January 27, 2020

 H1 Competition Committee / Board of Directors Update

The American Boat Racing Association (H1) announced its starting procedures for 2020, implementing a new GPS recording system to monitor the Minimum Speed (on-plane) rule during the 5-minute warm-up period and eliminating the on-board strobe light system previously used for that purpose.

H1 Unlimited intends to commission Racepak® Data Systems (a Holley® brand) to design and build all-new recording units to record each boat’s GPS speed, as well as all turbine-powered boats’ N2 RPM and Fuel Flow. The data will be analyzed post-race and within the H1 Rule Book’s time limits for announcing the winning boat.

According to Kelly Stocklin, Rules Committee Chairman: “These improvements should allow H1 Officials to concentrate on enforcement of the Racing Rules.”

The Minimum Speed rule had been adopted by H1 to assure a fair starting procedure and to reduce equipment damage caused by the “park and start” practices of the turbine-era.

The H1 Rules and Competition Committee set out last fall to craft a solution to the starting issues experienced during the 2019 racing season.  After collecting input from the various stakeholders and interviewing several potential technology partners, the Committee agreed on their final strategy prior to year-end; submitting their recommendation to amend current Rule 4D (Procedures for Starting a Race) at the first H1 Board meeting of 2020.  The rule change and equipment acquisition were considered by the H1 Board and passed/authorized 7 days later at a special meeting specifically held for that purpose.

The Rules and Competition Committee continues to look to improve the H1 Rule Book and H1 Racing, with the Board’s direction to be ever mindful of enhancing the fan experience.

In other news regarding the H1 Board:  Mike Jones was re-elected to a one-year term, Shannon Raney, a two-year term, and Michael McMorrow, Director of Creative & Programing and Executive Producer of the Seafair™ Weekend TV Broadcast, joined the Board for a two-year term.   Tim Austin (Chairman of the Board), Doug Southern (Treasurer) and Kelly Stocklin (Chairman or the Rules and Competition Committee) were re-elected to those positions and are beginning the second year of their two-year terms as Directors.