JW Meyers
JW MeyersDriver
After a five year absence from Unlimited racing, JW Myers returns to the team where he scored his only win on the H1 Unlimited circuit. In 2005 JW won the Madison Regatta driving for Ellstrom Racing. He also scored second place finishes in Evansville and Detroit.

The week following the Madison victory, Myers got the bright orange Elam Plus high into the Detroit sky in a spectacular flip in front of the Detroit Yacht Club during a prelim. Boat and driver both survived the accident and ended up on the podium with a second place finish in the Gold Cup.

Five years later on the same race course in Detroit, JW was rounding the Roostertail Turn in the U-11 Peters and May when the skidfin broke, sending him into the seawall in front of the Roostertail Restaurant at over 100 mph. The impact destroyed the boat and shattered most of the bones in his left foot.

JW’s unlimited career began in 2003, driving for Leland Unlimited and he was the 2003 H1 Unlimited Rookie of the Year. In 2011 and 2012 Myers drove the U-11 Peters and May for Scott and Shannon Raney’s Unlimited Racing Group before taking a break to allow a sore shoulder to heal.

Erick Ellstrom
Erick EllstromOwner
The Ellstrom family–consisting of father Sven, sons Erick and Tom, and daughter Lisa–made its debut on the Unlimited racing scene as the sponsor of an experimental four-point hydroplane, owned by Glen Davis, in 1994.

The next year, the family built a boat of its own and, under the leadership of crew chief Erick Ellstrom, the U-16 has racked up 23 victories since 2000 and won the National High Point Team Championship in 2005 and 2007.

The team’s first race victory came in the 2000 Columbia Cup at Tri-Cities, Washington with Mark Evans driving. In 2001, the Ellstroms’ current hull made its debut and quickly showed its speed. Nate Brown piloted the new orange rocket to victories in the last two events of the season at Seattle and San Diego. Brown would win 2 more races in 2002.

After a winless 2003, Terry Troxell brought home the trophy at a wind-shortened event in St. Clair, Michigan during the 2004 season.

JW Myers won the 2005 Indiana Governor’s Cup before flipping the boat during qualifying in Detroit. Dave Villwock took over driving duties for the rest of the 2005 season, collecting victories at Tri-Cities and San Diego and scoring enough points to win the first National High Point Championship for Ellstrom Racing.

Despite a trio of first-place finishes in 2006, MISS E-LAM PLUS was unable to defend her High Points crown. However, with legendary driver Dave Villwock behind the wheel, the Ellstroms were determined to reclaim their spot atop the leaderboard in 2007. And they did.

The Ellstroms followed a reduced schedule in 2008 and only appeared at two races but still took first-place at their hometown Chevrolet Cup on Seattle’s Lake Washington.

In 2010, racing as the U-96 Spirit of Qatar, the team scored victories in the APBA Gold Cup in Detroit, the Air Guard Championship in San Diego and the Oryx Cup UIM World Championship in Doha, Qatar on the way to strong second place finish in 2010 Season High Points.

The 2011 season produced another Series Championship with victories in the Detroit APBA Gold Cup as well as the Tri-Cities and a win before the sponsoring country’s home fans in the Oryx Cup UIM World Championship in Doha, Qatar.

The 2012 season had a disappointing finish as Villwock and the team arrived in Doha in a close race with the Oberto team but suffered a series of setbacks that dropped the team all the way to third place in the final standings for the season.

Damage to the boat put it on the beach for 2013, and the Ellstrom team began construction on a new 96 Spirit of Qatar which made its debut in 2014.

In 2015, Jean Theoret took the cockpit and gave the Ellstrom team the top qualifying position in three of the national events. In heat 2-A of the Spirit of Detroit UAW-GM Hydrofest, Theoret crashed the boat in the Belle Ilse Bridge turn sending it to dry dock for the remainder of the season.

YearDateCityDriverFinishBoat #Boat NameQual.Race
20147/27/2014Tri-CitiesKip Brown3rdU-96Spirit Of Qatar (4)142.517
8/3/2014SeattleKip Brown10thU-96Spirit Of Qatar (4)148.883
9/14/2014San DiegoKip Brown7thU-96Spirit Of Qatar (4)159.679
11/20/2014DohaJean Theoret7thU-96Spirit Of Qatar (4)134.010
20127/8/2012MadisonDave Villwock1stU-1Spirit Of Qatar (1)148.837134.628
7/15/2012DetroitDave Villwock1stU-1Spirit Of Qatar (1)162.903142.522
7/29/2012Tri-CitiesDave Villwock3rdU-1Spirit Of Qatar (1)159.645
8/5/2012SeattleDave Villwock3rdU-1Spirit Of Qatar (1)151.626123.694
9/16/2012San DiegoDave Villwock3rdU-1Spirit Of Qatar (1)162.118
1/12/2013DohaDave Villwock10thU-1Spirit Of Qatar (1)144.907
20117/3/2011MadisonDave Villwock5thU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)142.710
7/10/2011DetroitDave Villwock1stU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)158.782
7/31/2011Tri-CitiesDave Villwock1stU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)160.892146.810
8/7/2011SeattleDave Villwock3rdU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)151.879136.639
9/18/2011San DiegoDave Villwock1stU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)164.759149.994
11/19/2011DohaDave Villwock6thU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)153.547123.597
20107/4/2010MadisonDave Villwock5thU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)153.152
7/11/2010DetroitDave Villwock1stU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)162.309
7/25/2010Tri-CitiesDave Villwock5thU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)163.579
8/8/2010SeattleDave Villwock2ndU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)155.888138.113
9/19/2010San DiegoDave Villwock1stU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)162.604152.632
11/20/2010DohaDave Villwock1stU-96Spirit Of Qatar (1)143.249
20097/5/2009MadisonDave Villwock1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)156.296144.038
7/12/2009DetroitDave Villwock1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)159.051130.873
7/26/2009Tri-CitiesDave Villwock4thU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)163.223135.595
8/2/2009SeattleChip HanauerExhibitionU-787Boeing153.691
Dave Villwock1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)154.347139.639
8/23/2009EvansvilleDave Villwock12thU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)154.748
11/21/2009DohaDave Villwock3rdU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)146.427131.950
20087/27/2008Tri-CitiesDave Villwock5thU-1Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)162.722131.654
8/1/2008SeattleChip HanauerExhibitionU-787Boeing147.631
Dave Villwock1stU-1Amos W. Hoss155.857136.856
20077/1/2007EvansvilleDave Villwock1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)161.167
7/8/2007MadisonDave Villwock1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)158.027138.619
7/15/2007DetroitDave Villwock1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)162.754143.109
7/29/2007Tri-CitiesDave Villwock1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)165.687144.215
8/5/2007SeattleDave Villwock4thU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)156.501134.014
Jimmy KingW/DU-787Boeing137.694
9/16/2007San DiegoDave Villwock6thU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)165.386
20066/25/2006EvansvilleDave Villwock1stU-1Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)156.842
7/2/2006MadisonDave Villwock1stU-1Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)No Speeds147.400
7/9/2006ValleyfieldDave VillwockW/DU-1Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)118.890(1)
7/16/2006DetroitNate Brown4thU-1Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (2)C.O.119.778
7/30/2006Tri-CitiesDave Villwock1stU-1Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)161.899
8/6/2006SeattleDave Villwock3rdU-1Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)157.201157.480
9/17/2006San DiegoDave Villwock7thU-1Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)165.660
20056/26/2005EvansvilleJ.W. Myers2ndU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)154.516133.228
7/3/2005MadisonJ.W. Myers1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)155.570138.393
7/17/2005DetroitJ.W. Myers2ndU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)130.000 (N2)132.804
7/31/2005Tri-CitiesDave Villwock1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)164.898142.559
8/7/2005SeattleDave Villwock2ndU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)157.184115.993
9/11/2005NashvilleDave Villwock4thU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)171.796133.487
9/18/2005San DiegoDave Villwock1stU-16Ellstrom E-Lam Plus (1)166.364145.044
20047/4/2004MadisonTerry Troxell3rdU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)146.29119.653
7/18/2004DetroitTerry Troxell3rdU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)160.499
8/8/2004SeattleTerry Troxell4thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)152.548121.122
8/22/2004St. ClairTerry Troxell1stU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)151.146111.637
20036/29/2003EvansvilleNate Brown10thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)
7/6/2003MadisonNate Brown7thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)150.185
7/27/2003Tri-CitiesNate Brown2ndU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)153.940143.085
8/4/2003SeattleNate Brown4thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)147.420129.454
8/24/2003DetroitNate Brown5thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)159.285
20026/28/2002EvansvilleNate Brown7thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)152.937(120.308)
7/7/2002MadisonNate Brown1stU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)151.819127.666
7/14/2002DetroitNate Brown7thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)157.468
7/28/2002Tri-CitiesNate Brown1stU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)162.666145.381
8/4/2002SeattleNate Brown2ndU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)153.344132.159
10/22/2002San DiegoNate Brown2ndU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)157.930142.469
20017/29/2001Tri-CitiesNate Brown5thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)154.104136.489
8/5/2001SeattleNate Brown1stU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)146.674135.763
9/15/2001San DiegoNate Brown1stU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (3)158.131142.556
20005/21/2000Lake Havasu CityMark Evans8thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)137.221
7/9/2000DetroitMark Evans6thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)153.643
7/30/2000Tri-CitiesMark Evans1stU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)153.257139.826
8/6/2000SeattleMark Evans3rdU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)149.344131.720
9/17/2000San DiegoMark Evans2ndU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)156.571131.769
19995/23/1999Lake Havasu CityJimmy King4thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)140.611
8/1/1999Tri-CitiesMark Evans9thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)158.136
8/8/1999SeattleMark Evans7thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)149.782
9/19/1999San DiegoMark Evans6thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)157.718
19987/26/1998Tri-CitiesJimmy King3rdU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)156.786140.849
8/9/1998SeattleJimmy King6thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)151.343107.076
9/20/1998San DiegoJimmy King3rdU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)157.060131.063
9/27/1998Las VegasJimmy King3rdU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)121.344
19977/27/1997Tri-CitiesJimmy King8thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)155.360
8/10/1997SeattleJimmy King12thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)145.625
9/14/1997San DiegoJimmy King10thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)151.929
19967/28/1996Tri-CitiesNate Brown9thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)147.621
8/4/1996SeattleNate Brown9thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)140.315
19957/30/1995Tri-CitiesKen DrydenDNQU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)DNQ
8/6/1995SeattleKen Dryden12thU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)139.863
9/17/1995San DiegoNate BrownDNFU-16Miss E-Lam Plus (2)151.200
Mike Hanson
Mike HansonCrew Chief
In more than three decades of boat racing – Mike Hanson has done it all. He has been a very successful driver, builder and fixer of race boats as well as crew chief of one of the most successful teams of all time.

In 1984, he piloted Dick Neeson’s MADAME BLUE to a National High Point Championship in the 2.5-Litre Modified Inboard Class.

Hanson qualified as an Unlimited driver at the 1986 Tri-Cities (Washington) Columbia Cup with Fred Leland’s U-100, an unsponsored craft with the generic name “BOAT” painted on it.

For ten years, between 1988 and 1998, he drove the community-owned MISS MADISON from southern Indiana. In 1999, Mike began his association with the U-9 racing team of Mike and Lori Jones.

Hanson’s victory in the 2001 APBA Gold Cup at Detroit with the U-9 was one of history’s most popular Gold Cup outcomes. That was the year when the winning Jones Racing Team lost their skid fin and suffered major structural damage the week before at Madison, Indiana. So extensive was the damage to the U-9 hull that the team’s appearance at the Gold Cup seemed unlikely.

In 2003, his final year of competition, Hanson guided the U-9 to second-place in National High Points. He finished second at Evansville with MISS WABX, third at Madison with MISS BELLO’S PIZZA, and third at Detroit with AL DEEBY DODGE.

A call from Mike’s old friend Bob Hughes, President of Miss Madison, Inc., led to Mike’s return to the U-6 camp in 2004 as crew chief. What followed was one of the most dominating runs in the sports history, as Hanson teamed with driver Steve David to score dozens of victories and a series of season championships.

In 2014, Erick Ellstrom gave Mike the opportunity to work closer to his home South of Seattle as crew chief of the new 96 Spirit of Qatar.

U-16 Ellstrom E-Lam Plus
U-16 Ellstrom E-Lam PlusCrew
  • Jeff Minar
  • Greg Jones
  • Trevor Hanson
  • Rick Swanson
  • Dan Heye
  • David Heye
  • Bob Ross
  • Sven Ellstrom II
  • Krister Ellstrom
  • Joern Pietzko
  • Troy Holmberg
OH BOY! Oberto
OH BOY! Oberto
Seattle-based, family owned Oberto Brands is the nation’s leading all-natural jerky snacks company, founded by Constantino Oberto in 1918. The company’s brands are found in all retail channels and include Oberto All-Natural Jerky, Pacific Gold, Cattleman’s Cut, Lowrey’s and Oberto Classics. All products are proudly made at Oberto’s HQ facilities in Kent, WA and are available in the company’s factory stores.
  • Team Website: www.ellstromracing.com
  • Founded: 1994
  • Home Port: Seattle, WA
  • Boat Colors: White/Silver/Orange
  • Primary Sponsor: Ellstrom E-Lam Plus
  • Associate Sponsors: 5 Axis Industries
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • 2016 Boat Points: 2215
  • 2016 Driver Points: 2215
  • 2016 Season Finish: 8th