H1 2016 Mobile App

For 2016, H1 Unlimited will connect with our fans and partners in a way we have never attempted: via a FREE web app that will allow us to supply more information quicker than ever before directly to your mobile device. We plan on publishing race results, video links, photos, schedule changes and other timely info that will impact your enjoyment of our events, involving you more immediately in the excitement that is H1 Unlimited.

In addition, the app will be EXTREMELY simple to share with friends, family, co-workers or anyone that you’d like to share your love of with H1 Unlimited racing with! When you hit the “SHARE” button, you’ll be able to send the app using any method your mobile device allows, such as text message, email or even QR code! Make sure you share the app as much as possible to get everyone involved!

The H1 2016 app will work on Apple or Android phones and tablets and is free to download and to use. It will be updated in real time from each race site so you will have race results within minutes of the end of each heat. When we get spectacular video from our onboard cameras, we’ll post clips right away. If our schedule changes, you’ll know it as soon as we do.

At right is a fully functional version of the app, with the same operation you will get on your mobile device. All of the links are active, but phone & text links work best on your mobile device.

REMEMBER: Once you have installed the app, be sure and share it with all of your friends, family & co-workers so everyone can follow the H1 Unlimited circuit this summer! 

Installation on Apple Devices:

  • Visit the iTunes store and search for “H1 Unlimited”
  • Or, click this link to view in the Apple App Store
  •  Install the “H1 2016” app
  • Once you have installed the app, share it with all of your friends, family & co-workers so everyone can follow the H1 Unlimited circuit this summer! 

Installation on Android Devices:

  • Using your phone, either click the link: http://goo.gl/HhM4dS, manually enter this address in your browser, or scan the QR Code at right – this will present a link to install H1 Unlimited 2016 on your mobile device.
  • Click the link and it will present a graphic with an “INSTALL” button as shown at right. Click “INSTALL
  • AppSheet is the host app and you will be asked to install it. Install the AppSheet by hitting the “GO” button.
  • The AppSheet app will install, then cycle to a login screen – NOTE: IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO LOGIN
  • It will then cycle to the installation of the H1 2016 app. Once it is done installing, it will automatically open the H1 2016 app.
  • Once you have installed the app, share it with all of your friends, family & co-workers so everyone can follow the H1 Unlimited circuit this summer! 

Using the App:

The H1 Unlimited app is designed to be easy to use, to provide as much background material as possible about our sport, and most of all, provide timely information such as news, video clips, heat finishes, points totals and schedule changes. Please note that the layout of the app may change from the off-season layout to a different layout once we start racing – some sections may change locations or be deleted, and other sections may be added.

Every time you open the app, it will sync with the server, insuring you have up-to-date information. During the course of the race weekend, you should make a point of syncing it on a regular basis to make sure you get the latest news, results, videos and other information as it’s being updated.

Here’s what the app has to offer and how to move around in it:

The app is similar to any app you are currently using, with the same locations and controls, but there is a lot of information lurking behind this simple interface! Here are the parts of our app and what you can expect to do and see in each section:

  1. “Hamburger Menu”: This drops down the main menu on the left side of the screen
  2. Search button: Very powerful way to search and filter
  3. Hydros 101: All aspects of Unlimited racing explained in detail.
  4. Media Coverage: Links to online video streaming, print and other online media coverage of our events.
  5. H1 Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc. of H1 and all drivers, teams and race sites.
  6. Photos & Videos: Links to the last five years of H1 photos and onboard videos online.
  7. Sponsors: Please support those that help bring the sport we love to your shores!
  8. H1 Drivers: Bios of our H1 Unlimited drivers.
  9. H1 Teams: Bios of our H1 Unlimited teams.
  10. Podiums: See who stood on the podium at each race since the 2000 season.
  11. 2015 High Points: Points tally from last season.
  12. 2000-2015 Results: Every heat result since 2000! With over 2500 video links!
  13. Links: Fantasy Hydro league, APBA, Hydro History and Radio Controlled hydroplane links.
  14. Credits: Thanks to all who contributed to this project
  15. About: Additional information about the app
  16. Share: The most powerful button in the app! Sends an install link to your contacts, so you can share the app with friends, family, co-workers, etc. – it’s as simple as sending a text message! The app is FREE, so please share with everyone you know!
  17. H1 Events: List of all upcoming events, including boat and driver appearances, special events, promotions and races. Basically, if we know about it, you’l know about it!
  18. News: This will contain the latest news from the world of H1 Unlimited
  19. 2016 Races: Links to maps, driving directions, event schedules, phone numbers, etc. for all races on the 2016 calendar.
  20. Sync: This button re-syncs the app, grabbing any new information that has been posted since you last opened it.

  • Schedule: The current race schedule. We intend to have the latest current race schedule updated in the app at all times.
  • Heat Assignments & Results: We’ll post the heat assignments and race results as quickly as possible after each heat.
  • 2016 High Points: Points tracker will fill in as points are scored in each heat.
  • Merchandise: We’ll have links to H1 gear you can purchase through the app

Please note that some sections may be added or deleted during the racing season. Hitting the “SYNC” button will always be necessary to retrieve the latest data.


  • The most powerful feature by far is the inclusion of our video library – the “2000-2015 Results” tab has links to every onboard video we’ve shot and every clip that we could find on the internet! That’s almost 3000 video links! Simply view any result, and if there’s video of any sort, we’ll have a link to it!
  • In the “2016 Races” page, click on the race you want to visit, then the map pin, and you can get driving directions and drive times, so there’s no excuse not to come to our races!
  • In the “Social Media” section, all of our drivers and teams use Facebook & Twitter, so here you can find out what really happened during a heat…
  • Hydros 101” is guaranteed to teach you something you didn’t know about H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing – check it out!
  • When we’re racing, stay on track with the “Schedule” button – you’ll know when every heat is scheduled to run!
  • When we’re racing, “Results” will usually have the Official Results of each heat posted within 15 minutes of the end of the heat, so you’ll know who won when we do!
  • The “2000-2015 Results” section gives you very powerful search tools. IMPORTANT: Hit “ALL” at the top of the year list, then search:
    • Want to see your favorite driver’s results?  Type the name and their results for every event will be shown, along with links to any video we have showing that driver in each heat! (Below – LEFT)
    • Want to see who’s flipped? Search for “flip”. (CENTER)
    • Want to see who raced in Heat 2B? Type in “2B” (RIGHT).

In other words, search for anything and the app will instantly find all instances of your search term.

Search Examples:

Search “2000-2015 Results” – show “All” then hit the Magnifying Glass: magnifying_glass