New H1 Promo Video By GoPro

GoPro1 copy


During the 2014 season, H1 began a new relationship with GoPro. Under the direction of H1 Video Coordinator Walt Ottenad, the program is yielding spectacular results.

GoPro is supplying the series with cameras and related equipment that our team has used to capture the dramatic footage you have been viewing all season.

After seeing the footage, the team at GoPro has become very excited about the beauty and spectacle that is Unlimited Hydroplane Racing and H1’s relationship with the company is expanding. This says a lot considering the wide range of spectacular sports where GoPro has involvement.

Using the footage captured throughout the season, GoPro has put together a feature that is one of the more dramatic and beautiful pieces the sport has ever seen. The H1 Promo Video began airing on the GoPro Channel on YouTube November 13th and was viewed over 100,000 times the first day.

Thanks to Walt Ottenad & Lisa Courneya for a season of hard work that has really paid off and thanks to the folks at GoPro for your new found enthusiasm for the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Series.

November 14th, 2014|