H1 Unlimited Writer’s Panel Volume 16 – Design Innovations

Innovation has played an integral part throughout the sport’s history. In your opinion, which creative designs have made the largest impact in H1 Unlimited racing today?

Craig Fjarlie (Unlimited News Journal Writer & H1 Unlimited Volunteer)

In the years since World War […]

H1 Unlimited Writer’s Panel Volume 14 – Showdown Format

In 2022, H1 Unlimited introduced the Showdown as a Saturday race format. How did you like the concept and should H1 Unlimited bring it back for the 2024 season?

Craig Fjarlie (Unlimited News Journal Writer & H1 Unlimited Volunteer)

I think the […]

Billy Schumacher: 1942-2023

All of those involved in the sport of H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing are saddened to hear the news of the passing of Billy Schumacher, one of boat racing’s greatest champions. He […]

Super Crewman: Tommy Alfano

Tommy Alfano

The sport of H1 Unlimited Hydroplane racing relies on lots of things to run successfully: money (and lots of it), technology (same), and most importantly, people. All of the […]

H1 Unlimited Writer’s Panel Volume 10 – 2023 Season Memories

The 2023 season is now complete following J. Michael Kelly’s thrilling Gold Cup victory that earned him the National High Points Championship. What were your favorite moments of the 2023 season?

Craig Fjarlie (Unlimited News Journal Writer & H1 Unlimited Volunteer)

There […]

Tech Talk: Skidfin Setup

By Nelson Holmberg – Skid fin technician – U-40 Flav-R-Pac

It’s just a 300-pound slab of steel that hangs off the back of the left sponson, and helps hold an arc in the […]

A Recent History: HomeStreet Bank Cup

For over seventy years, the H1 Unlimited series has raced on Seattle’s Lake Washington. Home to several drivers, crews, and teams, the Emerald City has a rich tradition in the sport. Seattle first hosted a race in 1951, following Ted […]

H1 Hydros Headed To Seattle For Biggest Event Of The Season

SEATTLE — The 2023 H1 Unlimited Racing Series will wrap up this weekend in Seattle with not only the sport’s most prestigious trophy on the line, but the national championship, as well. The world’s fastest race boats will compete in […]

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