005SeattleSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)142.625128.647
9/11/2005NashvilleSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)159.627138.971
9/18/2005San DiegoSteve David6thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)156.025
20047/4/2004MadisonSteve David4thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)147.596119.925
7/18/2004DetroitSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)150.652136.544
7/25/2004Tri-CitiesSteve David2ndU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)147.468
8/8/2004SeattleSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)142.766109.659
8/22/2004St. ClairSteve David5thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)150.486
9/19/2004San DiegoSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)150.628
20036/29/2003EvansvilleSteve David7thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)140.644
7/6/2003MadisonSteve David9thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)145.398
7/27/2003Tri-CitiesSteve David7thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)152.710
8/4/2003SeattleSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)(B4&H)124.968
8/24/2003DetroitSteve David4thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)149.644133.422
9/21/2003San DiegoSteve DavidU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)
W/DU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)147.933
20026/28/2002EvansvilleSteve David5thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)145.088128.035
7/7/2002MadisonSteve David7thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)141.522
7/14/2002DetroitSteve David4thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)143.409132.119
7/28/2002Tri-CitiesSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)150.235136.301**
8/4/2002SeattleSteve David9thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)137.265
10/22/2002San DiegoSteve David8thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)148.925
20016/30/2001EvansvilleSteve David6thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)140.881116.280
7/8/2001MadisonSteve David1stU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)143.596130.945
7/15/2001DetroitSteve David3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)145.220129.258
7/29/2001Tri-CitiesSteve David9thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)149.549134.898
8/5/2001SeattleSteve David9thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)138.600
9/15/2001San DiegoSteve David9thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)136.225
20006/25/2000EvansvilleCharlie Wiggins9thU-6Miss Madison (5)141.027
7/2/2000MadisonCharlie Wiggins6thU-6Miss Madison (5)141.685
7/9/2000DetroitCharley Wiggins5thU-6Miss Madison (5)149.900126.163
7/30/2000Tri-CitiesNate Brown3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)149.373137.638
8/6/2000SeattleNate Brown4thU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)144.081124.704
9/17/2000San DiegoNate Brown3rdU-6Oh Boy! Oberto (09)152.019122.809
19996/18/1999BarrieTodd Yarling8thU-6Miss Madison (5)142.775
6/27/1999EvansvilleTodd Yarling4thU-6Miss Madison (5)C.O.
7/4/1999MadisonTodd Yarling7thU-6Miss Madison (5)C.O.
7/11/1999DetroitTodd Yarling10thU-6Miss Madison (5)143.900
7/18/1999NorforkTodd Yarling3rdU-6Miss Madison (5)132.979
19989/6/1998MadisonMike Hanson3rdU-6Miss Madison (5)149.975
19975/25/1997NorforkMike HansonU-6Dewalt Tools135.478
6/1/1997DetroitMike Hanson3rdU-6Dewalt Tools139.647128.377
6/29/1997EvansvilleMike Hanson4thU-6Dewalt Tools151.251132.833
7/6/1997MadisonMike Hanson4thU-6Dewalt Tools148.358131.412
7/12/1997NorforkMike Hanson3rdU-6Dewalt Tools135.478124.325
7/27/1997Tri-CitiesMike Hanson4thU-6Dewalt Tools158.453139.243
8/3/1997KelownaMike Hanson4thU-6Dewalt Tools144.689130.393
8/10/1997SeattleMike Hanson7thU-6Dewalt Tools146.942116.777
9/14/1997San DiegoMike Hanson5thU-6Dewalt Tools159.112142.594
9/21/1997Las VegasMike Hanson3rdU-6Dewalt Tools146.110124.500
19965/5/1996PhoenixMike Hanson5thU-6Dewalt Tools131.716
6/1/1996DetroitMike Hanson3rdU-6Dewalt Tools150.043133.180
6/9/1996Kansas CityMike Hanson5thU-6Dewalt Tools145.176127.215
6/30/1996EvansvilleMike Hanson5thU-6Dewalt Tools147.095128.122
7/7/1996MadisonMike Hanson6thU-6Dewalt Tools149.012119.546
Todd YarlingTestU-6Dewalt Tools137.293
7/28/1996Tri-CitiesMike Hanson3rdU-6Dewalt Tools154.639141.589
8/4/1996SeattleMike Hanson4thU-6Dewalt Tools146.231124.223
8/11/1996KelownaMike Hanson2ndU-6Dewalt Tools147.420
9/15/1996San DiegoMike Hanson9thU-6Dewalt Tools156.101
10/27/1996Pearl HarborMike Hanson3rdU-6Dewalt Tools152.046
19956/4/1995DetroitMike Hanson9thU-6Jasper Engines And Transmissions157.984
6/18/1995Kansas CityMike Hanson5thU-6Jasper Engines And Transmissions153.718
6/25/1995EvansvilleMike Hanson4thU-6Jasper Engines And Transmissions155.949
7/2/1995MadisonMike Hanson5thU-6Jasper Engines And Transmissions147.740
7/30/1995Tri-CitiesMike Hanson11thU-6Dewalt Tools159.053
8/6/1995SeattleMike Hanson6thU-6Dewalt Tools149.906
9/17/1995San DiegoMike Hanson8thU-6Dewalt Tools154.353
19947/3/1994MadisonMike Hanson5thU-6Powerball Miss Madison151.633131.4
19935/30/1993LewisvilleMike Hanson2ndU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes150.978130.401
6/6/1993DetroitMike Hanson3rdU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes159.570132.223
6/13/1993MaimiMike Hanson4thU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes141.275119.686
6/27/1993EvansvilleMike Hanson4thU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes158.277139.042
7/4/1993MadisonMike Hanson4thU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes152.053135.527
7/11/1993Kansas CityMike Hanson4thU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes151.822124.814
7/25/1993Tri-CitiesAndy CokerDNQU-6Kellogg’s Frosted FlakesDNQ
Mike Hanson2ndU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes159.398138.090
8/1/1993SeattleMike Hanson2ndU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes157.774141.414
9/19/1993San DiegoMike Hanson1stU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes164.998
10/24/1993Pearl HarborMike Hanson3rdU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes163.328150.952
19926/7/1992MaimiMike Hanson4thU-6Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger123.480
6/13/1992DetroitMike Hanson3rdU-6Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger149.056128.878
6/28/1992EvansvilleMike Hanson4thU-6Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger150.596124.567
7/5/1992MadisonMike Hanson4thU-6Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger145.044124.076
7/26/1992Tri-CitiesMike Hanson7thU-6Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger150.754107.784
8/2/1992SeattleMike Hanson4thU-6Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger141.679124.015
8/23/1992Kansas CityMike Hanson3rdU-6Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger149.949125.451
9/20/1992San DiegoMike Hanson4thU-6Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger151.572
10/11/1992Pearl HarborMike Hanson5thU-6Kellogg’s Tony The TigerOpt
19916/9/1991DetroitMike Hanson3rdU-6Valvoline/Miss Madison143.947
6/30/1991EvansvilleMike Hanson5thU-6Valvoline/Miss Madison146.637118.239
7/7/1991MadisonMike Hanson2ndU-6Valvoline/Miss Madison140.406
7/28/1991Tri-CitiesMike Hanson7thU-6Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes152.899
8/4/1991SeattleMike Hanson5thU-6Kellogg’s Frosted FlakesC.O.124.152
9/15/1991San DiegoMike Hanson4thU-6Valvoline/Miss Madison145.985
19906/3/1990MaimiMike HansonDNFU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)120.797
6/10/1990DetroitMike Hanson4thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)132.292
7/1/1990EvansvilleMike Hanson4thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)134.917120.280
7/8/1990MadisonMike Hanson6thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)129.139
7/15/1990SyracuseMike Hanson3rdU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)142.273118.129
7/29/1990Tri-CitiesMike Hanson2ndU-6Holset Miss Mazda137.681117.903
8/5/1990SeattleMike HansonDNFU-6Holset Miss Mazda135.266
8/26/1990MilwaukeeMike Hanson8thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)118.118
9/9/1990Kansas CityMike Hanson2ndU-6Holset Miss U.S. Star131.998117.059
9/16/1990San DiegoMike Hanson6thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)120.064
9/23/1990Las VegasMike Hanson8thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)128.160
11/11/1990Pearl HarborMike Hanson7thU-6Gaylord’s At Kilohana130.748
19895/21/1989HoustonMike Hanson7thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)118.363
6/4/1989MaimiMike Hanson5thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)114.015
6/11/1989DetroitMike Hanson3rdU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)129.180107.126
7/2/1989MadisonMike Hanson6thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)114.068
7/9/1989EvansvilleMike Hanson6thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)134.429
7/16/1989SyracuseMike Hanson3rdU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)138.169114.24
7/30/1989Tri-CitiesMike Hanson2ndU-6Holset Miss Mazda130.909110.159
8/6/1989SeattleMike Hanson4thU-6Holset Miss Mazda137.694113.85
9/17/1989San DiegoMike Hanson3rdU-6Holset Miss Mazda140.165
9/23/1989Las VegasMike Hanson5thU-6Holset Miss Mazda118.265103.79
19886/5/1988MaimiRon Snyder2ndU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)108.26673.825
6/12/1988DetroitRon Snyder4thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)114.62097.677
6/26/1988EvansvilleRon Snyder8thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)109.773
7/3/1988MadisonRon Snyder7thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)118.624
7/16/1988SyracuseRon SnyderDNFU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)107.704
7/31/1988Tri-CitiesRon Snyder5thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)130.681123.366
8/7/1988SeattleMike Hanson8thU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)126.294
9/18/1988San DiegoRon SnyderDNFU-6Holset Miss Madison (2)124.844
19876/14/1987MaimiRon Snyder4thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)104.557
6/28/1987EvansvilleRon Snyder5thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)104.97290.188
7/5/1987MadisonRon Snyder3rdU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)107.015
7/12/1987DetroitRon Snyder6thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)110.119
7/26/1987Tri-CitiesRon Snyder7thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)120.870
8/2/1987SeattleRon Snyder11thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)112.289
8/23/1987SyracuseRon SnyderCancelledU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)116.750
9/20/1987San DiegoRon Snyder5thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)126.255
9/27/1987Las VegasRon Snyder4thU-6Holset Mrs. Madison108.27198.007
19866/15/1986MaimiRon Snyder2ndU-6Miss Madison (4)105.92099.953
6/29/1986DetroitRon Snyder5thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)117.518
7/6/1986MadisonRon Snyder7thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)113.364
7/13/1986EvansvilleRon Snyder7thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)111.715
7/27/1986Tri-CitiesAndy Coker5thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)122.183101.108
Ron Snyder5thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)122.183101.108
8/3/1986SeattleRon SnyderDNFU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)112.447
8/17/1986SyracuseRon Snyder5thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)113.87095.601
8/24/1986PhiladelphiaJerry HoppNoneU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)105.248
9/21/1986San DiegoRon Snyder4thU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)129.591
9/28/1986Las VegasRon Snyder3rdU-6Holset Miss Madison (1)116.626102.126
19856/9/1985MaimiAndy Coker2ndU-6American Speedy Printing (3)108.515
6/16/1985SyracuseAndy Coker2ndU-6American Speedy Printing (3)113.942
6/30/1985DetroitAndy Coker7thU-6American Speedy Printing (3)118.343
7/7/1985MadisonAndy Coker4thU-6Miss Madison (4)112.27594.261
7/14/1985EvansvilleAndy Coker4thU-6Miss Madison (4)114.92492.426
7/28/1985Tri-CitiesAndy CokerDNFU-6American Speedy Printing (3)119.458
8/4/1985SeattleAndy Coker8thU-6American Speedy Printing (3)112.882
8/25/1985Oklahoma CityAndy Coker8thU-6American Speedy Printing (3)113.651
9/15/1985San DiegoAndy Coker3rdU-6Miss Madison (4)/The Ching Group119.474
19846/10/1984MaimiRon Snyder3rdU-6American Speedy Printing (3)112.00376.770
6/17/1984SyracuseRon Snyder2ndU-6American Speedy Printing (3)120.724108.591
7/1/1984EvansvilleRon Snyder5thU-6American Speedy Printing (3)120.765
7/8/1984MadisonRon Snyder9thU-6American Speedy Printing (3)120.838
7/15/1984DetroitRon Snyder8thU-6American Speedy Printing (3)122.884
7/29/1984Tri-CitiesRon SnyderDNFU-6American Speedy Printing (3)126.993
8/5/1984SeattleMilner Irvin12thU-6American Speedy Printing (3)124.189
Ron Snyder12thU-6American Speedy Printing (3)124.189
9/16/1984San DiegoRon SnyderDNFU-6American Speedy Printing (3)127.714
9/30/1984Lake OzarkRon SnyderDNFU-6American Speedy Printing (3)108.972
10/7/1984HoustonRon Snyder2ndU-6American Speedy Printing (3)116.339108.101
19835/22/1983Lake OzarkRon Snyder1stU-6Miss Rich Plan (1)125.348110.330
6/5/1983MaimiRon SnyderDNQU-6Miss Rich Plan (1)DNQ
6/26/1983DetroitRon Snyder2ndU-6Miss Rich Plan (1)122.50593.534
7/3/1983MadisonRon Snyder5thU-6Miss Rich Plan (1)115.533102.079
7/10/1983EvansvilleRon Snyder5thU-6Miss Rich Plan (1)123.425106.518
7/31/1983Tri-CitiesRon Snyder6thU-6Frank Kenney Toyota/Volvo (1)118.618
8/7/1983SeattleRon Snyder8thU-6Frank Kenney Toyota/Volvo (1)120.514
9/18/1983San DiegoRon SnyderDNFU-6Frank Kenney Toyota/Volvo (1)126.404
10/2/1983HoustonRon Snyder11thU-6Miss Rich Plan (1)124.827
19826/6/1982MaimiTom SheehyDNSU-6Rich Plan Food Service105.263
6/13/1982GenevaTom Sheehy2ndU-6Rich Plan Food ServiceDNQ
6/27/1982DetroitRon Snyder5thU-6Rich Plan Food Service113.16491.343
7/4/1982MadisonRon Snyder2ndU-6Miss Madison (4)113.493
7/11/1982EvansvilleRon Snyder4thU-6Rich Plan Food Service110.59999.548
8/1/1982Tri-CitiesRon Snyder3rdU-6Frank Kenney Toyota/Volvo (1)120.482
8/8/1982SeattleRon Snyder3rdU-6Frank Kenney Toyota/Volvo (1)114.694107.356
9/19/1982San DiegoRon Snyder11thU-6Frank Kenney Toyota/Volvo (1)108.173
10/3/1982HoustonRon Snyder8thU-6Rich Plan Food Service113.350
19816/7/1981MaimiMilner Irvin3rdU-6Miss Madison (4)105.44890.711
6/28/1981DetroitMilner Irvin3rdU-6Miss Madison (4)117.39186.299
7/5/1981MadisonMilner Irvin2ndU-6Miss Madison (4)110.024102.771
7/12/1981EvansvilleMilner Irvin3rdU-6Miss Madison (4)110.940103.557
7/26/1981Tri-CitiesMilner Irvin3rdU-6Frank Kenney Toyota/Volvo (1)120.805110.811
8/9/1981SeattleMilner Irvin5thU-6Frank Kenney Toyota/Volvo (1)115.905107.93@
9/20/1981San DiegoMilner Irvin3rdU-6Frank Kenney Toyota/Volvo (1)116.580110.384
10/18/1981AcapulcoMilner Irvin5thU-6Miss Madison (4)113.565
19806/8/1980MaimiMilner IrvinDNFU-6Miss Madison (4)100.167
6/22/1980EvansvilleMilner Irvin4thU-6Miss Madison (4)104.34893.750
6/29/1980DetroitMilner IrvinDNFU-6Miss Madison (4)115.139
7/6/1980MadisonMilner Irvin5thU-6Miss Madison (4)102.028
7/13/1980El DoradoMilner Irvin5thU-6Miss Madison (4)106.038
7/27/1980Tri-CitiesMilner Irvin3rdU-6Dr. Toyota (3)106.635
8/10/1980SeattleMilner Irvin3rdU-6Dr. Toyota (3)116.42995.736
8/24/1980OgallalaMilner Irvin2ndU-6Miss Madison (4)111.386103.069
9/1/1980OgdenMilner Irvin3rdU-6Miss Madison (4)114.796106.534
9/21/1980San DiegoMilner IrvinDNFU-6Miss Madison (4)113.924
19796/10/1979MaimiMilner IrvinDNSU-6Miss Madison (4)106.195
6/24/1979EvansvilleMilner Irvin6thU-6Miss Madison (4)108.271
7/8/1979MadisonMilner Irvin6thU-6Miss Madison (4)105.758
19786/4/1978MaimiJon PeddieDNSU-6Miss Madison (4)105.510
6/25/1978DetroitJon Peddie6thU-6Miss Madison (4)110.429
7/2/1978OwensboroJon Peddie2ndU-6Miss Madison (4)110.027
7/9/1978MadisonJon Peddie8thU-6Miss Madison (4)108.827
7/30/1978Tri-CitiesMilner Irvin2ndU-6Miss Madison (4)114.35899.52@
8/6/1978SeattleMilner Irvin4thU-6Miss Madison (4)106.82592.249
9/17/1978San DiegoMilner Irvin8thU-6Miss Madison (4)116.883
19775/22/1977MaimiJon Peddie4thU-6Miss Madison (3)91.18678.775
6/12/1977WashingtonJon Peddie5thU-6Miss Madison (3)Qual.
6/26/1977DetroitJon Peddie4thU-6Miss Madison (3)107.24989.895
7/3/1977MadisonJon Peddie4thU-6Miss Madison (3)Qual.91.429
7/10/1977OwensboroJon Peddie4thU-6Miss Madison (3)95.11291.970
7/17/1977DaytonJon Peddie4thU-6Miss Madison (3)92.78490.972
7/31/1977Tri-CitiesJon Peddie4thU-6Barney Armstrong’s Machine (2)106.88891.591
8/7/1977SeattleJon Peddie9thU-6Barney Armstrong’s Machine (2)97.166
9/18/1977San DiegoJon Peddie3rdU-6Starvin Marvin100.223
19765/23/1976MaimiRon SnyderDNFU-6Miss Madison (3)100.897
5/30/1976WashingtonRon Snyder3rdU-6Miss Madison (3)
6/27/1976DetroitRon Snyder4thU-6Miss Madison (3)105.44779.482
7/4/1976MadisonRon Snyder3rdU-6Miss Madison (3)94.83790.964
7/11/1976OwensboroRon Snyder4thU-6Miss Madison (3)106.76289.050
7/18/1976DaytonRon Snyder6thU-6Miss Madison (3)101.983
8/1/1976Tri-CitiesRon Snyder3rdU-6Miss Lynnwood105.882
8/8/1976SeattleRon Snyder7thU-6Miss Lynnwood104.651
19755/18/1975MaimiJerry BangsDNFU-6Miss Madison (3)104.651
6/1/1975WashingtonJerry Bangs5thU-6Miss Madison (3)99.33881.748
6/15/1975OwensboroJerry Bangs4thU-6Miss Madison (3)105.77285.111
6/29/1975DetroitJerry Bangs5thU-6Miss Madison (3)112.03386.166
7/6/1975MadisonJerry Bangs8thU-6Miss Madison (3)102.975
7/13/1975DaytonJerry Bangs5thU-6Miss Madison (3)98.76583.319
7/27/1975Tri-CitiesJerry Bangs4thU-6Hamm’s Beer106.89897.658
8/3/1975SeattleJerry BangsDNFU-6Hamm’s Beer109.091
9/14/1975PhoenixJerry Bangs4thU-6Hamm’s Beer100.250
9/21/1975San DiegoJerry Bangs4thU-6Hamm’s Beer104.40894.432
19746/2/1974MaimiMilner Irvin3rdU-6Miss Madison (3)104.046
6/9/1974WashingtonMilner Irvin7thU-6Miss Madison (3)Qual.
6/16/1974OwensboroMilner Irvin6thU-6Miss Madison (3)109.756
6/30/1974DetroitMilner Irvin7thU-6Miss Madison (3)118.881
7/21/1974Tri-CitiesMilner Irvin10thU-6Miss Madison (3)101.810
8/4/1974SeattleMilner Irvin6thU-6Miss Madison (3)101.352
9/1/1974DaytonMilner Irvin5thU-6Miss Madison (3)Qual.
10/13/1974MadisonMilner Irvin3rdU-6Miss Madison (3)108.95989.07@
10/20/1974JacksonvilleMilner Irvin3rdU-6Miss Madison (3)Qual.99.214
19735/20/1973MaimiCharlie Dunn6thU-6Miss Madison (3)105.202
6/3/1973WashingtonCharlie Dunn5thU-6Miss Madison (3)Qual.79.929
6/17/1973OwensboroTom Sheehy9thU-6Miss Madison (3)103.826
7/1/1973DetroitTom Sheehy7thU-6Miss Madison (3)100.371
7/8/1973MadisonTom Sheehy6thU-6Miss Madison (3)103.036
7/22/1973Tri-CitiesTom Sheehy6thU-6Miss Madison (3)104.529
8/5/1973SeattleTom Sheehy9thU-6Miss Madison (3)112.737
9/2/1973ToledoTom Sheehy8thU-6Miss Madison (3)101.018
9/9/1973DetroitTom Sheehy7thU-6Miss Madison (3)112.366
19726/4/1972MaimiCharlie Dunn5thU-6Miss Madison (3)103.750
6/11/1972OwensboroCharlie Dunn3rdU-6Miss Madison (3)101.032100.858
6/25/1972DetroitCharlie DunnDNQU-6Miss Madison (3)DNQ
19715/23/1971MaimiJim Mccormick2ndU-6Miss Madison (2)103.04786.643
6/6/1971WashingtonJim Mccormick2ndU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.99.876
6/13/1971OwensboroJim Mccormick3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)97.88298.653
6/27/1971DetroitJim Mccormick6thU-6Miss Madison (2)109.257
7/4/1971MadisonJim Mccormick1stU-6Miss Madison (2)99.66898.520
7/25/1971Tri-CitiesJim Mccormick1stU-6Miss Madison (2)101.72498.624
8/8/1971SeattleJim Mccormick9thU-6Miss Madison (2)102.675
8/15/1971EugeneJim Mccormick2ndU-6Miss Madison (2)105.64399.13@
9/26/1971DallasJim Mccormick3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.92.56@
19706/28/1970DetroitJim Mccormick10thU-6Miss Madison (2)105.882
7/5/1970MadisonJim Mccormick5thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.81.914
7/19/1970Tri-CitiesJim Mccormick3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.91.661
8/2/1970SeattleJim Mccormick4thU-6Miss Madison (2)112.50095.468
9/20/1970San DiegoJim Mccormick3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)108.434100.249
19696/8/1969GuntersvilleJim Mccormick5thU-6Miss Madison (2)96.774
6/15/1969OwensboroJim Mccormick6thU-6Miss Madison (2)102.623
6/29/1969DetroitJim Mccormick4thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.93.071
7/6/1969MadisonJim Mccormick3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.89.413
19686/2/1968GuntersvilleEd O’Halloran7thU-6Miss Madison (2)99.118
6/16/1968MadisonEd O’Halloran7thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
7/7/1968MadisonEd O’Halloran12thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
9/8/1968DetroitEd O’Halloran11thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
19676/11/1967Tampa BayEd O’Halloran2ndU-6Miss Madison (2)97.82689.562
7/2/1967DetroitEd O’HalloranDNFU-6Miss Madison (2)105.058
7/9/1967MadisonEd O’Halloran13thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
19666/12/1966Tampa BayJim Mccormick3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)98.79385.062
6/18/1966WashingtonJim MccormickDNFU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
7/4/1966DetroitJim Mccormick8thU-6Miss Madison (2)104.752
7/24/1966Tri-CitiesJim Mccormick8thU-6Miss Madison (2)103.211
8/7/1966SeattleJim Mccormick7thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.93.243
8/14/1966Coeur D’AleneJim Mccormick9thU-6Miss Madison (2)107.356
9/4/1966MadisonJim Mccormick4thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.93.490
9/25/1966San DiegoJim Mccormick10thU-6Miss Madison (2)108.433
10/2/1966FolsomJim Mccormick12thU-6Miss Madison (2)104.773
19656/27/1965GuntersvilleBuddy Byers1stU-6Miss Madison (2)107.785102.746
7/11/1965Coeur D’AleneBuddy Byers5thU-6Miss Madison (2)104.65190.216
7/18/1965New TownBuddy ByersU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
8/8/1965SeattleBuddy Byers6thU-6Miss Madison (2)115.139
8/15/1965OgdenBuddy Byers3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)103.64797.956
8/29/1965DetroitBuddy Byers7thU-6Miss Madison (2)105.675
9/5/1965MadisonBuddy Byers9thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
9/25/1965StatelineBuddy Byers4thU-6Miss Madison (2)111.63192.302
10/3/1965San DiegoBuddy Byers2ndU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.102.086
19646/21/1964GuntersvilleBuddy Byers2ndU-6Miss Madison (2)105.88295.519
7/5/1964DetroitBuddy Byers4thU-6Miss Madison (2)113.24797.579
7/26/1964New TownBuddy Byers2ndU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.101.720
8/2/1964Coeur D’AleneBuddy Byers3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.103.886
8/9/1964SeattleBuddy Byers3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.100.546
9/6/1964MadisonBuddy Byers3rdU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.101.932
9/13/1964WashingtonBuddy Byers2ndU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.102.584
9/27/1964StatelineBuddy Byers7thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
10/4/1964San DiegoBuddy Byers4thU-6Miss Madison (2)110.665104.462
19637/7/1963DetroitMOrlan ViselDNQU-6Miss Madison (1)DNQ
9/1/1963MadisonBuddy Byers5thU-6Miss Madison (2)
9/14/1963WashingtonBuddy Byers6thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
9/29/1963StatelineBuddy Byers6thU-6Miss Madison (2)Qual.
19628/5/1962SeattleMarion Cooper6thU-6Miss Madison (1)106.090
8/26/1962DetroitMarion Cooper4thU-6Miss Madison (1)Qual.83.518
9/2/1962MadisonMarion Cooper3rdU-6Miss Madison (1)Qual.93.897
19616/25/1961DetroitMarion Cooper5thU-6Miss Madison (1)93.91384.959
8/5/1961SeattleMarion Cooper1stU-6Miss Madison (1)101.88799.350
9/10/1961DetroitMarion CooperDSQU-6Miss Madison (1)
9/17/1961WashingtonMarion Cooper5thU-6Miss Madison (1)Qual.92.408
10/1/1961MadisonMarion Cooper4thU-6Miss Madison (1)Qual.96.320
Dan Hoover
Dan HooverCrew Chief
Dan Hoover:
Dan Hoover’s racing career started in 1996 when he purchased a Pro Stock flat bottom boat from Al LaPointe (Security Race Products) and Jim Codling (racer, Official).

A short time later Dan was hired to assist with the turbine engine and dynamometer testing program for the new Appian Graphics Jeronimo team by former Unlimited hydroplane driver and Appian Crew Chief John Walters. In 2001, Dan moved to the Las Vegas, Nevada area and joined Kim Gregory’s U.S.A. Racing Partners U-10 unlimited team. Dan was in charge of the engine program, learned hull repair and race set-up. In 2004, Dan became Crew Chief.

In 2005, he moved to Florida to work for Mystic Power Boats where he was Crew Chief and test driver for the factory turbine-powered race catamarans. During this time he oversaw construction and rigging of the race cats and a 70 foot express yacht.

While Dan was “away” from the Unlimiteds, his talents were still in high demand in the sport. In 2006, Dan assisted the U-7 Formula Boats.com II unlimited hydroplane team as they won their first National Championship at San Diego’s Bayfair. In subsequent years, Dan was offered other Crew Chief positions, but waited for the right fit.

In 2013, he returned to unlimited racing with the Decatur, Indiana-based Graham Trucking U-5 Unlimited team, winning the World and Season championship.

In 2014, Dan joined the Miss Madison team, winning the H1 Unlimited National High Points Championship and APBA Gold Cup in 2014 and 2015. With the Madison team, he has had a number of different responsibilities, including propellers, shore to cockpit radio communications and engine / gearbox “on deck”.

Dan’s promotion to Crew Chief is another example of the team developing its “bench strength” from within. Dan has relocated to his new home of Madison, Indiana and looks forward to working with the community to develop the volunteer base of the #HomeStreetBank crew!

U-1 Miss HomeStreetCrew
  • Nick Bononcini
  • Richard Dunn
  • Jimmy Gilbert
  • Karl Hemfort
  • Trey Holt
  • Mark Hooton
  • Cindy Shirley
  • Matt Sontag
HomeStreet Bank - Seattle, WA
HomeStreet Bank - Seattle, WAPrimary Sponsor
HomeStreet Bank:
Based in Seattle, HomeStreet Bank is one of the largest community banks headquartered in Washington. HomeStreet began in 1921 as Continental Mortgage and Loan Company, initially offering financing for commercial real estate and home mortgages. HomeStreet evolved into a full service bank in 1986, further expanding its products and services in 2000 to include business banking and lending. HomeStreet Bank is consistently recognized by the federal government as “Outstanding” under the Community Reinvestment Act.

Community involvement has always been a high priority for HomeStreet. HomeStreet’s primary area of community focus is housing. HomeStreet supports community organizations by creating active partnerships through providing leadership, hands-on service, expertise and financial support. HomeStreet also participates in innovative home loan programs that make subsidies and incentives available to low- and moderate-income homebuyers.

  • Team Website: www.missmadisonhydro.com
  • Founded: 1961
  • Home Port: Madison, IN
  • Boat Colors: Blue/White
  • Primary Sponsor: HomeStreet Bank
  • Builder: Madison
  • Engine Builder: Dan Hoover
  • Public Relations: Mark Hooton
  • Hull Built: 2007
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • 2016 Boat Points: 8424
  • 2016 Driver Points: 8424
  • 2016 Season Finish: 1st