MTM CEO offers $5K for Qualifying Record in Madison

Midwest Tube Mills owner Rick Russell has offered up a challenge to the H1 Unlimited hydroplane drivers competing in the Midwest Tube Mills Madison Regatta, held July 7-8 in Madison, Indiana. If any driver breaks the existing Madison Regatta qualifying course record (148.837 mph), he will receive $5,000. The record speed was set in 2012 by Dave Villwock driving the U-1 Spirit of Qatar.

Russell said, “I love competition, and I wanted to give an added bonus to the drivers on the H1 Unlimited hydroplane.” He continued, “Hopefully this will provide an incentive and create more excitement for the fans.”

Jimmy Shane, driver of the hometown race boat, the U-1 Miss HomeStreet, narrowly missed breaking the record at a speed of 148.692 mph four years ago. “It always adds a little excitement when there is some money at stake,” said Shane. “We certainly give it our best, and this year will be no different. Madison is the hometown for the Miss HomeStreet, so breaking this record would be very rewarding.”

Andrew Tate, driver of the U-9 Auxier Marketing presents Delta Realtrac, top qualifier and race winner of the first race of the season said, “The drivers really appreciate Midwest Tube Mills stepping up with this bonus” added Tate, “I can guarantee you are going to see some fast speeds.”

Charlie Grooms, acting chairman for H1 Unlimited said this would certainly add to the already exciting event. “Midwest Tube Mills has shown a commitment to boat racing and to the City of Madison. This gesture adds another dimension to the excitement of qualifying.”

H1 Unlimited hydroplane qualifying begins Saturday, July 7, from 11:45 am – 1:15 pm (EST) off W. Vaughn Dr. in downtown Madison, Indiana. Preliminary heat races will be held Saturday afternoon and Sunday. The Indiana Governor’s Cup championship final will be held Sunday, July 8 at 3:00 pm (EST). Tickets are $20 for the weekend.

H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series: H1 Unlimited hydroplanes are the fastest racing boats in the world and their races are sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association. With deep history, the 115 year-old sport’s majority of hydroplanes are powered by turbine-engines that produce 3,000 horsepower, allowing the H1 Unlimited hydroplanes to reach speeds of nearly 200 mph, producing a massive 60-foot tall, 300-foot long wall of water called a roostertail behind them. With very few restrictions, these majestic hydroplanes race in front of shorelines packed with fans on bodies of water throughout the United States. For additional information on the 2018 H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series, visit the series’ website at or visit on social media on Facebook’s ‘H1Unlimited and Twitter ‘H1Hydroplanes’, or the H1 Unlimited app in your app store.

About Midwest Tube Mills, Inc.: Founded in 1993 as a small 8,000 square foot facility with four employees in Edinburgh, Indiana has grown to over 70 employees housed in 450,000 square feet of space in Madison, Indiana. Midwest Tube Mills has become a leading manufacturer of high quality, fully-galvanized pipe and tubing products: from the MT Series of industrial/commercial grade products to the MTR line of tubing for use in residential applications. They offer both square and rectangular tubing for the ornamental and mechanical markets. Custom polyester and polyolefin color coating is offered in our complete line of MTC products. For more information visit

June 1: Preseason Testing • Kennewick, Wash. • Columbia River
June 22-24: Southern Cup • Guntersville, Ala. • Guntersville Lake
July 6-8: Midwest Tube Mills Indiana Governor’s Cup• Madison, Ind. • Ohio River
July 27-29: HAPO Columbia Cup • Kennewick, Wash. • Columbia River
August 3-5: Albert Lee Appliance Cup • Seattle • Lake Washington
August 24-26: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Gold Cup • Detroit • Detroit River
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