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San Diego Bayfair, the largest regional family festival and sports competition, is pleased to announce the return of H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes to the waters of Mission Bay and San Diego, September 14-16, 2012. H1 Unlimiteds join more than a dozen boat-racing classes, no other powerboat competition boasts more categories, and more racing.

“We are honored and excited to have H1 Unlimited back on Mission Bay,” said Jeff Thomas, chairman of the San Diego Bayfair Board of Directors. “This year’s San Diego Bayfair is shaping up to be another great event.” An early confirmation in 2012 ensures Festival fans can plan early, purchase their tickets and pay special attention to their favorite team and driver during the season, before the unlimiteds arrive in San Diego.

“The drivers and race teams always look forward to competing in San Diego,” said Sam Cole, H1 Unlimited Commissioner Sam Cole. “There is great tradition at Bayfair where championships are won or lost.”