Revisions to the rule book for the 2012 H1 Unlimited racing season include changes to the procedure for declaring the winner of a shortened event and the addition of  GPS monitoring equipment to accurately track the position of each boat on the course.

The rule covering RESTARTS AND COMPLETED EVENTS  now reads –

(a)   In the event of a race stoppage in the Final Heat prior to completion of the third lap or one half of the scheduled laps, and a restart of the final heat is not possible, final order of finish is determined by total cumulative points, including Time Trial points. In the event of a tie, time trial speed will be the determining factor. The boat that caused the stoppage or was penalized for causing the stoppage will not be scored in the Final Heat and/or cannot be declared the winner on points.

The GPS units are included in section titled “Minimum Speed Limit Proposal” which reads as follows –


  • Set minimum speed limit of 100 MPH during 5 minute gun.
  • H1 supplies each team with a mandatory transmitter.
  • H1 has a minimum of two display screens. One on the Officials Tower, and one in the radio corral.
  •  This proposal will also eliminate the requirement of the “One Minute” score up buoy.

Penalty schedule:

  • When a boat travels less than the minimum speed limit for more than 5 seconds a 15 second penalty will be assessed to their heat time.
  • Continued violation for each five second interval or additional speed violations will result in additional 15 second penalties for a maximum of four penalties for a total of a one minute addition to their heat time.


  • All speed data from each boat in a heat will be displayed on at least two common screens. One on the Officials Tower, and one in the Corral for officials and spotters to monitor.
  • Each boat speed will be displayed at 50 MPH minimum and be no longer displayed once a speed of 150 MPH is reached.
  • Any time a boat falls below the minimum speed their data will either “Flash” or change color.

The complete 2012 Rule Book is available on the MEDIA tab on the H1 web site.