H1 Fleet Heads Home From Qatar

vesselphoto.svcThe H1 fleet has set sail from Qatar aboard two ships making their way out of the Arabian Gulf for the start of the trip home.

Three boats – 11 Peters & May, 12 Miss DiJulio and 100 Leland Unlimited are aboard the Maersk Detroit Bound for Charlotte where their tracks await them. These boats use Peters & May’s new rack system for the Oryx Cup and the trucks did not make the trip. They should reach Charlotte in mid-January.

The rest of the fleet is aboard the Liberty Promise, a Roll on-roll off vessel and will arrive in Jacksonville in early February along with the team transporters.

The Liberty Promise made a stop in Dubai and will take on cargo in Korea  before heading across the Pacific Ocean to Beaumont, Texas and then on to Jacksonville where they will be unloaded.

December 17th, 2014|