Milt & Charley Wiggins Purchase Unlimited

17 cropNate Brown, principal owner of the Our Gang Racing team has announced sale of the team’s Unlimited Hydroplane and support equipment to Milton and Charley Wiggins of Gadsden, Alabama.

In making the announcement, Brown said, “I couldn’t be happier than to be handing the operation over to old friends and great boat racers who will be a tremendous asset to the H1 Series. We have talked about this for a long time and I have always felt this is where they need to be. I am proud to be a part of bringing the Wiggins family into the sport and I think having a team based in Alabama will be great for H1.”

Charley and Nate

Charley Wiggins & Nate Brown
Our Gang Racing photo.

The father-son team has a long history of boat racing. Milton Wiggins started racing boats at age 16 and son Charley began driving boats prepared by his dad when he was 14. The popular pair shared race wins and championships as driver and engine builder in the inboard ranks up to the Unlimited Lights and the Grand Prix series.

In 2000, Charley Wiggins was tabbed to drive on the unlimited circuit for the Miss Madison Team. At Evansvile, he was injured when the hatch on the bottom of the boat broke. The same month, the family’s Unlimited Light blew over in Detroit and Charley retired from driving. He was replaced in the Miss Madison by Nate Brown for the remainder of that season.

Milton and Charley continued to be active in boat racing, most recently as owners of the GP 18 High Pressure. The new owners of the 17 will take delivery of the boat, truck, trailer, turbine engines and support equipment soon and hope to make the entire 2015 H1 Unlimited Tour. A driver has not been named but will be announced soon.

As part of the transaction, Brown becomes owner of the GP 18 and has not decided on the future of that boat. “It’s a beautiful race ready GP,” he said. “If there is a buyer out there who would like to go GP racing they should call me.”

Brown did not rule out the possibility of racing his new GP adding, “Some of the guys from our team are going to go racing with Milton and Charley. If some want Our Gang Racing to join Grand Prix West we can talk about it. The announcement that GPW and H1 are going to work together should help that series a lot.”

January 30th, 2015|