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Andrew Tate
Andrew TateDriver

Andrew Tate doesn’t need an Ancestry DNA or 23andMe genetics test and analysis to know racing boats is in his DNA. His great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and mother all raced boats. Now, as a fourth-generation boat racer, you could say Tate was born to drive hydroplanes because it is in his blood.

He began racing H1 Unlimited hydroplanes in 2016 where as a rookie he won his first winner-take-all final at the Albert Lee Appliance Cup in Seattle driving the U-9 Sound Propeller Service/Les Schwab Tire hydroplane. Four years into his young career, Tate has added eight race victories and one non-point exhibition race win to the family’s trophy case. One is the prestigious President’s Cup that he won in 2017 near his home in Walled Lake, Michigan.

The 2018 season proved to be the turning point for Tate: winning five of the six races on the H1 Unlimited circuit, he brought Jones Racing their first National Championship, including winning the 2018 APBA Gold Cup. In doing so, he joined his father Mark Tate as a Gold Cup and Unlimited National Champion .

Tate says his favorite thing about driving an H1 Unlimited hydroplane is “the fans, speed, prestige, the people involved in the sport and the sport’s history.

He knows a little thing about the sport’s history. Andrew’s father, Mark, who drove from 1990 to 2004, has 12 H1 Unlimited hydroplane victories including two American Power Boat Association Gold Cups and four H1 Unlimited national championships, and with son Andrew are one of only six other second-generation father-son combinations to race H1 Unlimited hydroplanes competitively.

The duo join other father-son driver lineage that includes Greg Hopp (son) and Jerry Hopp (father), Mitch and Mark Evans (sons) and Norm Evans (father), Larry (son) and Norm Lauterbach (father), Roger and Tom D’Eath (sons) and Al D’Eath (father), Billy Sterett Jr. and Terry Sterett (sons) and Bill Sterett (father), and Wil Muncey (son) and Bill Muncey (father).

Although Andrew’s grandfather Joe Tate did drive an H1 Unlimited hydroplane in 1996 and drove a 7-litre powered hydroplane until he was 70-years-old, he never qualified as an H1 Unlimited driver.

Like many of his H1 Unlimited hydroplane driving peers, Andrew began racing in the small wooden kneel-down outboard hydroplanes when he was just 9 years old. He graduated into the inboard hydroplane classes in 2006 and has since won nearly 100 races in various APBA hydroplane categories, including nine national championship titles, and has been inducted into the APBA’s Hall of Champions twice (2010 and 2016).

Mike & Lori Jones
Mike & Lori JonesOwners

In their 2018 Championship-winning season, Jones Racing’s biggest victory came in 2018 at the Detroit APBA Gold Cup racing for Delta/RealTrac with Andrew Tate driving.

Since the 1950s, Mike Jones has competed in every category of APBA racing. He’s driven everything from A Stock Outboards to Limited Inboards to Unlimiteds and has served as Chairman of the UIM Offshore Commission. Mike qualified as an Unlimited hydroplane driver in 1993 when he shared the ride in the U-55 with Dr. Ken Muscatel. As the winning owner of the 2001 APBA Gold Cup, Mike Jones became the first sitting APBA President to win the APBA’s top award since Jonathon Wainwright in 1907.

U-1 Jones Racing
U-1 Jones RacingCrew

Seph Parshall
Brian Gibb
Desi Gibb
James Geblein
Mark Bissett
Jeanette Bissett
Ryan Jones

Delta Gear/Realtrac ERP
Delta Gear/Realtrac ERP

Delta Research and Delta Gear manufacture R&D, Prototype and Production gearing for the Automotive and Aerospace industries including complete transmissions for hybrid electric, gas / diesel powered passenger vehicle and the heavy truck transportation industry worldwide. Delta also produces drive system gearing for US Army’s tracked and wheeled vehicles, prototype and development gears for the US Army’s new V-280 Valor Tilt Rotor Aircraft, including very complex 5 Axis machined components used on the US Navy’s new Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System designed to catapult F/A-18 Fighter jets safer and faster on the newest aircraft carriers.

Both Delta Research & Delta Gear have become the Automotive and Aerospace OEM’s “Go To” supplier of choice for fast turnaround proto type, development and production detail gearing, including spiral bevel gears, gearbox assemblies and complete drive systems. www.deltaresearch.com and www.delta-gear.com

A third Delta company, Realtrac Performance ERP Software, specializes in manufacturing software for small to mid-size machine shops, job shops and make to order manufacturers. The company was founded in the heart of a machine shop and has served the manufacturing industry for over three decades. Realtrac is used by thousands of machining suppliers across North America.

  • Team Website: U-9 Racing.com
  • Owners: Lori and Mike Jones, Lake Tapps, Wash.
  • Home Port: Enumclaw, WA
  • Boat Colors: White
  • Boat Builder: Ron Jones, Jr.
  • Primary Sponsor: Delta/RealTrac
  • Year Built: 1992
  • Length: 29′, 2″
  • Width: 14′, 4″
  • Weight: 6,900 lbs.
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • Team Victories [prior to the start of the season]: 11
  • 2019 Boat Points: 4357
  • 2019 Driver Points: 4357
  • 2019 Season Finish: 4th