Detroit Machinery Center Sponsors U-80 Vintage Hydro in Detroit

The Detroit Machinery Center (DMC) is a proud sponsor of this year’s Detroit Hydrofest 2018 to be held on August 24-26th on the Detroit River. DMC’s passion for supporting Hydrofest Racing started long ago with DMC’s founder, Paul Gordon and his younger brother of 10 years, Dick Gordon when they purchased the U-80, a 1960 era Unlimited Hydroplane powered by an Allison Aircraft Engine formerly called “Breathless,” and campaigned it in the mid-sixties for a couple of years before having a new hull built. At that time, Paul & Dick operated Fairlane Tool. If you were in the machining business and your tooling was sharp and cutting at a high rate, the shavings or “chips,” would turn blue due to the heat generated between the tooling and the part. That became the birth of the U-80’s new name, the “Blue Chip.”

Mitch Evans drove the U-80 “Blue Chip” in Tri-Cities

Although Paul & Dick intended on using the boat as a form of advertising for the business, this investment turned into a passion. Eventually, the Gordon brothers started making parts, such as transfer cases and prop shafts, for the racers themselves. Many of the Unlimited Hydroplanes still use these components today. Ultimately, Paul Gordon sold his interest in Fairlane Tool to his brother Dick Gordon and opened Detroit Machinery Center that continues to operate in the City of Detroit today.  The Blue Chip found its way back to Washington State and Mitch Evans.

Fast forward to today, where DMC founder Paul Gordon’s son and grandson, Ron and Paul Gordon and Detroit Machinery Center, agree to sponsor the U-80 at the 2018 Detroit Hydrofest. “This sponsorship was a logical contribution by DMC. The Detroit Hydrofest has such a history with our business and pays homage to our family’s passion and enthusiasm for this sport and the U-80 Blue Chip. We are proud to be a sponsor in this year’s race,” stated Paul Gordon.

Although “Blue Chip” will not be competing for Detroit’s Gold Cup as it had in its past, it will be going head to head with several others boast of the same vintage. Most are surprised to learn that the oldest continually contested motorsports trophy in the United States is Detroit’s Gold Cup! Most think it’s the Indianapolis 500 however the first Gold Cup was held in 1904 predating the Indy 500 by seven years!

About the The Detroit Machinery Center

Mr. Paul Gordon founded DMC, over a quarter of a century ago, to fill the need for a centralized Machinery Sales Organization in the Detroit area. A Business Plan was developed, buildings acquired, and contracts pursued. Over one hundred machinery dealers took advantage of DMC’s business solution and located their businesses, and or equipment storage, to DMC. These businesses were able to interact, within the facilities at DMC, to pursue the purchase of their identified needs for shop equipment and machinery, at fair prices. With the changing market of the 1990’s, DMC needed to revise their Business Plan, and did so by becoming a Warehousing and Distribution Center for the Manufacturing and Shipping Industries.

Dedicated to the long and short-term storage of their goods, with immediate access to their inventory and it’s transshipment, when required. One theme remains consistent since its inception and subsequent years, DMC’s tradition of professional and courteous service for which they are known. For more information visit,

Mission Statement

After 25 years of service to the industry, our mission is to remain a force in warehouse, transportation, distribution, and logistics. While expanding our customer base, thru speedy and efficient adaptation to their needs.  We will strive to continuously improve our quality, deliveries, pricing and personalize our services to our customers. We pledge to accomplish our strategic goals by operating with uncompromising integrity and devotion to solving our customer’s problems and contributing to their success and profitability.

Check out the “Blue Chip” in action:

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