The Gregory Family
The Gregory FamilyOwners

Formed in 1998 by the late Kim Gregory and his wife Debbie, USA Racing Partners burst onto the scene after purchasing the racing assets of Competition Specialties and began their winning tradition by taking the top spot in only their third race. USA Racing quickly ascended to one of the premier H1 Unlimited teams, and in 2000 campaigned a two-hull team finishing second and third in National high Points. After capturing the prestigious Gold Cup in 2004, the team upgraded its fleet by purchasing one of the most legendary hulls in H1 Unlimited history, the Hydroplanes, Inc. T-3.

After the devastating loss of USA Racing’s founder Kim Gregory in 2008, USA Racing stepped away from the sport. Tragedy struck again in 2010 with the loss of their 2007 Rookie of the Year driver David Bryant in an unrelated racing accident. With heavy hearts, USA Racing Partners picked up the pieces, and enlisted the expertise of Hydroplanes Inc. Now operating out of the famed Tukwila location, USA Racing Partners has assembled the necessary tools to compete for the championship in today’s ultra competitive H1 Unlimited field, led by President /Owner Debbie Gregory, VP of Operations Adam Gregory, and Director of Competition Matt Gregory.

YearDateCityDriverFinishBoat #Boat NameQual.Race
20127/8/2012MadisonScott Liddycoat3rdU-88Degree Men (3)143.372130.728
7/15/2012DetroitScott Liddycoat9thU-88Degree Men (3)000.000
7/29/2012Tri-CitiesScott Liddycoat4thU-88Degree Men (3)154.342
8/5/2012SeattleScott Liddycoat6thU-88Degree Men (3)144.497
9/16/2012San DiegoScott Liddycoat7thU-88Degree Men (3)150.077
1/12/2013DohaBrian Perkins4thU-88Snoqualmie Casino (1)130.000115.739
20086/29/2008EvansvilleDavid Bryant6thU-10Miss Ahern Rentals151.809
7/6/2008MadisonDavid Bryant7thU-10Miss Ahern Rentals152.814
7/13/2008DetroitDavid BryantNo ContestU-10Miss Dover Enviromental156.465
7/27/2008Tri-CitiesDavid Bryant6thU-10Hoss Mortgage Investors (1)160.054129.796
8/1/2008SeattleDavid Bryant10thU-10Hoss Mortgage Investors (1)152.807
20077/1/2007EvansvilleDavid Bryant5thU-10Miss Ahern Rentals147.450126.363
7/8/2007MadisonDavid Bryant10thU-10Miss Ahern Rentals150.310
7/29/2007Tri-CitiesDavid Bryant3rdU-10Hoss Mortgage Investors (1)156.052141.874
8/5/2007SeattleDavid Bryant2ndU-10Hoss Mortgage Investors (1)154.119
9/16/2007San DiegoDavid Bryant7thU-10Miss Ahern Rentals158.951
20066/25/2006EvansvilleNate Brown7thU-10Miss Emcor (3)140.257
7/2/2006MadisonNate BrownW/DU-10Miss Emcor (3)No Speeds
7/16/2006DetroitJ.W. Myers9thU-10Al Deeby Dodge150.474
7/30/2006Tri-CitiesJ.W. Myers2ndU-10Solution Plus160.912140.080
8/6/2006SeattleJ.W. Myers6thU-10Miss Fairweather Masonry (2)153.035122.089
9/17/2006San DiegoJ.W. Myers8thU-10Designer Shower And Glass161.432
20047/4/2004MadisonMike Weber6thU-10Miss Emcor (2)144.209
7/18/2004DetroitNate Brown1stU-10Miss D.Y.C. (2)152.417141.195
8/8/2004SeattleNate Brown10thU-10Miss Emcor (2)148.392
9/19/2004San DiegoNate Brown4thU-10Miss Emcor (2)144.764
20036/29/2003EvansvilleMike Weber3rdU-10Miss Emcor (2)148.487125.474
7/6/2003MadisonMike Weber6thU-10Miss Emcor (2)145.916
7/27/2003Tri-CitiesMike Weber5thU-10Miss Grand Central Casino153.835134.552
8/4/2003SeattleMike Weber2ndU-10Miss Grand Central Casino148.606123.702
8/24/2003DetroitMark Weber6thU-15Miss Chrysler-Jeep (3)130.000
Mike Weber11thU-10Miss D.Y.C. (2)156.849
9/21/2003San DiegoMike WeberU-10Miss Emcor (1)
4thU-10Miss Emcor (1)152.259136.479
20026/28/2002EvansvilleMike Weber8thU-10Miss Emcor (2)136.939
7/7/2002MadisonMike Weber5thU-10Miss Emcor (2)146.847124.033
7/14/2002DetroitMike Weber6thU-10Miss D.Y.C. (2)154.820120.921
7/28/2002Tri-CitiesMike Weber10thU-10Miss Emcor (2)153.518
8/4/2002SeattleMike Weber6thU-10Miss Grand Central Casino146.009
10/22/2002San DiegoMike Weber7thU-10Miss Emcor (2)157.095126.111**
20016/30/2001EvansvilleMark Weber4thU-10Miss Emcor (1)149.697132.624
Mike WeberW/DU-10Miss Emcor (2)143.275
7/8/2001MadisonMark Weber (Q)W/DU-10Miss Emcor (2)146.346
Mike Weber (Q)5thU-10Miss Emcor (1)146.346125.287
7/15/2001DetroitMark WeberU-10Miss D.Y.C. (2)152.581
W/DU-15Miss D.Y.C. (2)152.581
Mike Weber (Q)U-15Miss D.Y.C. (1)151.197
4thU-10Miss D.Y.C. (1)151.197138.308
7/29/2001Tri-CitiesMark Weber7thU-10Diamond Lil’s151.217120.209
DNSU-15Miss Emcor (1)150.698
8/5/2001SeattleMark Weber5thU-10Diamond Lil’s142.301123.282
Mike Weber10thU-15Miss Emcor (1)144.235
9/15/2001San DiegoMark Weber7thU-10Miss Emcor I156.031
Mike Weber4thU-15Miss Emcor II156.031
20005/21/2000Lake Havasu CityGeorge Stratton5thU-5Appian Jeronimo (4)133.129113.039
Mark Weber3rdU-10York147.583117.089
6/25/2000EvansvilleGeorge Stratton8thU-5Appian Jeronimo (4)142.588
Mark Weber3rdU-10York145.935129.077
7/2/2000MadisonGeorge Stratton4thU-5Appian Jeronimo (4)130.00124.934
Mark Weber2ndU-10YorkC.O.133.503
7/9/2000DetroitGeorge Stratton3rdU-5Appian Jeronimo (4)146.835136.110
Mark Weber2ndU-10Miss D.Y.C. (1)156.724135.750
7/30/2000Tri-CitiesGeorge Stratton2ndU-5Appian Jeronimo (4)153.270129.129
Mark Weber6thU-10York157.640126.334
8/6/2000SeattleGeorge Stratton9thU-5Appian Jeronimo (4)144.349
Mark WeberDSQU-10Lowreys Beef Jerkey151.349
9/17/2000San DiegoGeorge Stratton8thU-5Appian Jeronimo (4)151.786
Mark Weber10thU-10York153.474
19995/23/1999Lake Havasu CityMark Weber6thU-10Miss Havasu130.714
6/18/1999BarrieMark Weber6thU-10York147.617
6/27/1999EvansvilleMark Weber2ndU-10York148.350
7/4/1999MadisonMark Weber10thU-10York151.133
7/11/1999DetroitMark Weber3rdU-10Miss D.Y.C. (1)157.728
7/18/1999NorforkMark Weber2ndU-10York144.977
8/1/1999Tri-CitiesMark Weber3rdU-10York162.631
8/8/1999SeattleMark Weber3rdU-10Miss Pizza Time147.868
8/15/1999KelownaMark WeberW/DU-10York146.469
9/19/1999San DiegoMark Weber3rdU-10York158.593140.706
10/10/1999Pearl HarborMark Weber2ndU-10York160.239145.632
19989/20/1998San DiegoMark Weber4thU-10Wildfire153.087136.157
9/27/1998Las VegasMark Weber4thU-10Wildfire119.854
10/18/1998Pearl HarborMark Weber1stU-10Wildfire149.823140.224
  • Founded: 1998
  • Home Port: Tukwila, WA
  • Boat Colors: Black/Gold
  • Builder: Hydroplanes, Inc.
  • Designer: Hydroplanes, Inc.
  • Length: 30 feet
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • As Miss Budweiser, the boat won 39 races and 6 National Championships