Billy & Jane Schumacher
Billy & Jane SchumacherOwners

A boat racer since the age of 9, William F. Schumacher III–better known as Billy–is rightly regarded as one of racing’s most respected champions, having achieved success in everything from JU Outboards to Unlimited hydroplanes.

As a driver, Billy is perhaps best remembered for his back-to-back season championships with Ole Bardahl’s MISS BARDAHL in 1967 and 1968.

Billy also won  the High Point Driver Championship in 1967 and 1968 with MISS BARDAHL and in 1975 with WEISFIELD’S.

Schumacher retired from competition in 1976. At the time of his retirement, Billy was second only to Bill Muncey in total wins in the Unlimited Class with seventeen.

Over the next thirty years, Schumacher concentrated on business interests. But he never strayed far from the Thunderboats. In association with the Hydroplane And Raceboat Museum of Seattle, Billy several times took the wheel of the restored 1958 MISS BARDAHL in vintage hydroplane exhibitions.

Schumacher Racing was formed in 2006 by two-time Gold Cup trophy winner and three-time National Champion former driver, Billy Schumacher and his wife Jane after they purchased the race team assets of Bill Wurster’s U-8 Racing. Based in the Seattle neighborhood of Magnolia, the team has four victories. Three in 2006 with Jean Theoret driving, including the Gold Cup Trophy and World Championship Trophy. The teams forth victory came back in 2008, again with Theoret driving. Schumacher Racing’s past drivers include: Jean Theoret (2006-2009), J.W. Myers (2009-2010), Jon Zimmerman (2010), and J. Michael Kelly (2011-13) and Dave Villwock (2014).

YearDateCityDriverFinishBoat #Boat NameQual.Race
20147/27/2014Tri-CitiesDave Villwock8thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)153.927
8/3/2014SeattleDave Villwock12thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)DNQ
20132/12/2013DohaJ. Michael Kelly5thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)137.965
6/2/2013FolsomJ. Michael Kelly3rdU-37Performance Chevrolet142.574125.501
7/7/2013MadisonJ. Michael KellyCancelledU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)
7/14/2013DetroitJ. Michael Kelly7thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)151.466
7/28/2013Tri-CitiesJ. Michael Kelly10thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)151.778
8/4/2013SeattleJ. Michael Kelly4thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)143.595131.872
9/1/2013Coeur D’AleneJ. Michael Kelly5thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)142.399119.614
9/15/2013San DiegoJ. Michael Kelly7thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)157.290
20127/8/2012MadisonJ. Michael Kelly11thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)C.0 (3)
7/15/2012DetroitJ. Michael Kelly3rdU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)152.497
7/29/2012Tri-CitiesJ. Michael Kelly2ndU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)149.263143.772
8/5/2012SeattleJ. Michael Kelly7thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)143.549122.511
9/16/2012San DiegoJ. Michael Kelly11thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)140.728
1/12/2013DohaJ. Michael Kelly6thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (6)131.394
20117/3/2011MadisonJ. Michael KellyDNSU-88Degree Men (2)DNQ
7/10/2011DetroitJ. Michael Kelly4thU-88Degree Men (2)148.229131.223
7/31/2011Tri-CitiesJ. Michael Kelly5thU-88Degree Men (2)148.299138.108
8/7/2011SeattleJ. Michael Kelly4thU-88Degree Men (2)144.487
9/18/2011San DiegoJ. Michael Kelly5thU-88Degree Men (2)152.019141.448
11/19/2011DohaJ. Michael Kelly7thU-88Degree Men (2)136.265117.233
20107/4/2010MadisonJ.W. Myers3rdU-37Peters & May (1)150.360128.663
7/11/2010DetroitJ.W. Myers11thU-37Peters & May (1)156.600
7/25/2010Tri-CitiesJon Zimmerman6thU-37Peters & May (2)150.763
8/8/2010SeattleJon Zimmerman6thU-37Peters & May (2)141.359112.932
9/19/2010San DiegoJon Zimmerman5thU-37Degree Men (1)143.449127.286
11/20/2010DohaJ.W Myers7thU-37Peters & May (2)125.825102.620
20097/5/2009MadisonJean Theoret11thU-37Miss Bello’s Pizza (3)151.042
7/12/2009DetroitJ.W. Myers7thU-37Miss D.Y.C. (4)148.349
7/26/2009Tri-CitiesJ.W. Myers3rdU-37Hoss Mortgage Investors (2)154.469138.167
8/2/2009SeattleTheoret (Q&1 )Myers (2-F)3rdU-37Hoss Mortgage Investors (2)150.379135.702
8/23/2009EvansvilleJean Theoret8thU-37Renton Coil Springs148.484
11/21/2009DohaJean Theoret4thU-37Peters & May (1)137.654123.339
20086/29/2008EvansvilleJean Theoret1stU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)152.743121.836
7/6/2008MadisonJean Theoret4thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)153.888120.182
7/13/2008DetroitJean TheoretNo ContestU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)159.150
7/27/2008Tri-CitiesJean Theoret7thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)159.145
8/1/2008SeattleJean Theoret5thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)152.419128.534
9/20/2008San DiegoJean Theoret2ndU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)159.769144.743
20077/1/2007EvansvilleJean Theoret2ndU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)157.287
7/8/2007MadisonJean Theoret4thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)154.416123.615
7/15/2007DetroitJean Theoret9thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)160.089
7/29/2007Tri-CitiesJean Theoret7thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)158.559127.264
8/5/2007SeattleJean Theoret7thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)150.316
9/16/2007San DiegoJean Theoret3rdU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)163.371
20066/25/2006EvansvilleJean Theoret8thU-37Miss Seattle (3)148.087
7/2/2006MadisonJean Theoret5thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)No Speeds137.354
7/9/2006ValleyfieldJean Theoret3rdU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)111.630
7/16/2006DetroitJean Theoret1stU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)159.006116.855
7/30/2006Tri-CitiesJean Theoret4thU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)158.083137.150
8/6/2006SeattleJean Theoret1stU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)152.807133.455
9/17/2006San DiegoJean Theoret1stU-37Miss Beacon Plumbing (4)162.223
  • Founded: 2006
  • Home Port: Seattle, WA
  • Boat Colors: Yellow/Red
  • Builder: Ron Jones, Jr./Schumacher Racing
  • Designer: Ron Jones, Jr.
  • Hull Built: 2011
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • 2014 Boat Points: 375
  • 2014 Driver Points: 375
  • 2014 Season Finish: 12th