National Championship Drivers: 1946-2011

1946-Guy Lombardo/TEMPO VI (1)
1947-Danny Foster/MISS PEPS V (3)
1948-Dan Arena/SUCH CRUST (2)
1949-Bill Cantrell/MY SWEETIE (4)
1950-Danny Foster/SUCH CRUST & DELPHINE X (2)
1951-Chuck Thompson/MISS PEPSI (4)
1952-Chuck Thompson/MISS PEPSI (3)
1953-Lee Schoenith/GALE II (1)
1954-Lee Schoenith/GALE V (4)
1955-Lee Schoenith/GALE V (1)
1956-Russ Schleeh/SHANTY I (3)
1957-Jack Regas/HAWAII KAI III (5)
1958-Mira Slovak/MISS BARDAHL & MISS BURIEN (3)
1959-Bill Stead/MAVERICK (5)
1960-Bill Muncey/MISS THRIFTWAY (4)
1961-Bill Muncey/MISS CENTURY 21(4)
1962-Bill Muncey/MISS CENTURY 21 (5)
1963-Bill Cantrell/GALE V (0)
1964-Ron Musson/MISS BARDAHL (4)
1965-Ron Musson/MISS BARDAHL (4)
1966-Mira Slovak/TAHOE MISS (4)
1967-Billy Schumacher/MISS BARDAHL (6)
1968-Billy Schumacher/MISS BARDAHL (4)
1969-Bill Sterett, Sr./MISS BUDWEISER (4)
1970-Dean Chenoweth/MISS BUDWEISER (4)
1971-Dean Chenoweth/MISS BUDWEISER (2)
1972-Bill Muncey/ATLAS VAN LINES (6)
1973-Mickey Remund/PAY ‘n PAK (4)
1974-George Henley/PAY ‘n PAK (7)
1975-Billy Schumacher/WEISFIELD’S (2)
1976-Bill Muncey/ATLAS VAN LINES (5)
1977-Mickey Remund/MISS BUDWEISER (3)
1978-Bill Muncey/ATLAS VAN LINES (6)
1979-Bill Muncey/ATLAS VAN LINES (7)
1980-Dean Chenoweth/MISS BUDWEISER (5)
1981-Dean Chenoweth/MISS BUDWEISER (6)
1982-Chip Hanauer/ATLAS VAN LINES (5)
1983-Chip Hanauer/ATLAS VAN LINES (3)
1984-Jim Kropfeld/MISS BUDWEISER (6)
1985-Chip Hanauer/MILLER AMERICAN (5)
1986-Jim Kropfeld/MISS BUDWEISER (3)
1987-Jim Kropfeld/MISS BUDWEISER (5)
1988-Tom D’Eath/MISS BUDWEISER (4)
1989-Chip Hanauer/MISS CIRCUS CIRCUS (3)
1990-Chip Hanauer/MISS CIRCUS CIRCUS (6)
1992-Chip Hanauer/MISS BUDWEISER (7)
1993-Chip Hanauer/MISS BUDWEISER (7)
1994-Mark Tate/SMOKIN’ JOE’S (2)
1995-Mark Tate/SMOKIN’ JOE’S (4)
1996-Dave Villwock/PICO AMERICAN DREAM (6)
1997-Mark Tate/CLOSE CALL (1)
1998-Dave Villwock/MISS BUDWEISER (8)
1999-Dave Villwock/MISS BUDWEISER (8)
2000-Dave Villwock/MISS BUDWEISER (6)
2001-Dave Villwock/MISS BUDWEISER (1)
2002-Dave Villwock/MISS BUDWEISER (3)
2003-Dave Villwock/MISS BUDWEISER (2)
2004-Dave Villwock/MISS BUDWEISER (5)
2005-Steve David/OH BOY! OBERTO-MISS MADISON (1)
2006-Steve David/OH BOY! OBERTO-MISS MADISON (0)
2007-Dave Villwock/ELLSTROM ELAM PLUS (4)
2008-Steve David/OH BOY! OBERTO-MISS MADISON (1)
2009-Steve David/OH BOY! OBERTO-MISS MADISON (1)
2010-Steve David/OH BOY! OBERTO-MISS MADISON (3)


The race wins, indicated in parentheses, are for major races.

A “major race” is defined as one scheduled for a minimum of two heats with at least four Unlimiteds making a legal start. This excludes from consideration the numerous one-heat free-for-alls of the 1940s and ’50s and those multi-class events with less than the required four Unlimited entries making a legal start.

Between 1946 and 1957, boats from the Limited classes were sometimes allowed to “step up” to the Unlimited level for the purpose of filling out the field.

Except in unusual instances, secondary races run in conjunction with the main event at a particular regatta are not included. The only exceptions to the four-boat starting field requirement are the Harmsworth International races of 1956, 1959, and 1961, which featured an unorthodox method of selecting eligible entries.

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