Weber’s statement concerning Detroit Hydrofest

Mark_weberAs the Detroit Riverfront Events Inc. works to develop sponsorship for our event, we first must reflect on what UAW-GM did for this race and the City of Detroit.

First, special thanks to UAW-GM. They stepped up as a sponsor to keep one of the great sport’s traditions in Detroit alive . And as we look forward to 2017 and finding a new name sponsor for the 101st running of this spectacular race, we are in better shape today than we were at that time.

Even though we are looking for new sponsorship, this has also has given us an opportunity to shake things up as to how the event will look. The new look will relieve the burden of one sponsor to support the event.

We are now looking for a title sponsor for the Spirit of Detroit HydroFest. We plan to run the H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes with a race on Saturday and a separate race on Sunday. We will sell a naming sponsorship for each of those days. The plan would make the financial commitment less for a single company, and the show will be improved.

As we work with a new sponsor, we can also help them develop their sponsorship to their needs. When UAW-GM joined with us, they wanted to give back to the community and be part of the revitalization of Detroit. UAW-GM’s sponsorship allowed us to create free viewing areas for the public.

We are actively involved in discussions with sponsors. Some sponsors are on the secondary level, and others are looking at higher levels. When we talk with these groups, we are designing programs that fit their needs.

The DREI does need a number that we feel we can stage and execute this event professionally, and pay all our bills. This is a commitment we have made. It is just the proper way to do things.

Ticket packages will be mailed in April. Two H1 races, the Grand Prix Hydroplanes, and F2 Tunnel boats will make for continuous racing on the water.
Sponsor opportunities are available. Call 313 329 8047 or email More information can be found at

The Detroit Riverfront Events Inc. will do everything in its power to keep the boat racing tradition alive in Detroit. Last year, the 2016 UAW-GM Spirit of Detroit Hydrofest Gold Cup had the largest crowds in decades. We have every intention to run the Spirit of Detroit Hydrofest on August 25 through 27 and bring more fans to the Detroit River to watch many of the fastest boats in the world.

January 30th, 2017|