Leland Unlimited

Driver Profile: David Warren

In August of 2013, Leland Unlimited announced that Dave Warren would move up from the Grand Prix West series to become driver of the team’s entry in the H1 Series.

Dave Warren is in his ninth year as a driver, but began his contact with boat racing on the Region 10 rescue team. He was on the rescue team for the Tri-Cities and Seattle Unlimited races for 11 years.

Following a day of work on the rescue team at Tastin & Racin, he was walking around the pits and noticed there was a UL team working on the bottom of the boat and asked if they needed help The next day, on the rescue boat, Dave remembered the huge sense of accomplishment he had when the boat went out to race and came back to the dock. After that race, he became more involved with the team for the rest of that year and then, the following year, he stopped doing rescue and became a full time team member on the UL929.

The following year, Dave became “crew chief” of the team. Eventually, he got the opportunity to take the boat out for a “test drive” at Black Lake and Port Angeles and instantly fell in love with driving. After that season, Warren purchased the silver and green GP-329 and became an owner/driver and a regular in Grand Prix West. He drove Gordy Gilmer’s GP-60 for two seasons and has spent the past two season in the cockpit of Tom Eckenberg’s GP-19.

Dave Warren lives in Lake Stevens, Washington.

Team Profile: Leland Unlimited

U-100 team founder Fred Leland, who passed away on May 21, 2012 made arrangements for his racing team to continue in 2012 and not die with him. Throughout his long career, Leland made his presence felt as an owner, a driver, a designer, and a builder. As an owner, he won 17 Unlimited races.

As a designer, Leland experimented with a number of interesting concepts. These included a hull powered by a massive 2,500-cubic-inch Packard PT Boat engine. In 1992, Fred upgraded his program with a new hull, powered by a Lycoming turbine engine. With Nate Brown as driver, the craft was instantly competitive. Some of the Unlimited sport’s most respected chauffeurs have taken a turn behind the wheel of a Fred Leland race boat at one time or another. In addition to Brown, these include Chip Hanauer, Dave Villwock, Mark Evans, Mike Hanson, Scott Pierce, Terry Troxell, and Greg Hopp.

Leland recorded his first Unlimited victory at the 1994 Texaco Cup on Seattle’s Lake Washington with Villwock as driver. Fred’s most successful season as an owner is 1996 when his PICO AMERICAN DREAM swept the competition, claimed six victories, and won the National High Point Championship, also with Villwock. The 1997 season was another triumph. With Mark Evans at the wheel, PICO AMERICAN DREAM won four races in a row at the Tri-Cities, Kelowna (British Columbia), Seattle, and San Diego. In 1999, Fred caught the racing world by surprise when he lured Lee “Chip” Hanauer – the winningest living Unlimited driver at the time – out of self-imposed exile to work his particular magic for the Leland Unlimited team. Chip hadn’t driven a U-boat in three years. Hanauer, nevertheless, got back into the spirit of things rather quickly. He piloted MISS PICO into the winner’s circle at his debut race in Lake Havasu City (Arizona), and went on to win at Madison (Indiana), and Detroit (Michigan). 

Fred built no fewer than eight turbine-powered Unlimited hulls between 1992 and 2000.


The Roostertail

  • Follow the Team:
  • Boat Name: Leland Unlimited
  • Owner: Leland Unlimited
  • Founded: 1982
  • Home Port: Kirkland, WA
  • Driver: David Warren
  • Driver Rookie Year: 2012
  • Boat Colors: Blue and Orange
  • Primary Sponsor: TBA
  • Builder: Fred Leland
  • Designer: Fred Leland
  • Engine Builder: Leland Unlimited, Inc.
  • Crew Chief: Brandon Dupleich
  • Crew:

    Bob Burks
    Brian Hedberg
    Erik Pietzatkowski
    Brandon Dupleich
    Darrin Curtis

  • Team Manager: Jenn Bernard
  • Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine
  • 2013 Boat Points: 965
  • 2013 Driver Points: 3 Drivers
  • 2013 Season Finish: 11th
  • Victories:

    (1) 1994 – Seattle, WA (Texaco Cup); driver-Dave Villwock (U-100)
    (2) 1994 – San Diego, CA (Bayfair ’94); driver-Dave Villwock (U-100)
    (3) 1996 – Phoenix, AZ (Gila River Casino Cup); driver-Dave Villwock (U-100)
    (4) 1996 – Detroit, MI (APBA Gold Cup); driver-Dave Villwock (U-100)
    (5) 1996 – Evansville, IN (Thunder On The Ohio); driver-Dave Villwock (U-100)
    (6) 1996 – Tri-Cities, WA (Columbia Cup); driver-Dave Villwock (U-100)
    (7) 1996 – Seattle, WA (Texaco Cup); driver-Dave Villwock (U-100)
    (8) 1996 – Kelowna, BC (Molson Thunderfest); driver-Dave Villwock (U-100)
    (9) 1997 – Tri-Cities, WA (Columbia Cup); driver-Mark Evans (U-100)
    (10) 1997 – Kelowna, BC (Moilson Thunderfest); driver-Mark Evans (U-100)
    (11) 1997 – Seattle, WA (Texaco Cup); driver-Mark Evans (U-100)
    (12) 1997 – San Diego, CA (Bill Muncey Cup); driver-Mark Evans (U-100)
    (13) 1998 – Kelowna, BC (Molson Thunderfest); driver-Mark Evans (U-100)
    (14) 1999 – Lake Havasu City, AZ (Mojave Unlimited Hydrofest); driver-Chip Hanauer (U-100)
    (15) 1999 – Madison, IN (Indiana Governor’s Cup); driver-Chip Hanauer (U-100)
    (16) 1999 – Detroit, MI (APBA Gold Cup); driver-Chip Hanauer (U-100)
    (17) 2001 – Tri-Cities, WA (Columbia Cup); driver-Terry Troxell (U-99