U-1 Miss Madison Racing

Sponsor: HomeStreet Bank
Sponsor: HomeStreet BankDrivers: Jimmy Shane
The 2021 H1 Champion U-1 Miss HomeStreet is owned by the Miss Madison Racing Team of Madison, IN and is the only community owned team in sport. In 2022, driving chores will be handled by Jimmy Shane.

U-3 Go3 Racing

Sponsor: Grigg's ACE Hardware
Sponsor: Grigg's ACE HardwareDriver: Jimmy King
Go3 Racing is owned by Ed Cooper, based in Evansville, IN. It is the only piston powered boat in the fleet, powered by a dual turbocharged Allison V-12. Driven by Jimmy King, who has been driving Unlimiteds since 1994.

U-9 Strong Racing

Sponsor: Boitano Homes
Sponsor: Boitano HomesDriver: J. Michael Kelly
The U-9 Strong Racing entry is owned by Darrell & Vanessa Strong and based in Auburn, WA. Driver J. Michael Kelly is the 2021 Driver High Points Champion, a multi-time inductee of the APBA Hall of Champions, Gold Cup winner and 14-time H1 race winner.

U-11 Unlimited Racing Group

Sponsor: Legend Yacht Transport
Sponsor: Legend Yacht TransportDriver: Jamie Nilsen
The U-11 Legend Yacht Transport is owned by Scott & Shannon Raney, based in CleElum, WA. Driver Jamie Nilsen is an H1 Unlimited veteran and past GPW National Champion.

U-40 Beacon Plumbing

Sponsor: Beacon Plumbing
Sponsor: Beacon PlumbingDriver: Dustin Echols
The U-40 Beacon Plumbing is driven by Dustin Echols and is owned by veteran driver Kelly Stocklin and his wife Sharon, based in Snohomish, WA.

U-91 Miss Goodman Real Estate

Sponsor: Goodman Real Estate
Sponsor: Goodman Real EstateDriver: Andrew tate
The U-91 Miss Goodman Real Estate is owned by Miss Madison Racing, sponsored by Seattle-based Goodman Real Estate and driven by Andrew Tate.