H1 Unlimited “Prop” Quiz Week 8: Jimmy King

For the 2018 season, we’re going to have some fun and try to stump our drivers, owners and crew chiefs with a “Prop Quiz”, designed to find out who has the most hydroplane trivia dancing around in their brain!

We will release new videos at least once a week (Tuesdays at noon Pacific Time), if not more, and we will crown our Champion at San Diego Bayfair!

The series is produced by Tait & Jared Meyer for H1 Unlimited.

Week 8: Jimmy King

Week 1: Andrew Tate

Week 2: Tom Thompson

Week 3: Jimmy Shane

Week 4: Brian Perkins

Week 5: J. Michael Kelly

Week 6: Dustin Echols

Week 7: Aaron Salmon

August 14th, 2018|