Corey Peabody drives Lynx Healthcare to victory in Madison Showdown event

MADISON, Ind. — Corey Peabody was the winner of today’s semi-feature event at the Madison Regatta, the first running of a match-race format introduced to the H1 Unlimited Racing Series this season. Peabody, 43, of Kent, Washington, drove Lynx Healthcare across the finish line in second place in the event’s final heat, but earned the victory when Jimmy Shane and Miss HomeStreet were disqualified for going too slow before the start.

The event, called the Madison Showdown, featured a series of two-boat match races that were two laps in length, a last-chance heat for those that lost their match races, and a four-boat final to determine the winner. The weekend’s featured event, the Indiana Governor’s Cup, will be held on the Ohio River tomorrow.

In today’s first match race, Peabody drove Lynx Healthcare to victory over Jeff Bernard, 37, also from Kent, who was driving Goodman Real Estate. In the second match race, Shane, 36, of San Antonio, Texas, defeated J. Michael Kelly, 43, of Bonney Lake, Washington, the driver of Miss Tri-Cities. A third match race was originally planned but had to be canceled because Miss Beacon Plumbing was extensively damaged in testing yesterday and was withdrawn from the race.

Kelly led from start to finish in the last-chance heat to earn a berth in the final. Also earning a spot was Bernard, who finished second. A third boat in that contest, Miss Colleen, driven by Jamie Nilsen, 37, of Gig Harbor, Washington, was disqualified for not maintaining the required minimum speed before the start.

In the final, Shane took the lead at the start and held that position to the end, but when the boat’s data recorder was checked after the contest, it was found to have dropped below the minimum speed before the start and was disqualified. Peabody, the winner of last week’s Gold Cup race in Guntersville, Alabama, was then declared the winner. Bernard took third and Kelly finished fourth.

The fastest race boats in the world will continue the event in Madison tomorrow with three preliminary heats and a winner-take-all final to determine the winner of the Indiana Governor’s Cup. The “Greatest Show on H-2-O” can be watched live on the H1 Unlimited YouTube Channel beginning at 9 a.m. EDT. You can find the link at

Madison Regatta

at Madison, Ind.

QUALIFYING — 1, Jimmy Shane, Miss HomeStreet, 156.857 avg. speed, 100 points; 2, Corey Peabody, Lynx Healthcare, 152.501, 80; 3, J. Michael Kelly, Miss Tri-Cities, 148.079, 70; 4, Jeff Bernard, Goodman Real Estate, 147.511, 60; 5, Jamie Nilsen, Miss Colleen, 145.466, 50; Dave Villwock, Miss Beacon Plumbing, W/D.

MATCH RACE 1 — 1, Corey Peabody, Lynx Healthcare, 400 points, 148.730 avg. speed; 2, Jeff Bernard, Goodman Real Estate, 300, 146.242.

MATCH RACE 2 — 1, Jimmy Shane, Miss HomeStreet, 400, 147.701; 2, J. Michael Kelly, Miss Tri-Cities, 300, 145.466.

LAST CHANCE HEAT — 1, J. Michael Kelly, Miss Tri-Cities, 0, 143.961; 2, Jeff Bernard, Goodman Real Estate, 0, 136.179; Jamie Nilsen, Miss Colleen, DSQ.

MADISON SHOWDOWN FINAL — 1, Corey Peabody, Lynx Healthcare, 400, 145.724; 2, Jeff Bernard, Goodman Real Estate, 300, 137.123; 3, J. Michael Kelly, Miss Tri-Cities, 225, 94.094; Jimmy Shane, Miss HomeStreet, DSQ.