2018 Boat Roster Update

Courtesy of Hydro News:

As of January 2018

U-1 Miss Madison Racing….Work on the 7th addition of the Miss M is in progress in Tukwila, WA, and scheduled to be back in the Madison, Indiana race shop to be completed. The goal is to have all the hardware installed in the new boat, and for all parts to be identical with the the hull used since 2007. The team hopes to be ready for the 2018 season, with testing (both hulls) in the annual Tri Cities test session in June.

U-2 Detroit Unlimited….Driver and boat builder, Bert Henderson, has this hull (known to most as the Miss Trendwest) in his shop in Ontario, Canada. Along with Jamie Auld, they are putting this hull on a “serious diet”. They also report it balances nicely from left to right. Henderson says they hope to test in May along with the U-7, with a site not yet announced. Owner Dave Bartush said last year the team will race the entire 2018 H1 tour. Word is the team will choose between the U-2 and U-7 as the hull they will use.

U-3 Go3 Racing Team….Ed Cooper and team are on schedule with their winter offseason program. All Allison’s they used in 2017 have been overhauled, or in the process, and work on the hull will start in the spring. New decking in a few areas on the hull, as well as fixing damage incurred while racing are the team’s project before the season begins. Sponsorship will dictate which races the 3 will compete in this summer.

U-7 Detroit Unlimited…..Dave Bartush purchased the T-5 from Ted Porter last summer, and brought in Champion HRL Grand Prix driver Bert Henderson as his driver. In the start to the Gold Cup final, Henderson was involved in a accident. The cockpit lid was ripped off the boat. That damage needs to be repaired. Some experts in hydroplane boat building say it’s a tough repair, as no two capsules are the same, and the fit of a new lid will be extremely tough. No word from the team on how any repairs are coming with the lid.

U-9 Jones Racing…..The offseason has been a quiet one for the oldest hull in the fleet. After many major modifications to the U-9 the last several winters, the team appears to be poised for a championship points run in 2018.

U-11 Unlimited Racing Group…..The big offseason news has been the announcement of J&D’s as the title sponsor for the team for the 2nd straight year, and Reliable Diamond Tool as associate sponsor for the entire season. The crew is doing routine maintenance on the hull, as well as work on the T-4. The goal is to have a backup and display hull for their use.

U-12 U-12 Racing, LLC……After a successful 2017 season, which was the first for new owner Rob Graham, a quiet offseason was a must for the team. The hull had major modifications done to it during the winter of 2016-17.

U-16 Ellstrom Racing……All quiet on the hydroplane front, while the Ellstrom’s focus on their desert off road racing team. The only mention of the U-16 was a January post stating the ’18 race schedule for the team has not been confirmed yet. And that’s it as far as the status of the U-16.

U-21 Go Fast Turn Left Racing…..A brand new hull appears to be hitting the water in 2018. After sitting in the O’Farrell’s shop for several years unfinished, the team announced in September the hull would be completed and raced this summer. They also said three Lycoming T55’s were sent to Competition Specialties for maintenance and new props ordered.

U-27 Wiggins Racing……Another team that’s been awfully quiet this winter. After testing in Guntersville, and racing in Madison, the U-27 was done for the summer. They did pull out their Grand Prix hull and raced in Evansville on Labor Day weekend. Charley Wiggins was vocal about the way the sport was being run, so we’re not sure of their status in 2018. Driver Cal Phipps did tweet in late December that he was couldn’t wait for the ’18 GNH, GP and H1 season. So, take that for what it’s worth.

U-99.9 Leland Unlimited…..The status for this team is a huge question mark for 2018. A blowover in Detroit left the team’s only remaining hull damaged. We haven’t heard much from the team since. Hydro News is working to find out what’s going on with the team and if we’ll see them on the water this summer.

440 Bucket List Racing…..The BLR shop has been a busy one this winter. The bright orange hull had lots of work to the hull done, including new running surfaces, air traps and a new shaft log. Damage from last year has been repaired and the props are being refreshed as well.

Other notables—

U-8 Racing Team….. No recent work has been done on this hull or progress regarding this team. Owner Eric Christensen last reported to Hydro News the Wankel-based rotary powerplant planned for this team was being re-engineered for full production to support any racing endeavors.

U-10 USA Racing…..Now in the possession of Joe Little. Last raced in 2012. Many of the parts have been sold off.

U-14 Centurion Racing…..All indications are this team will not get wet in 2018. Sponsorship and funding for a team introducing a new powerplant concept (Devel V-16) is always a major hurdle.

U-22 Webster Racing…..Once a turn key race operation, owner Steve Webster has sold off components of the team since they last raced in 2015. The team is still for sale.

U-37 Schumacher Racing…..At last check, the hull is still being stored in upstate New York, and has been since returning from Qatar in 2014. As one of the newer hulls, built in 2011, it is still for sale.

U-57 …..Last raced in the Gold Cup in 2016 by Dave Bartush.

***Information provided by team Facebook posts and the Hydro News staff.

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