18 Bucket List Racing

18 Bucket List Racing

Kelly Stocklin has acquired the former G Boat which he leased from Joe Fraunheim in 2012 and qualified as an Unlimited.  Stocklin plans to run the boat on the 2014 H1 Unlimited Circuit, making at least the Western  races in  Tri-Cities, Seattle, Coeur d”Alene and San Diego.

Stocklin powered the boat with a Lycoming T-53 Turbine engine producing about 1400 horsepower on a special dispensation from H1 Unlimited.  The slightly smaller, lighter boat was able to achieve average speeds above 130 mph with the less powerful turbine and looked very good in doing so.

Stocklin also qualified as an Unlimited Driver in the 2012 season and will do the driving in 2014.

More news to follow.

May 20th, 2014|