1961 Seafair Race Video

We received an email from a video archivist in the Los Angeles area alerting us to some footage that looks like it was shot at the 1961 World Championship, held in Seattle, WA. The event featured three separate races, with the World Championship decided in the final heat of the event:

World Championship:
1st Ron Musson Miss Bardahl U-40
2nd Bill Muncey Miss Centruy 21 U-60
3rd Russ Schleeh Miss Reno U-00
4th Rex Manchester Miss Spokane U-25
5th Dallas Sartz Miss Seattle Too U-47
DNF Bill Cantrell Gale V U-55
DNF Don Wilson Miss U. S. I U-2
DNQ Bob Gilliam Fascination II U-44
Seafair Queen’s Trophy :
Bob Gilliam Fascination U-88
2nd Billy Schumacher Miss Tool Crib U-5
3rd Bob Miller Cutie Radio U-1230-9
Seafair Trophy:
1st Marion Cooper Miss Madison U-6
2nd Chuck Hickling Tempest U-4
3rd Red Loomis $ Bill U-21
4th Bob Larsen Fascination I U-77
Race results courtesy Jim Sharkey


The video is very high quality, bright and relatively sharp, and contains various crowd and “atmosphere” shots and some racing footage. Although it contains a “Getty Images” watermark and no audio, there are some spectacular shots of some very famous race boats running “pedal to the metal”:

U-40 Miss Bardahl Driver: Ron MussonU-6 Miss Madison Driver: Marion CooperU-21 $ Bill Driver: Red Loomis
Miss BardahlMiss Madison$Bill

This is a composite of all the videos strung together (note that each clip shown at the original link listed below is slightly sharper & brighter):

To investigate these clips further or to order copies, here are the original links:


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