Folsom Lake Too Dry For 2014

Folsom Lake CropOfficials of H1 Unlimited, the series that brought Unlimited Hydroplane racing back to Sacramento in 2013 after a 45 year absence, have announced that the low water level in Folsom Lake has forced them to abandon plans to return in 2014.

In a brief statement, H1 Chairman Sam Cole, a Sacramento resident said, “It is very disappointing to have to abandon our effort to return in 2014.  The response we got from fans and the Sacramento media during our return last season was very positive and we were encouraged by discussions with potential promoters and sponsors we had about racing in Sacramento again in 2014.”

Folsom Pits 2013

The same boat ramp in 2013

Cole added, “It’s not about Folsom Lake being too shallow, it is literally too small to accommodate our pit area and a two-mile race course, but we will continue with our planning and hope for better conditions for a return in 2015.”

In the race held in May of 2013, Unlimited Hydroplanes reached speeds nearing 200 mph on the lake in the event won by veteran driver Steve David of Lighthouse Point, Florida in the 1 Oh Boy! Oberto.  David retired as one of the winningest drivers in the history of the sport following the season.

Cole concluded, “Again, we want to thank the Sacramento area sponsors, media and fans for the tremendous welcome back we got last season and we will continue the effort to return again in the future when conditions allow.”


January 27th, 2014|