Andrew Tate
Andrew TateDriver
As a fourth-generation boat racer, Andrew Tate was born to drive hydroplanes. The Tate legacy began in 1930’s with hydroplane pioneer Joe Tate, Sr., who built and raced his own boats. The desire to go fast on water was passed on to his son, Joe Tate, Jr., who drove Grand National (7-litre) hydroplanes until he was 70 years old. The Tate name was etched into boat racing history by Andrew’s father, Mark, who was inducted into the APBA Hall of Champions four times, winning the APBA Gold Cup twice. Mark married California native and champion 145c.i. driver Sandy Wray, creating a family embedded in a world of high speed on the water.

Driving his first hydro at 9 years old, Andrew honed his skills at the beginning of his career by piloting various types of kneel-down outboard hydroplanes. Since 2006, Andrew won nearly 100 races in various APBA outboard hydroplane categories, including nine national titles, and has been inducted into the APBA Hall of Champions twice (2010 and 2016).

The well-known Tate name and Andrew’s early success in the smaller hydros caught the attention of boat owner and family friend, Randy English. In 2011, the English family hired Andrew to drive one of their 2.5-litre modified inboard hydroplanes. Winning a slew of races and the 2013 APBA National High Point Championship, success has been constant for both the English family and Andrew.

A rich history followed Andrew to a prestigious class of boat racing when in 2015 the English’s invested in a two-boat Grand Prix Hydroplane team, giving Andrew the honor of piloting the GP-101, Fat Chance Too. By the end of the team’s 2015 rookie campaign, Andrew had silenced any critics and gave his expanding fan base something to cheer about. He won his first ACHA race off of “rookie restriction” in Tonawanda, NY, and the APBA Grand Prix National Championships in Waterford, MI.

Andrew’s footprint in the sport continued to grow, and 2015’s results spoke for themselves. Winning four APBA National Championships in three different categories of racing (stock outboard, modified outboard, and inboard hydroplane), Andrew was voted into the APBA Hall of Champions for the second time.

He garnered his first Unlimited win in Seattle in 2016 and followed up with his second in Madison in the first race of the 2017 campaign.

Mike & Lori Jones
Mike & Lori JonesOwners
Jones Racing’s biggest victory came in 2001 at the Detroit APBA Gold Cup racing for Tubby’s Grilled Submarine Sandwiches with Mike Hanson driving. In 2002, Hanson drove the team’s U-9 Sun Harbor Mortgage to a win at Bayfair in San Diego.

Since the 1950s, Mike Jones has competed in every category of APBA racing. He’s driven everything from A Stock Outboards to Limited Inboards to Unlimiteds and has served as Chairman of the UIM Offshore Commission. Mike qualified as an Unlimited hydroplane driver in 1993 when he shared the ride in the U-55 with Dr. Ken Muscatel. As the winning owner of the 2001 APBA Gold Cup, Mike Jones became the first sitting APBA President to win the APBA’s top award since Jonathon Wainwright in 1907.

YearDateCityDriverFinishBoat #Boat NameQual.Race
20147/6/2014MadisonJon Zimmerman2ndU-9Spirit Of Qatar (3)146.520112.972
7/13/2014DetroitJon Zimmerman6thU-9Spirit Of Qatar (3)160.432
7/27/2014Tri-CitiesJon Zimmerman2ndU-9Team Red Dot158.537131.386
8/3/2014SeattleJon Zimmerman2ndU-9Team Red Dot152.219135.197
9/14/2014San DiegoJon Zimmerman9thU-9Team Red Dot157.985
11/20/2014DohaJon Zimmerman3rdU-9Team Red Dot137.158
20132/12/2013DohaJon Zimmerman2ndU-9Jones Racing (2)140.061118.203
6/2/2013FolsomJon Zimmerman7thU-9Team Red Dot142.048113.319
7/7/2013MadisonJon ZimmermanCancelledU-9Team Red Dot
7/14/2013DetroitJon Zimmerman2ndU-9Team Red Dot155.933121.060
7/28/2013Tri-CitiesJon Zimmerman3rdU-9Team Red Dot155.089138.580
8/4/2013SeattleJon Zimmerman5thU-9Team Red Dot147.501114.296
9/1/2013Coeur D’AleneJon ZimmermanDNQU-9Team Red Dot(1)
20127/8/2012MadisonJon Zimmerman8thU-9Bello’s Pizza139.047
7/15/2012DetroitJon Zimmerman4thU-9Miss Al Deeby Chrysler154.479
7/29/2012Tri-CitiesJon Zimmerman5thU-9Miss Sound Propeller Services149.300122.977
8/5/2012SeattleJon Zimmerman5thU-9Miss Sound Propeller Services145.592
9/16/2012San DiegoJon Zimmerman4thU-9Jones Racing (2)153.683137.117
1/12/2013DohaJon Zimmerman3rdU-9Jones Racing (2)138.878122.096
20117/31/2011Tri-CitiesJon Zimmerman8thU-9Miss Visit Tri-Cities.Com149.417
8/7/2011SeattleJon Zimmerman10thU-9Miss Visit Tri-Cities.Com145.316
20098/2/2009SeattleDave Williams9thU-9Jones Racing (2)138.795
20077/29/2007Tri-CitiesChris Bertram6thU-9Conover Insurance (3)143.864117.889
8/5/2007SeattleChris Bertram14thU-9Miss Tri Arc Electric137.706
20067/30/2006Tri-CitiesChris Bertram9thU-9Jack-Son’s Sports Bar (2)147.691
8/6/2006SeattleChris Bertram9thU-9Miss Car Pros (1)131.897
20036/29/2003EvansvilleMike Hanson2ndU-9Miss Wabx 107.5151.136131.049
7/6/2003MadisonMike Hanson3rdU-9Miss Bello’s Pizza (1)14+I55628.792131.998
7/27/2003Tri-CitiesMike Hanson8thU-9Skyway Park Bowl & Casino (1)156.868
8/4/2003SeattleMike Hanson8thU-9Skyway Park Bowl & Casino (1)151.837
8/24/2003DetroitMike Hanson3rdU-9Miss Al Deeby Dodge (1)159.275138.735
9/21/2003San DiegoMike HansonU-9Miss Sun Harbor Mortgage
5thU-9Miss Sun Harbor Mortgage158.895
20026/28/2002EvansvilleMike Hanson3rdU-9Wabx 107.5148.668129.689
7/7/2002MadisonMike Hanson4thU-9Miss Bello’s Pizza (1)149.414127.213
7/14/2002DetroitMike Hanson3rdU-9Tubby’s Grilled Submarines (1)156.140130.275
7/28/2002Tri-CitiesMike Hanson4thU-9Jack-Son’s Sports Bar (2)156.393136.274**
8/4/2002SeattleMike Hanson5thU-9Skyway Park Bowl & Casino (1)148.404100.593
10/22/2002San DiegoMike Hanson1stU-9Miss Sun Harbor Mortgage158.386132.484**
20016/30/2001EvansvilleMike Hanson2ndU-9Wabx 107.5154.179134.505
7/8/2001MadisonMike HansonDNFU-9Miss Bello’s Pizza (1)157.202
7/15/2001DetroitMike Hanson1stU-9Tubby’s Grilled Submarines (1)154.378
7/29/2001Tri-CitiesMike Hanson4thU-9Fiesta Bowl & Casino154.374
8/5/2001SeattleMike Hanson3rdU-9Skyway Park Bowl & Casino (1)149.309128.643
9/15/2001San DiegoMike Hanson3rdU-9Miss Sun Harbor Mortgage154.759131.121
20005/21/2000Lake Havasu CityMike Hanson10thU-9Jones Racing (2)144.570
6/25/2000EvansvilleMike Hanson6thU-9Wabx 107.5145.310113.618
7/2/2000MadisonMike Hanson3rdU-9Jones Racing (2)146.960128.511
7/9/2000DetroitMike Hanson9thU-9Miss Carpenter Communications (2)154.558
7/30/2000Tri-CitiesMike Hanson11thU-9Miss Go Bowling (3)149.686
8/6/2000SeattleMike Hanson2ndU-9Miss Go Bowling (3)146.371129.351
9/17/2000San DiegoMike Hanson7thU-9Miss Sun Harbor Mortgage155.253140.198
19995/23/1999Lake Havasu CityMike Hanson7thU-9Jones Racing (1)C.O.
6/18/1999BarrieMike Hanson7thU-9Jones Racing (1)137.078
6/27/1999EvansvilleMike Hanson9thU-9Jones Racing (1)141.771
7/4/1999MadisonMike Hanson8thU-9Jones Racing (1)145.189
7/11/1999DetroitMike Hanson11thU-9Miss Carpenter Communications (1)149.902
7/18/1999NorforkMike Hanson7thU-9Miss Carpenter Communications (1)139.214
8/1/1999Tri-CitiesMike Hanson5thU-9Miss Go Bowling (2)152.843
8/8/1999SeattleMike Hanson9thU-9Miss Go Bowling (2)141.052
8/15/1999KelownaMike Hanson5thU-9Strike Force141.237
9/19/1999San DiegoMike HansonDNFU-9Supply Depot151.474
10/10/1999Pearl HarborMike Hanson6thU-9Miss Starrow Enterprises144.472129.368
19986/28/1998EvansvilleMike Weber6thU-9Miss Carpenter Communications (1)
7/12/1998DetroitMike Weber5thU-9Miss Carpenter Communications (1)145.191
7/19/1998NorforkMike Weber5thU-9Miss Carpenter Communications (1)131.066
7/26/1998Tri-CitiesGreg Hopp (Q/1/2)10thU-7United Furnature Warehouse (1)149.735
Lindsey EmmonsDNQU-11Miss Cost Less Carpet (2)DNQ
Mike Weber8thU-9Miss Cost Less Carpet (3)149.638
8/2/1998KelownaMike Weber7thU-9Miss Carpenter Communications (1)139.611
8/9/1998SeattleLindsey EmmonsDNQU-11Miss Sammamish Lake WatchDNQ
Mike Weber9thU-9Miss Graham Trucking (1)143.098
9/6/1998MadisonMike Weber7thU-9Miss Carpenter Communications (1)148.449
9/20/1998San DiegoMike Weber7thU-9Miss Vons (4)148.837
10/18/1998Pearl HarborMike Hanson5thU-9Miss Casey (2)144.604
Mike Jones5thU-9Miss Casey (2)144.604
19975/25/1997NorforkMike JonesU-9Miss Exide (4)88.228
6/1/1997DetroitJimmy King8thU-9Miss Exide (4)138.330
6/29/1997EvansvilleJerry Hale (Q)9thU-9Miss Exide (4)138.536
7/6/1997MadisonJerry Hale (Q)11thU-9Miss Exide (4)136.063
7/12/1997NorforkMike Jones9thU-9Miss Exide (4)C.0.   88.228
7/27/1997Tri-CitiesJerry Hale5thU-9Miss Exide (4)147.092
8/3/1997KelownaJerry Hale10thU-9Miss Exide (4)134.261
8/10/1997SeattleDoug Brow10thU-9Miss Exide (4)135.931
9/14/1997San DiegoMike JonesDNSU-9Miss Exide (4)C.O.
9/21/1997Las VegasMike Weber9thU-9Miss Exide (4)136.537
19965/5/1996PhoenixMike Jones6thU-9Miss Exide (4)115.912
Rich ChristensenDNFU-7Ron’s Rods & Custom112.452
6/1/1996DetroitJimmy King6thU-9Miss Exide (4)139.686
Rich Christensen9thU-7Miss Wellness Plan II134.194
6/9/1996Kansas CityMike Jones10thU-9Miss Exide (4)138.058
Rich Christensen9thU-7Miss Wellness Plan II126.901 (C0)
6/30/1996EvansvilleJoe TateTestU-9Miss Exide (4)DNQ
Mike Jones10thU-9Miss Exide (4)131.960
Rick Christensen7thU-7Miss Busler Enterprises133.331
7/7/1996MadisonJoe TateTestU-9Miss Exide (4)@@@@@
Mike Jones7thU-9Miss Exide (4)134.056
Rick Christensen9thU-7U – 7 Racing120.+   C.O.
7/28/1996Tri-CitiesEmmons (Q)11thU-7Miss Cost Less Carpet (1)135.414
Mark Weber12thU-11Miss Exide II133.893
Mark Weber (Q/C)8thU-9Miss Exide (4)138.604
8/4/1996SeattleMark Weber (Q/1)10thU-9Miss Exide (4)132.962
Mark Weber (Q/2/3)11thU-11Miss Exide IIC.O.
Rick ChristensenDNQU-7Miss Spring Air MattressDNQ
8/11/1996KelownaMark Weber (Q)9thU-11Miss Exide IIC.O.
Rich Christensen (T)8thU-9Miss Exide (4)C.O.
9/15/1996San DiegoMike Jones7thU-9Miss Exide (4)134.076
10/27/1996Pearl HarborMike Jones9thU-9Miss Exide (4)130.382
19954/23/1995PhoenixMark EvansDSQU-7Phoenix SpiritOpt
6/4/1995DetroitMark Evans (Q)8thU-7Miss A.P.B.A. (1)138.851
6/18/1995Kansas CityJerry Hopp10thU-7Miss Casey (1)131.974
6/25/1995EvansvilleJerry Hopp5thU-7Miss Busler Enterprises135.911
7/2/1995MadisonJerry Hopp4thU-7Miss Busler Enterprises137.942
Lindsey EmmonsTestU-7Miss Busler EnterprisesQual.
7/16/1995LewisvilleJerry Hopp6thU-7Miss Casey (1)136.483
Rick ChristensenTestU-7Miss Casey (1)Qual.
7/30/1995Tri-CitiesMike Jones (Q)10thU-7Miss Cascade Homes144.365
8/6/1995SeattleMike Jones (Q)10thU-7Miss Cascade Homes132.214
9/17/1995San DiegoLindsey EmmonsTestU-7Miss Bayfair
Mike Jones9thU-7Miss Bayfair136.751
10/15/1995Pearl HarborMike Jones7thU-7Miss Jn136.295
Rick ChristensenTestU-7Miss JnQual.
19947/31/1994Tri-CitiesMike Jones9thU-7International News132.188
8/7/1994SeattleMike JonesDNFU-7International NewsOpt.
9/18/1994San DiegoMike Jones8thU-7International News130.772
10/16/1994Pearl HarborMike JonesDNFU-7International News135.966
Jeff Campbell
Jeff CampbellCrew Chief
Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience to the U-9 team, including twelve years with the Miss Budweiser organization, were he served in a number of capacities including design and fabrication.

Jeff’s racing career started at an early age, at only 14 he set his first world record in a limited hydroplane and would go onto set 3 records and win the 1985 national championship. His first unlimited experience would come helping his brother Mike work on the Miller American hydroplane team in 1987 which led to other unlimited teams like the US West Cellular, Frank Kenny Toyota and the 1988 Mr. Pringles team and others prior to joining the Miss Budweiser team in 1992 and continued until the team stopped racing in 2004.

Jeff continued to hone his hydroplane skills by fabricating parts for other teams and building nearly 100 scale model race boats and is currently the president of the Electric Scale Unlimiteds club. In 2011 Jeff was called upon by owners Mike and Lori Jones, and Mike Hanson crew chief for the U-1 Miss Madison/Oh Boy! Oberto, to bring the 9 to Detroit as a last minute replacement for the Oberto race team, and was so impressed by how well Jon Zimmerman and the boat preformed that he decided to call upon some of his former Miss Budweiser team mates to run the team at the next two races. With the help of Dave Arnold and Mike McIntosh, the U-9 qualified in the top half of the field, besting a number of well financed teams and setting the stage for a major comeback in 2012 of the Jones Racing team.

U-9 Jones Racing
U-9 Jones RacingCrew
  • Mike Campbell – Props, Wings, Deck
  • Dave Arnold – Radios, Logistics
  • Harvey Chenault – Tooling, Mechanical, Truck
  • Seph Parshall – Data, Electrical, Media
  • Brian Gibb – Mechanical
  • Frank Hempel – Deckhand
  • Desi Gibb – Fuel
Delta Gear/Realtrac ERP
Delta Gear/Realtrac ERPPrimary Sponsor
The Delta Companies including their Realtrac ERP Software firm are sponsoring the U-9 Unlimited for the 2016 UAW-GM Spirit of Detroit Hydrofest featuring the APBA Gold Cup Race on August 26th-28th.

Delta Research and Delta Gear manufacture R&D, Prototype and Production gearing for the Automotive and Aerospace industries including complete transmissions for hybrid electric, gas / diesel powered passenger vehicle and the heavy truck transportation industry worldwide. Delta also produces drive system gearing for US Army’s tracked and wheeled vehicles, prototype and development gears for the US Armys new V-280 Valor Tilt Rotor Aircraft, including very complex 5 Axis machined components used on the US Navy’s new Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System designed to catapult F/A-18 Fighter jets safer and faster on the newest aircraft carriers.

Both Delta Research & Delta Gear have become the Automotive and Aerospace OEM’s “Go To” supplier of choice for fast turnaround proto type, development and production detail gearing, including spiral bevel gears, gearbox assemblies and complete drive systems. and

A third Delta company, Realtrac Performance ERP Software, specializes in manufacturing software for small to mid-size machine shops, job shops and make to order manufacturers. The company was founded in the heart of a machine shop and has served the manufacturing industry for over three decades. Realtrac is used by thousands of machining suppliers across North America.

Les Schwab Tires
Les Schwab TiresAssociate Sponsor

Why Les Schwab?


Ever since Les Schwab opened his first tire store, our business has been about earning your trust. We strive to bring you the best selection, quality and service every time you walk through the doors.

When you purchase a set of tires from Les Schwab, it only marks the beginning of your relationship with us. We stand behind you for the life of your tires

Sound Propeller
Sound PropellerAssociate Sponsor
Sound Propeller Services, Inc is located on the Duwamish Waterway in Seattle, Washington. When your propulsion system needs some help, you can call on us. Our uncompromising commitment to quality has helped us become a leading manufacturer of marine propulsion equipment, and has resulted in nationwide orders for our custom-engineered products.

Whether it’s a pleasure boat, fishing boat, tug, small freighter or large yacht, operators value the propeller performance provided by our highly skilled craftsmen. We supply propellers to vessel operators and boat builders across the United States.

  • Home Port: Kent, WA
  • Boat Colors: White
  • Boat Builder: Ron Jones, Jr.
  • Primary Sponsor: Les Schwab Tires
  • Associate Sponsors: Fastenal, EFW, Bello’s Pizza, SPAL
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • 2016 Boat Points: 5862
  • 2016 Driver Points: 5862
  • 2016 Season Finish: 3rd