The Turbinator is Headed to the Motor City

3-2After a one year absence from racing for motorsports oldest active trophy, the APBA Gold Cup, Griggs presents Miss Ace Hardware will once again take to the always challenging Detroit River race course in Detroit next weekend.

This could not have been possible without TLC Trucking from nearby Romulus, Michigan stepping up with a generous sponsorship of owner Ed Cooper’s Go3 Racing Team.

Many thanks to TLC Trucking for joining forces with our team and helping us compete for two trophies.

We can’t say it enough, but huge thanks go to Charlie Grigg and his Ace Hardware stores. His ongoing support and sponsorship of the Go3 Racing Team are unwavering.

The Griggs Miss Ace Hardware is coming off a season opening 2nd place finish at the Columbia Cup in Pasco, Washington last month. Jimmy King, of Wales, Mich., took the Allison V-12 powered Big Red Turbinator and held off most of the turbine favorites in the final heat.

The Spirit of Detroit Hydrofest is offering two separate points races next weekend (August 25-27). On Saturday, the H1 Unlimited fleet will race for the President’s Cup trophy in one points race, while on Sunday the APBA Gold Cup will be the prize.

The Go3 team captured the sports most coveted trophy in 2003 with Mitch Evans at the wheel.

The Gold Cup was first awarded in 1904, while the President’s Cup has been resurrected for the Unlimiteds after its last race in 1977.

These Go3 sponsors are just as important to us in many ways and we thank them for their support: Tri Cities Insurance Professional, Evans Marine Service, Whispering Turbines, Paul Parish Limited, the Buffalo Brothers, 610 KONA, and Blue Room.

The Griggs Miss Ace Hardware hits the water in Detroit on Friday in a test session at 1:00 PM (EST).

Two qualifying sessions, one for each race, begins at 3:00 PM (EST).

August 19th, 2017|